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Anime Festival Asia – Day 01


So nice to be down south yet again, barely 6 months since the last time I was here for a different event, which was similar in scale(same place even), but hardly relevant to my interests, though in retrospect, it was really my fault for having the wrong set of expectations to begin with, but I digress. That said, and being a pessimist, I was a little wary and didn't want to hope too much out of this event, though I can happily say now that it was nothing but unwarranted apprehension.

As you would have noticed from the OP image, I was lucky enough to have obtained a Media Pass, which I had initially thought I was turned down in favor of some other Malaysian aniblogger. Imagine my surprise when I got the confirmation e-mail just a few days before the event date, though the significance of obtaining this key item was to be made apparent later on.


What you don't see here is the excruciatingly long queue that stretches all the way from one end to the other, reminiscent of the time when I was here for the Singapore Toy Convention, though I had the luxury slithering my way into the line without anyone noticing like a certain solid snake then. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to do the same again this time around, though it was through legal means, made possible by that red tag. It was like being upgraded from coach to business class(I sort of already acquired the normal ticket through a different channel), not to mention being able to enter the vicinity ahead of time.



Corporate bigwigs officiating the event, as per formalities. What really kicked it off however, was the appearance of Ichirou Mizuki, who drove the fanboys nuts, with a preview of his concert later on the same night. Unlike the people around me, I could not appreciate this gentlemen, due to my relative disinterest in the genre of the shows he sings for, though I must admit seeing him in the flesh, belting out his tunes was quite an experience.


Among the regrets I had was not properly "attacking" this booth when I had the "pre-emptive strike", so to speak, as the lines were insane, with no signs of it actually getting shorter. Stocked within were the kind of goods that you would never find in the anime merchandise stores here in Malaysia, which is neck-deep in crap.



The organizers even brought in a number of coin guzzlers, including Street Fighter IV, though having not really touched an arcade machine ever since introduction of LAN shops, I gave this a miss, especially considering the fact people were already swarming in with their near infinite supply of loose change. Would have loved to try Actress Again though.


Sailor Scout cosplay that does not induce permanent retinal damage deserves a mention. Mars has been and still is my favorite.


Gundam Box Cosplayer set the bar for mecha cosplay pretty high, but I think this guy came close to nailing it. Paying full attention in Living Skills workshop sessions has finally paid off.


You could almost hear what Gramps was thinking at that moment; "Back in the day, mecha used to mean something. No flashy lights and slim designs. Just no-nonsense, big, mean walking metallic monstrosities."


You can imagine how giddy and excited I was when I stumbled upon this pair. Well, not really the pair in question; Just Ranka :kiss: :kiss:


And like a badly titled sitcom; Me, My Wife and My Brother In Law. Jokes on me though. I still can't smile properly.



If you're a regular of this blog, you'd know by now where my preferences lie. I like men looking like sexy ladyboys, which is why you would probably need a girl to pull The Hime off with best results. There were quite a number of Altos present during the event, but I preferred this one over the rest.


FAAAAAAAAABULOUS! I would have probably overlooked Sebastian had the cosplayer not brought Ciel along with her, though once I actually did notice, the butler stood out a lot more. Ciel looking kind of gloomy there.


So elusive was this Ilya cosplayer that me, Setsuna and C.I, had to run around the place like raging lolicons, narrowly missing her at various points, until we spotted her thanks to Panther's tip off. Worth the trouble though; I HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG'ed so hard I popped an artery.


You know, the real Konata would have bought a Sony Playstation Portable, not that worthless dual screen excuse for a paperweight.


Sure feels like Clonnad around here. Would have been awesome if TMA were promoting their stuff at AFA.


We interrupt this broadcast of win for some epic fail. Personally, I do not have a vendetta against Odex, but just thinking back of the shitstorm they stirred up makes them a prime target for ridicule.


The last time I was here, C.D.S' doujin fanart cost a bomb. They still do of course, but I went to have a look anyway to greet one of its members whom I spoke in mIRC.


This was the only thing I wanted, but I wouldn't have been able to afford it anyway. It was put on auction the next day, but apparently no one collected it. Should have placed a fake bid for the lulz.


Neither me nor Sets took any photos of figurines, since the stuff put on display weren't exactly the new stuff as he had anticipated, while I didn't really care about them to begin with.



Plamos were plenty, as you would expect, considering Bandai was in the house, with eager buyers clamoring the exhibitor's booths to take some of these babies home.


Hi double! I had no idea that he was still jailbait during the event, otherwise I would have made the moves on him. Speaking of bloggers, it was great to have finally met the whole lot of them, prior to and during the event. Special mention however, goes to Impz, who was a lot more delicious in real life that I could have ever imagined. I even got his namecard sdk;khfdlfqw#$@

This concludes Day 1's coverage post. Would love to write more, but I've a huge backlog of anime waiting for me, so there. :lol: Do look forward to the following day's post!

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  1. Haha, nice juxtapose of exia and old granny.

    You have a first class pass ok. All I got was the economy class, at least it was still Red and bypassed the queue lol.

    Loba’s last blog post..Anime Festival Asia May’N Concert in Singapore

  2. Just one important question: did you get to show any girl there that you care? :)

    bakaneko’s last blog post..Gundam 00 8: true heir of Aeolia’s plan

  3. The green sailor is cute, seriously. Also damn you for getting a media pass. And how fail could you 3 be, Ilya stood in front of me at the stage area for like ten minutes, and by the time I finally got to CI because his PHONE failed or something and I had to call Double, she was moving away just as I hung up.

    Panther’s last blog post..AFA β€˜08 Report Preview


    Kleiorihs’s last blog post..I BLOODYFUCKING HUGGED MAY’N

  5. You fail to reveal how many bloggers you bedded :grin:
    FFVIIKnight’s last blog post..GA-REI -zero- : Episode 8

  6. Luckyο½¨ο½―β˜…οΌ :eek: getting the Media Pass :lol:

  7. You didn’t get Impz to cosplay, you failed me…

    Speaking of failure how bastard children little Shins did you sire? I expect no less than 25 for each year of Macross. One of which you will name Ranka, who better not fail me like her name sake. :wink:
    Crusader’s last blog post..Kannagi Episode 8 – Wrath of the Gods

  8. “You know, the real Konata would have bought a Sony Playstation Portable, not that worthless dual screen excuse for a paperweight.” :sad: :oops:
    The DS has more and better games than the PSP can dream of. I would gladly keep an Xbox 360 or PS3 if one magically appeared at my door, but I’d trade in a PSP without a single regret.

  9. Back in Singapore after 15 years, met new interesting people there and also first time inside a big convention events was a good thing except coming back from AFA 08 empty handed is kinda sad…

    But i will get back to Singapore for more events and hopefully not empty handed like last week….

  10. Kira~* lol Oh shin :lol:
    Also while the Alto cosplayer is good, her braces sorta ruin it. Shoulda kept her mouth closed :???:
    Hinano’s last blog post..Innocent Love – 06

  11. Woah, awesome cosplay.
    Exia is awesome as always.
    Love that Alto, and Ilya is pretty cute as well. ^_^

    And..I prefer the PSP as well.

    LOL, what FFVIIKnight said, how many bloggers you bedded? :lol:
    Setsukyie’s last blog post..The Transition Begins!

  12. While I’m no longer jailbait, you can always look for C.I

    double’s last blog post..18

  13. I agree with Hinano with the braces part. And a little less brooding.

    But this is pretty cool. :wink:
    TheBigN’s last blog post..My Delusions As A Fanboy: Got Your (Scape)Goat Handy?

  14. I want some really really posters
    the macross scroll is pretty nice too

    potato’s last blog post..Nintendo hacks Animal Crossing

  15. Got to say I love that Ranka also the Alto but I have to agree about the braces, but hey no ones perfect right?! :smile:
    Mini’s last blog post..Welcome!

  16. Ilya cosplayer is cute!
    Clonnad cosplayers are :cry:
    Mizunaga’s last blog post..Figurative Story [Night] – The Origins of Apocalypse

  17. Love the expression on that granny’s face.

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..[ID SOJOURNER] AFA Day 02: I had fun. Did you?

  18. Cosplays are nice, but
    Ranka’s eyes are supposed to be RED not GREEN!!!11 :evil:
    And there’s nothing wrong with braces. :P

  19. @Loba

    You should have tried applying; I noticed some who came later than me got it on the spot too.


    Couldn’t do it without risk getting arrested. :swt:


    My loliradar has failed me once again. I must be getting old. :sad:


    Best there is. :twisted:


    I couldn’t get any one of them drunk. :swt:


    You should have went with us. :razz:


    Impz did his best to resist my charms. He was practically swooning over me the night with me, and decided to subsequently not attend the event itself for his safety. :lol: As for the kids, not yet. Trying hard to get the contact details of the 2 Rankas I met….. :twisted:


    Thanks to my co-writer!


    I was wondering whose attention I would get with that statement and it had to be you. :oops: :razz: That said, I still prefer the PSP. :razz:


    There should be another one by the end of the year…..


    I did my best not to ruin cosplayer shots by posing alongside them, but it was Ranka so I said screw it. You saw how it turned out. :oops: :razz: Yes, I noticed the braces too(after sorting them out anyway), but that Alto was too good to pass up. :oops:


    Watching that Exia put on his gear proved the best part of it all. :cool:


    I need to note down everyone’s birthdate if I ever get there again. No wonder C.I was particularly evasive…..


    There’s the rest of the cast, I’ll speed up with the second post. :wink:


    Too bad they weren’t selling those. :mad:


    More Ranka(s) to come! :cool:


    I think she pulled the Clonnad cosplay quite well, if you know what I mean…


    Gotta love candid shots like these!


    Wow you noticed it before me! And I call myself a Ranka fanboy! :shock: :cry:

  20. KL here I come! >:D Time to hunt shin down like a trap!

  21. @ panther> hey! > OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY TT-TT i was with my friend (i call him super-tako-man 8D) and we were just looking at the ppl talking about gundam and stuff but i was kinda bored not really gundam fan (i prefer code geass) :sad:
    so yeah i left :sad: however next time please do stop me from leaving if you want to take pic of/with me~! *but i run out of pose fast D:D:* dont worry i wont bite :smile: also next year i will be cosing taiga *I LOVE TORADORA! NYAAAAAA TAIGA IS SO MOEEEE~ :grin:* << my sgcafe profile ^w^v feel free to stop by there~ << my spam thread :X~
    anyway thx everyone for your really sweet comments! i will do better next time @__@~ :grin:

  22. @Kurohoshi:

    Hey hey! I never expected you to reply here. Actually I was not the one interested in your cosplay but this guy who wrote this post, his co-writer, and one other friend of ours were, and that other friend decided to have his phone die on him or something at that moment. But yea your Ilya cosplay was pretty nice, and thankfully they hunted you down after that when I pointed them in the direction you had left. Looking forward to your Taiga cosplay…or rather, these three are.

    Panther’s last blog post..Figures For Sale

  23. @kurohoshi
    We look forward to your future exploits with great hope. Your Ilya cosplay was good.

    yes indeed we are looking forward to it like the raging lolicons that we are.

  24. @panther: :thx: pls help me thank your friends as well! :grin: i was like looking at all the cosplayers pics at afa, so many pros! (trying to learn :X)
    thank joo for your lovely comment too! :kiss: :grin: i don’t think i did a good job though :???: :sad:
    i will try my best during EOY (cosing ilya then again :grin: ) i’ll do my best for taiga’s cosplay as well~ :smile:

    i think i will be doing my taiga cosplay before my lenalee, because my DGM team is planning to do it around mid-year? i’ll be cosing her 2nd uni, both short and long hair version > <)

    if i have enough cash, i might do nagi-sama *she’s too moe to miss!* @__@ [im still a school student :sad:] though i have to set aside cash for my 2010 kagami (cheerleading ver.) cos :grin:

    @ everyone 8D>>thank you for your encouraging words! i know what joo mean those characters are SUPERRRR MOE! but i wont do such a good job ^ ^” i have a loli friend and she’s going to cos taiga as well, i’m looking forward to HER taiga cos! XDXD SHE’S SO CUTEEEE~ i’ll be doing my best for all other cos! thank joo all once again! XD

  25. Kurohoshi: Did you just mention loli? If you do that on this blog you do know. They will come down from Malaysia for this event. So did you hear that Shin, Setsuna? LOL

    Did you notice a group sitting down behind you in the stage area in Day 1? I was the guy all in black roughly in the middle of that group at the time.

    Also if you want to chat with me I am available on MSN pantherrh -at- gmail -dot- com because somebody asked me to. If you have MSN add me there, thanks!

    PS: Rest of you assholes.

    Panther’s last blog post..Figures For Sale

  26. wait wait! dont plan to come down yet! she not cosing taiga for EOY! she hasnt even bought the costume (but she’s gotten a merchant already :smile: we’re buying the costume together (taiga uni) and most likely we’re gunna cos taiga on same events :cry: (i’ll definitely fail sorely beside her)
    i think most likely she’s gunna cos (maybe me too) taiga during SOY… more info found here>>

    i’ll be cosing taiga then if i have everything (i hope i do! cause toradora is becoming increasingly popular TT-TT i dont wanna be at an event where there are like 10 taigas or something D: )

    and yeah i think i did XD ManInBlack! :grin: ~ i added you already, my email is code-geass @
    :smile: you guys can add me if you want, i wont bite :sad:

  27. Oh god oh god oh god oh god.
    Nosebleed at the sight of Hime, and SEBASTIAN :grin:

    Why oh WHY are the cosplayers just SO much cooler over there?! Everything here was like, Code Geass. No Macross Frontier. :sad:
    Hoshi’s last blog post..A Tutorial on Optimizing Your Reading?

  28. @kurohoshi:
    wahhhh so thats you… im one of the “lolicons” that took ur picture too… sadly my camera is a crappy PNS so it wasnt as great as these DSLR holders. NAISU cosplay btw, even though i dont know ilya at all as im no FSN fan :P :lol:
    Sadly im not going to EOY as i went AFA08, being a Malaysian and all XD
    So all the best to your Ilya again on EOY :wink:
    Looking forward to see those other cosplay pics from other bloggers in the future :cool:
    added you on msn too, and my msn addy should be damn obvious :lol:

    btw my blog with ur pic and something interesting as well:

    Quazacolt’s last blog post..AFA’08 Coverage

  29. @DiGi

    You’re gonna get tenderly loved. :oops:




    I was squealing away too, when I first saw Hime and Sebastian. :razz:

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