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Thoughts and feelings on AFA08

HOLY SHIT. My hand could not stop shaking when i took this pic.

The following post might contain some RAGE and unsavoury words. Viewer discretion is advised. Though more often than not humans have no discretion.


The ticketing experience during day one is one that I recall with much disdain and RAGE. The line was at an ungodly length by the time I reached the Suntec Convention Centre at 8am. To make matters worse I was directed into the normal pass lines (FAIL TRAIN) by the OH SO HELPFUL staff that conveniently told me to wait in line and bear with it. Thankfully Panther called me to inform me of the separate ticketing line and my agony was cut short by at least an hour or so and with the help of the comrades of Team Blue who let me into the line together with them ahead of a few hundred raving otakus I was able to rush the KKnM booth and get some FABULOUS loot. There was also this poor chap who dropped his Canon DSLR on the floor in the ticketing queue when his camera strap broke (OUCH). Most people seemed indifferent to this tragedy but those well versed with the prices of cameras cringed at the loss.


Shopping at AFA08 is definitely one of the craziest moments of my life. The discounts for figures on day 1 were large but on the second day the sellers threw caution to the wind and reduced the prices of goods like it was a bloody fire sale. In total I got myself 3 figures, which I will review at a later date. Another booth that had GREAT SUCCESS siphoning my money was the KKnM booth that had an inhumanly long line for both days of the event. I bought quite a substantial amount of goods from them. Pictures of the loot will follow. TOTAL SHOPPING BILL: 217SGD


Yeah, those are MY CDs that i carried together with me throughout the entire event. I also dub the cosplayer in this photo the BEST RANKA I'VE ever seen.


With May'N in town the theme of cosplayers generally shifted towards Macross Frontier. I recall seeing 3 different Rankas, 3 Sheryls, 2 Alto-Himes, 1 Michael, 1 Loli Klan, 1 Macron Klan, and 1 Ozma. Mechas were also represented with the inclusion of a Gundam Exia and a Vincent KMF from Code Geass (Which the emcee kept pronouncing as Code Geese). The quality of cosplayers in this event is leaps and bounds ahead of most Malaysian cosplayers in my humble opinion. However there were also EPIC FAILS sprinkled throughout the event. This included, ManShana, TMA Tomoyo, lots of Narutards, Bleachtards, and some other sameshit. The cosplay competition started off with lots of WIN including my childhood hero Ultraman but as it progressed it soon turned into AFA08 the Musical which understandably left me less than amused except for the pair of Abel Nightroad and Esther who shared some tender moments on stage. That was awesome.

Booths in general

Didn't really bother visiting most of the booths except the CDS booth where I bought a few Strike Witches scroll posters. There was also this booth with some interesting looking dolls that included some Rozen Maiden lookalikes. There was also a XEDO booth which made it an automatic EPIC FAIL but the fact that they are licensing some of this season's anime such as Toradora! and Casshern Sins makes me RAGE harder. I was also rather upset at the fact that there was a mad ZERG RUSH KEKEKEKEKE at the figurine display booth. The fools actually rocked the shelf hard enough for a few of the figurines inside to topple over and there were also plenty of low anglers who obviously have never seen some figurine ass and would most likely be ronery for life as well.


Didn't go for the Ichirou Mizuki concert on the first night but I did manage to catch a short performance by him on the second day. I can vouch for his undisputed level of GARness. He is the master of the crowd and he managed to whip the group into frenzy with songs from Mazinger Z and Captain Harlock.The May'N concert, which I bought the Diamond VIP pass for, will be remembered by me forever. Her moves were intoxicating, her voice angelic, and her presence on stage is undeniable. I fell in love instantly and for a few glorious moments I thought I saw SHERYL NOME on the stage!!! My mind was totally reduced to a mush of fanboyism after she sang Diamond Crevasse. Manly tears flowed freely down my cheek, it was just intense hearing her sing it and I am not ashamed to say that she definitely touched my heart. When she started singing Iteza gogo Kyuji don't be late I went completely nuts. Jumping, shouting, screaming at the top of my lungs and cheering like a madman. It was truly a glimpse of heaven. I also noted that she was a petanko that immediately set her moe levels to ∞ in my opinion.

Now after the concerts things rapidly headed south. We were informed that NO PHOTOS were allowed, NO OTHER MATERIAL for her to be signed was allowed and all we will be getting is a pre-signed piece. I RAGED LIKE A MILLION SUNS. I traveled all the way here, paid for the Diamond VIP ticket, which cost me an arm so to speak (I have no income), and after all, the trouble I went through that is all I get? I WAS OBVIOUSLY NOT AMUSED. So I and a few other ticket holders decided to try our luck to get her to sign our CDs. e-jump was first up and he passed her his CD and a marker pen for her to sign it with. May'N being the generous person she is wanted to sign it for him but was DENIED by her manager who rejected his attempt. Our later attempts were also moot and in the end EVERYTHING OF VALUE WAS LOST. I might sound rather harsh and demanding given how great the concert was and I do not deny that, but the signature session felt like a kop out and it left an acidic taste in my mouth. Understandably she might be tired after the concert and understandably that there might be cultural differences that I have no idea about but I just feel cheated to put it plainly. Shit happening right after I fell in love with May'N really does dampen the day somewhat. But still, her moves and her singing during the concert have been seared into my mind permanently. I might really be in love. LOL. Well, at least until someone brings Nakajima Megumi around.

With all that said I guess I'll still be back for another round next year if I could manage it. It was a really fun event.

P.S. After some rummaging around the internet and reading some opinions and ideas on the white board signature it turns out that the signature on a white board is a prized item but the idea of it was lost due to cultural differences. DAMN. SO I guess you can say my RAGE was somewhat unwarranted. Well at least now that the issue is settled I can reduce my RAGE levels.

P.P.S. apparently there are videos of the concert on youtube.

P.P.P.S.  I still BAWW every time I hear Diamond Crevasse.

P.P.P.P.S. Apparently May'N enjoyed her stay in Singapore and singing at the AFA08.

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  1. :shock:
    zannen… :swt: :sad:

    well, rules… :cry:
    o! Mizuki Ichirō! :grin:

  2. Where is this one located again? Cause I am so going if I can get the chance. But I’ll have to look out for RAGE mode if I have to go through what you did. LOL

  3. “Viewer discretion is advised.”? We’re visiting your blog! Our minds are already irreparably scarred…. :sad:

    :?: What’s the C.C. thing in the back of 4th pic down?

  4. Did I just see “Odex”?

  5. May’n's performance must be really awesome for you to approve of it in such a way..
    Her voice is really beautiful, and you said that she sounds better on stage, now that’s just godly..
    And Diamond Crevasse is no doubt a great song, the chorus part is really..touching..
    The greatness of that song is largely contributed by May’n's beautiful voice.
    Hopefully I can hear her sing live in the future.

    Regarding that autograph, that’s just too bad…
    Especially if you consider the price of that pass, damn expensive, especially for us poor Malaysians.. :cry:
    I’ll be damn mad if I had to go through what you did.

    Setsukyie’s last blog post..The Transition Begins!

  6. Haha that is a good Ranka cosplayer! I don’t get the blue haired Sheryl though or am I missing something? :neutral:
    Hinano’s last blog post..Tales of the Abyss – 09

  7. Hinano: You have to watch a couple of episodes in to see that. It was during a nice concert. :P

    TheBigN’s last blog post..My Delusions As A Fanboy: Got Your (Scape)Goat Handy?

  8. She’s awesome! :mrgreen:

    Too bad about her not signing stuff though. Maybe she could change manager or something lol.

    Loba’s last blog post..Anime Festival Asia May’N Concert in Singapore

  9. I have just posted the first entry in Shrine. Check it out.

    Aoshi’s last blog post..AFA08 Report, Day 1 & 2 Part I

  10. I’m surprised you didn’t kidnap the Ranka cosplayer. Hm hm.

    Yamcha’s last blog post..Toradora! 08 – Taiga, The Next Michael Phelps?!

  11. You guys should have seen Sets’ rage face wwwww

  12. I think the manager is pre assigned by horipro ~~ dun think can anyhow change though…..

    but age 19 ~~ maybe kinda tough for her now in the music industry

  13. your shots of the ranka 1.0, ranka 2.0, sheryl ver. blue and sheryl ver. pink are awesome!

    most japanese celebrities sign on those white board thingy so it’s still a prized item. the organizers probably though the fans will not be able to get her CDs locally thus the white board.

    gordon’s last blog post..Anime Festival Asia 08

  14. Delicious fanboyism.

    Omisyth’s last blog post..HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  15. Wait let me get this straight….
    There is NO PHOTO of the 1/48 Bangdoll? W.. T.. FFFFFFFFFFFFFf

    Cokematic’s last blog post..Nendoroids have invaded my apartment

  16. i think at this point, whats needed to be said has been said.

    but ill do it again anyways:
    concert = awesome
    organizers/manager = asshats

    and umm whats with my avatar? LOL
    how i choose em

    Quazacolt’s last blog post..ACF’08 Coverage

  17. nvm found it, and failed to edit… lolwut

    Quazacolt’s last blog post..ACF’08 Coverage


    .sea’s last blog post..About Damn Time. Ef – A Tale of Melodies Episodes 4 to 6

  19. ehhh!!! is that what I think it is in the 4th picture! All the way in the corner ToraDora cellphone charms!!!???
    Also good Ranka cosplay= Awsome :wink: much rage thou much rage

    Mini’s last blog post..Welcome!!!

  20. I am jealous of your May’N concert experience, her autograph, and your Megumi. I REFUSE TO BE JEALOUS ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE.

    Mizunaga’s last blog post..Figurative Story [Night] – The Origins of Apocalypse

  21. Good Ranka cosplay is good! Her eyes are even colored red! :wink: Ahem, is that ManShana on the top thar?
    May’N? Lucky!

  22. Heh, I was off desperately looking for a place to sit down after standing for two hours plus so I didn’t catch the post-concert rage :smile:

    But man, May’n was so awesome

    Jason’s last blog post..Awesome Live, May’n!

  23. So………….

    Did you bang Panther?

    Show those figures you got!

    Rakuen’s last blog post..About Damn Time. Ef – A Tale of Melodies Episodes 4 to 6

  24. Nope. I did however had my eyes set on Impz, and with his contact details, I can easily stalk him now. :cool: Also, this is Sets’ preview post, so I’ll leave it to him to reply you guys. :razz:

  25. Question is, did the Ranka sing? Coz if not, I’d say the Ranka-chan cosplayer I saw tops her by a mile (a little exaggerated won’t hurt) :P

    usagijen’s last blog post..Fun Times @ UP AME 8th Avenue (and a Lame Attempt to Lure Ranka Fans) Part 1

  26. Still way less dorama than ejump’s blog. D: :shock:
    Aoshi’s last blog post..AFA08 Report, Day 1 & 2 Part II

  27. @hoshi
    well we got to be contented with what we get then. :oops:

    Its in Singapore.

    that is a C.C. metallic poster there are 3 of them in total up for grabs. the others are Lelouch and Kallen. I did not get the Lelouch poster because having a poster of him in my room makes me feel gay, and not in the happy sense.

    yes you did. they are back in force.

    Took the words right out of my mouth. But i would still say that 118SGD was well worth it after i finished raging.

    Indeed, i agree that a change of management should benefit her career somewhat. Her current one is just plain hostile. :sad:

    I for one dislike dorama because in the end nobody wins and feelings are hurt. So i will try and keep it civil. :neutral:

    One does not defile a beautiful flower.

    You wont like me when i am angry. :lol:

    I still cant believe that she is the same age as i am. :cry: I do hope she turns out to be a great star in the future.

    Thanks for your compliments. Regarding the whiteboard issue, i am over it and would not like to discuss it further. But i think that the organizers should have informed us of it earlier to avoid the misunderstanding.

    You are just being sour because you weren’t there for the awesomeness that was May’N. :cool: :cool:

    missed out on it but the name BANGdoll had me rofling for quite awhile.

    Point noted and agreed with.

    Yes, those are Toradora cellphone charms. Paying 12SGD for each of them was a rather steep price though.

    Well you should come along for the next AFA then. :wink:

    MANSHANA has mentally scarred me for life.

    you should be glad that you didnt see the rage. It was NOT pretty. Yes, May’N is awesome.

    No i did not, nor did shin. Figure reviews will come soon. Give me a few days to sort it out.

    Sadly she didnt sing for us. :sad: But i still think that she is the best Ranka Lee cosplayer i have seen thus far.

  28. That must be quite a tough day, having to put up with so much of those red-tape nonsense.

    Anyway, upon spitting tea on the screen after seeing that Man-Shana pic (That’s a guy, right? If not, then my apologies to that cosplayer who tried anyway. ^^; ) at the top of your post, that reminds me I’ve still got tonnes of cosplay photos I’ve yet to put up on an event that I went back in early October. So if your eyes are scarred by Shin’s Man-Shana pic, I do have photos of this Shana that does help sooth the eyes a bit, so stay tuned for my next post here.

  29. Hi~

    I was wondering if I could feaure some of the cosplayers in my cosplay blog? I’ll link back to your site of course, if that’s alright. :)

    許・美美’s last blog post..Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian Michaelis

  30. :kiss: So many beautiful Sheryl Nomes for a change. It must be hard for May’n to see all these beautiful cosplayers. That’s why she didn’t want people to take pictures. She didn’t want her fugliness to scare people away. The Galactic Fairy is just an illusion, sorry guys…

    Ryvius’s last blog post..Fugly Ass Sheryl Nome – May’n Live in AFA’08 [Digg]

  31. @Setsuna: Oh, thank you. I looked them up and there are actually 4, with another for Suzaku.

  32. Wow, I can’t believe that you were at AFA08 as well! Wish I had an opportunity to talk to you! Hope to see you at other events!

    I had an awesome time, but did notice some of the flaws you pointed out.

    Actar’s last blog post..ATELIER-SAI’s 1/6 Mikuru Asahina Combat Waitress Version

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