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Let’s Engrish With Macross Frontier!


Concerned over Japan's poor English language literacy levels, the producers of Macross Frontier have decided to come up with a simple guide that explains certain terms used in the series that is bound to spur interest among fans. Now, I've not made this up, and have asked my friend hoshi to translate these scans to his best ability, though I took some liberties with it, since some of the sentences sound off due to transliteration. It doesn't help that the article also tries to make some rather lame puns, which Nagi would feel right at home with.







Glasses [me-ga-ne]

Despite being a meganekko,Β  her body gap is good as dynamite!


Peach [momo]

If breasts are watermelons, then the "hip" is the peach. It's a beachpeach[vibrant]!


Watermelon [sui-ka]

Having grown until like this, they aren't [breasts] anymore, but rather [watermelons], It's truly a sui-kappu[sui-cup]! ripe ripe[ripe fruit]!


Classmate [kurasume-to]

Although Luca likes Nanase, it seems like Nanase only treats him as just a classmate. So called kataomoi[one-sided love].

Balloon [fuusen]

Her[Clan Clang]'s breast swell up and shrink down like a "balloon".


Childfood Friend [osana najimi]

Being a koibitodoushi[couple] since childfood, just when Michelle is unfortunate.


Change [henka]

She's totally a different person[another person] when as a Zentradi and when as a Miclone!


Hair [kami no ke]

A feature of Ranka's hair, which is to show a variety of movement, depends on her kanjou[emotions]. To know her feelings is by seeing her hair!?


Chest [mune]

Ranka seems to be in the middle of growth, it's still not considered [breasts] and is more like [chests] (By the way, it's A ~ B cup).


Pet [petto]

Kawaii pet, Ai-kun, whose true form is a Vajra larva.


Hip [oshiri]

The girl who falls on her backside a lot; Ranka. Be careful!


Smile [egao]

Ranka's best charm point[best feature] is, I would say, her sparkling smile.


Slave [dorei]

In regards to Alto who is always being look down on by Sheryl. She always says it in her speech line.


Mouth [kuchi]

Everyone who listens to her song will be fascinated.


Bust [oppai]

Compared to Ranka, Sheryl's bust is that of an otona~ [adult~]. Just right(?)[right(?)] size, D cup.


Face [kao]

The big star(was) Sheryl, when on the streets, will surely go into disguise.


I like middle-aged man. [watashi wa oyaji suki desu]
Monica is deeply in love with Macross Quarter Captain, Jeff Wilder.


He is between the two beauties. [ryoute ni hana]

Is Michelle always in such situations? Alto's case is a love triangle, by the way.


Women? [onna tachi?]

The Macross Quarter's bridge has 4 women... ... Hm? Only one is feminine?


Carrot [ninjin]

When Ranka was still a rookie, she was recruited as a Zentradi carrot sales promoter.


Eyebrow [mayuke]

Ram Hoa's [court noble eyebrows] are quite original.


Mole [hokuro]

Cathy's mole is very sexy. Ozma fell in love with her mole as well?

That's it from me for now. Pardon the lack of real updates since I need to prep for my finals and all that. Also, the Comvatar plugin is broke, so don't bother trying to register any of the new avatars, though if you want them badly just drop me an email with the filename.

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  1. Oh God that’s so hilarious XD… Now all you need to do is to keep this ‘teaching manual’ away from kindergarten kids XD!!!
    Also, I love your new Nagi motif :grin:
    Edit: OMG first comment! I thought it would never happen but it did :D

    kanzeon’s last blog post..Becca – I’m Alive! [Kuroshitsuji ED]

  2. All the important phrases necessary… all in one convenient place.

    The very last picture was strangely intriguing… :???:
    Also, loving the new Nagi theme for the site XD

    Deranged’s last blog post..Kannagi OP – Motto Hade Ni Ne! [Haruka Tomatsu]

  3. I

    i can’t even rbreathe

    oh myg odfnsidnf i’m dyinggggggggggg

  4. Engrish. We shld all lern it.

    Panther’s last blog post..Kanzaki Kaori Color Sample

  5. Personal favorite is the “between two beauties”… but ignoring the right half :razz:
    I look forward to the avatar rush over the new Strike Witches and Kannagi (<3) one :) :kiss:
    FFVIIKnight’s last blog post..GA-REI -zero- : Episode 5

  6. …. that one with Alto is priceless. “SLAVE”. And the “I like middle-aged man” line. Yes, those are the types of phrases that should be in EVERY woman’s vocabulary… right?

    … right?

    Uh… moving on….

  7. I wonder how much can one improve in both their Japanese/English standards just from learning those. :grin:
    Hynavian’s last blog post..Reviewing HBO’s True Blood

  8. Oh god, what is Sheryl wearing in the first picture? Is that a vestment made of dead leaves that she personally papier-mΓ’chΓ©’d together?

    Atashi’s last blog post..ChΓ€oS;HEAd Opening Theme – F.D.D.

  9. All this talk about watermelons is making me hungry. I think I’ll go eat a childfood friend.

    Baka-Raptor’s last blog post..Tytania: Good Old-Fashioned Space Pornography

  10. Yes, that’s the way, seize every opportunity in your hobbies and interests (no matter how obscene they seem to others!!) for higher learning! =P

    usagijen’s last blog post..Mouryou no Hako – 03 β€œA Sense of Release”

  11. Amazing Howard Glass fanart!!! What is squirting out of the frogphone’s butt in the picture where Ranka is eating it…?

    Kabitzin’s last blog post..But Think of the Rifts!

  12. Thanks you reminded me of some Jap homework I need to finish

    blissmo’s last blog post..Kyo no 5-2: A Pervert Who’s Not Really A Pervert

  13. This… this is awesome! I’m not over Frontier… goodness. I don’t think I can get over this… thanks for posting…

    ghostlightning’s last blog post..When a happy ending left me hollow: Samurai Champloo

  14. Now try communicating using only the vocabulary provided here . . .

    IKnight’s last blog post..Funeral Games

  15. But wait! We’re missing obscene and misleading words for Ranka’s hair and mobile!

    My suggestions are Bushu and Vibro

    Teeif’s last blog post..Vampire Knight G1: Vellcome Bakku

  16. Bust: What Sheryl has, Ranka doesn’t
    Watermelon: What Nanase has, Sheryl hasn’t

  17. Very funny. I can imagine Japanese kids getting beat up by English speaking foreigners for speaking what they learn from that book. :grin:


    I regurgitated my dinner at the “I like middle aged man” part.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..EXAMS!!!!!

  19. Where’s nipple?

    フェむダムさん’s last blog post..1/8 Nanjo Ran by Kotobukiya

  20. Yes! Macross Frontier’s attempt to teach their audience English is clearly pathetic compared to Shin’s. As you can you see, there’s an emphasize of the lesson being either funny/erotic/weird. Macross Frontier must emulates Shin’s technique if they want any hope of teaching the People of Japan the English language.

  21. OMG! Engrish in that way is sooo interesting to learn! :grin:

    But, the images helps a lot. I can’t stop laughing!!! :lol:
    Saouri’s last blog post..PelΓ­cula de Macross F serΓ‘ un remake

  22. :shock: Wait so Sheryl’s boobs aren’t big enough to be considered watermelons! Seems I have under estimated the size of Nanase’s breasts. Also poor Alto being felt up by Luca, after that Alto must have been screaming rape every time he got near him. :lol:
    Mini’s last blog post..Yeah it’s kinda late to say happy Halloween-Mini

  23. Is it sad that initially I thought Luca really admired Alto at the beginning? :P

    Either way, fun times. :3

    TheBigN’s last blog post..A Quarter Of A Million Hits Later…

  24. this is amazing. Even a little Ram in there, which makes me happy.

    I also have to second I AM BOSS on the ozma/wilder LION picture.

    otou-san’s last blog post..Futakoi Alternative (Review)

  25. i.. i…
    words fail me to describe this…

  26. ROFL… i feel so bad for nanase.

    …the image of ozma lee and jeffrey wilder is going to haunt my dreams tonight… that was just so wrong ;A;

    engrish literacy is a good thing, right?

    biankita’s last blog post..Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 04 ~Elder Brother~

  27. Oh. Dear. God. Why the hell do I try to teach these kids anything. T-T

    Caitlin’s last blog post..Purple for November, Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

  28. I want to laugh but instead this made me serious, I think Engrish are worsening this days, cut the crap and use google.translate which makes more effective than this.

    tflops’s last blog post..2008 Saimoe Champion

  29. OH GOD. Since the picture of Alto x Michel x Luca negates out the gross feelings, I forgive you for putting up that picture of Ozma and the Captain nekkid.

    Subarashii~ :grin:
    Hoshi’s last blog post..Naruto 423 – The Deva Path’s Power

  30. Balloons, watermelons, bust. The majority of the Engrish vocabulary they give are synonyms for boobies! :grin: Very useful!

    But middle-aged men win.

  31. You made my day =) I’m speechless as to what to say.

    Maura’s last blog post..β€œSkip Beat 5β€” Selling all your Love Me stuff Right here people”

  32. This post had me rolling on the floor. Hilarious! :lol:
    Rakuen’s last blog post..CONTACT. Chaos; Head Episode 3

  33. I hear someone’s ex has been spurned and replaced. You know what happened the last time Ms. Lee got spurned… A war happened >_>

  34. Childfood friend…

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
    Saouri’s last blog post..Nuevo animΓ© para Munto

  35. >> Clan Clang

    FFFFFFFFF 66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666/10

    C.I.’s last blog post..Chained to a New Castle

  36. Nice one, very…err…informative. :twisted:

  37. Welll i learned abit of japs from browsing Atarashii Prelude today but kinda wierd ones but still informative lol…. looking forward to the next post….






  39. I will never understand the inner workings of a japanese mind.

  40. Neither do I but you don’t see any of us complaining :smile: Anyway, it makes a good laugh :razz:

  41. @kanzeon

    But this is exactly the stuff they’re teaching over there! :razz:


    The sign of times, really. Japan and their weird fetishes. :twisted:


    All handpicked for your enjoyment. :lol:


    Glad you liked that image as much as I did.

    @Panther, IKnight

    You’d be surprised that the level of English in this country isn’t that much better compared to Japan. :swt:


    I wished they didn’t make fun of Michael like that. :oops:


    Japan is empowering their women more so than ever before!


    I actually learned that hip = buttocks. :lol:


    Sure looks like it. Not quite the au naturale look she had in mind, maybe? :razz:

    @Baka Raptor

    Have some peach to go with it.


    Doing my part for the community. :lol:


    The only one even. :cry: For once I don’t want to know what that substance is….


    Remember this as a guide!


    I can’t get over posting Macross fanart myself. :grin:


    Look forward to the next reiteration!

    @Di Gi Kazune

    Whatever my current theme may suggest, I still love Ranka just as much, if not more. I swear!

    @Anime Loving Republican

    All the more reason to hate them gaijins! :evil:


    I like middle aged man (DAT)ASS.


    Macross F never showed any of it. :oops:




    All part of my duty of being a responsible blogger. :wink:


    Glad you like my excuse for image spamming. :grin:


    It’s illegal to look as hot as Alto and not be fondled by people.


    I didn’t know where Luca swung either, until his (unfortunate) preference for big tits proved otherwise.


    I was smitten by Ram when they showed her in that bath towel, but too bad they didn’t follow it up with more fanservice shots of her. :razz:




    She may have lost her eye, but she gained a delicious shota boyfriend!


    There, there. No matter how much you tutor them, it’s probably going to take a couple of more decades before the kids over there can fully grasp the English language. :razz:


    Why so serious. ):


    I’ll keep that in mind. Old man ecchi makes everything okay…. :neutral:


    Again with the elderly!


    Glad you liked it, but really, the pleasure is all mine!


    At first I lawl’ed and then I RAAAAAAAAAEG’ED!


    Hope they come up with more! :cool:


    That sounded so spam bot!


    First thing that came into my mind too!

  42. Well, I guess it’s technically a good way to learn…

    ETERNAL’s last blog post..[Launch] – Animal Crossing: City Folk

  43. I don’t think it matters at this point, but for the record, everything besides the first few images is fanart.

  44. soo entertaining….

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