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I’m Groping Your Breasts Because I Care


Many a times in anime, females react negatively whenever another person makes direct or in-direct physical contact with their breasts, or lack thereof in Louise's case. Most may consider it as an act of perversion on the perpetrator's behalf, or in other words, an element of fanservice for the anime viewer. But if you were to look past all the negativities, there might just be an underlying message that the anime in question is trying to convey, which is by virtue of possessing anything more significant than a flat chest, an anime female is at risk of having breast cancer. As such, the gropings in the various anime, usually undertaken by another female, is actually just that person being well aware of such risks and is assistanting their female counterpart by checking for tumors.















In the end, I now implore to all anime producers to portray groping tumor checking in a more positive light because you never know. And if you're an anime male or female, do your friend or heck, even strangers, a favor by coping a feel today. Sure, you might get slapped, punched into the sky, kicked in the groin and branded with labels such as ECCHI, SUKEBE, ERO, HENTAI and the like(though I figure girls can still get away with it under the pretense of being friendly), you know deep down you've done them a favor and that there is nothing to be ashamed of. I will not be held responsible should you get arrested for trying this in real life however. This has been a public service message brought to you by Atarashii Prelude. Because We Care. ™

Posted by Shin

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  1. What a great and friendly reminder, though may I ask what anime is that below Haruna Sairenji?

    tflops’s last blog post..2D Pantsu Gallery

  2. That is called Real Drive, made by Masamune Shirow, the guy who also made Ghost in the Shell and Ghost Hound. I’d like to refer to it as “Aria in the Shell” because each ep. is completely stand alone and is pretty calming.

  3. :wink:
    yare yare~ kore wa komaru na~ :swt:

  4. Ah, Koihime Musou eroge. Yes, this is a nice and friendly reminder indeed.

    Panther’s last blog post..Hobby Complex 05

  5. you didn’t have the one of streseman groping nodame!?!?!

    i’m shocked with you shin! i thought you were a loli guy not a breast man. for arguments for breast awareness in anime against in RL: in RL, the only slogan is “we stare because we care.”

    biankita’s last blog post..Toradora 04 ~That Moment’s Face~

  6. Shin, you should really try doing that in real life.

    double’s last blog post..Someone Save The Kaiji Live Action Movie

  7. I for one remember a time when my friend’s breasts weren’t groped… :cry:
    Please, people, support the initiative.

    Omisyth’s last blog post..RL Short Post FTW. In Case You Wanted To Know…

  8. What a perverted….. yet informative message. So ladies, if you feel if you got a tumor on your breasts ask a female friend to “check” it. Remember, its for your own good. :mrgreen:

    PS: AMERICA! Don’t forget to Rock the Vote!!!

  9. Well, like they say, you learn something new everyday

    blissmo’s last blog post..Shikabanehine:Aka 03 – “Huh?” is right.

  10. *LOL* So what’s the signal if they punch you in your breasts? Are they trying to forcibly expel any tumors?

    Caitlin’s last blog post..First Impressions: Kyou no Go no Ni

  11. :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink: :wink:

    I approve of this public service message. For the Greater Good. ™

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..EXAMS!!!!!

  12. You just wanted an excuse to show off your groping pics collection didn’t ya :cool:

  13. i cant believe myself….i dont have most of those :eek:

    *starts leeching pics :thx:

  14. Shin for president! :grin:

    Or at least the Surgeon General…

    FFVIIKnight’s last blog post..Fall 2008 – The True Trend

  15. this really looks like a transparent attempt to show off a bunch of dirty breast-groping screengrabs.

    …. screenwha?

    It’ll never impress Nagi, but I’m easily amused.

    otou-san’s last blog post..Late to the party: Nanoha

  16. How stupid am I for not noticing it until now? :mrgreen:
    Thank you for sharing your valueable knowledge with us

    Blowfish’s last blog post..New Artbook get! Rei Hiroe-Barrage

  17. :cool: your such a good person shin spreading breast cancer awareness :wink:
    Mini’s last blog post..Darling Hanyuu did not make it-Mini

  18. “This has been a public service message brought to you by Atarashii Prelude. Because We Care. ™”

  19. Not to be a party pooper, but you do not have to have large breasts to get breast cancer. You don’t even have to have boobs… boys can get breast cancer too!
    So while I admire your attempt to find a reason to post a bunch of interesting pictures, this is misinformation!

    Alan’s last blog post..UVERworld, Phantom Planet, and more

  20. lol, sweet idea, i might try this among some of my girl friends ( not my girl friend because its easy to do it on her), but the other girl friends i have at college and when i hang out. i cant believe i never tried this just to experience a different softness. I do not think i may get slapped because i know them, but if i do i think ill be forgiven if i tell them the situation lol

  21. I see a promotional poster demanding moar fanservice in anime :wink:
    Jason’s last blog post..Stars, Spacecraft, and Song

  22. I remember Milly-san scored a number of times on Shirley in Code Geass… where are those pics?

    ghostlightning’s last blog post..Is Gundam 00 special?

  23. *nosebleeds to death*

    Yknow, I never thought about saying I was checking for tumors…HEHEHEHEHEH… :twisted:

  24. Ara~ Interesting.

    Incidentally, I haven’t gotten “slapped, punched into the sky, kicked in the groin and branded with labels such as ECCHI, SUKEBE, ERO, HENTAI”. :grin: But I haven’t fully grabbed on the other hand either :P

    Hoshi’s last blog post..His Butler, the Strongest

  25. I’ve never done any groping or thought about it, but I’ve been breast-groped by some female acquaintances who don’t even like anime. wtf is that messed up or what, because one of them even claims anime is perverted and for kids (what??).

  26. Why am I suddenly imagining that society will accept breast groping as an acceptable form to greet the females? Also, I can imagine the same for male-kind except the groping will be below the belt region.

  27. Hey groping helps them grow right? Leave it like a regular exercise.

  28. Ah Shin, now we know what pictures you have stored in your computer’s hard disk….pictures of anime girls groping each other. :grin:
    Hynavian’s last blog post..Blood Alone Volume 5 – Kidnapped!

  29. tumours indeed…

  30. Everyday is Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..RED ISN’T JUST 3x FASTER

  31. My collection’s a little bigger than those in this post. But I think there’s more in your artillery, Shin.

    I can’t wait for that to happen in real-life.

    Rakuen’s last blog post..CONTACT. Chaos; Head Episode 3

  32. Nice fillar post, xP

    Nagato’s last blog post..CONTACT. Chaos; Head Episode 3

  33. Oh god I hope this doesn’t get eaten by SK2 or anything. Anyway, using this to ‘log in’ as another user to test your Comvatars, lawl.

  34. I probably should have a better slogan to go with it like NO HUMOR IN A TUMOR! GROPE SOME OPPAI TODAY! or something to that effect. :kiss:


    Real Drive is a relatively awesome anime. Too bad I lost interest after the lapse in subs. :sad:


    Nice way of summing it up. Probably explains why I can never remember what really happens the previous episodes. :???:


    Definitely not an excuse to post tits.


    I’m a responsible pervert. :lol: …. :???:


    I like, totally forgot about that. :oops: I’ll always prefer DFC more than anything else, and felt the need to shed some light on the plight of girls with boobies. :neutral:


    But I’m surrounded by fujoshis with flat chests. :eek: Nothing to grope there. :grin:


    I’ll like everyone to know it’s also Pink Ribbon month. :wink:

    @Anime Loving Republican

    I think us guys can do it too. But be sure to explain to your intended target that you’re doing it for their sake. :wink:


    Grope your female friends and let me know how it goes. :cool:


    Just like a zit, forceful expulsion would only result in the tumor growing exponentially. Remember people, falcon punches are only good for abortions and nothing else. :idea:




    I so did not save all these pictures for intentional spam posting. :razz:


    Just remember the message I’m trying to pass on here.


    I’ll settle for head of the paediatric division… :thx:


    I’m not so shallow as to randomly post boobs for no reason. :eek:


    Don’t be too hard on yourself! I’m also learning about it everyday. :lol:


    Always happy to spread the word. :wink:


    *hugs EvilDevil* :cry:


    No, please go ahead. Thank you for clearing that misconception for me, and I’ll be sure to post grope images of guys in the near future to remind people that even males are at risk. :eek:


    Let me know how it goes. :twisted:


    Nooooo! This is breast cancer awareness. :mad:


    If I were to have it my way, I would have posted an all anime screenshot, but yeah, I forgot about it. :razz:


    Hopefully your friends will be more understanding now. :wink:


    Now you have every reason not to hold back anymore. :twisted:


    As long as I get the message across. :twisted:


    They’re doing you a favor and you must thank them. :cool:


    Grope a girl today and tell them I told you to do it. :wink:


    Penis cancer is also a real threat but sadly I don’t have enough images to start a post on it.


    Only if you do it at a young age. :wink:


    I gathered them solely for this post and deleted everything promptly after its purpose was served. :neutral:


    Grope a tit today!


    A good reason to legalize groping? :???:


    Surprisingly, I don’t have a lot of oppai pictures.


    Just savor them pictures. :cool:


    Just doing my bid!

  35. i’ve been doin this to my friends for ages. what a good samaritan i am. :neutral:

  36. Breast Cancer Awareness is important :wink:
    And yeah this sorta reminds me when my dad had to get a mammogram(oddly. . .) :shock: my mom laughed at him. . .

  37. I laugh a lot reading the message.
    Maybe, next step is accepted and not respond with a big slap.

    Nice thread ;)

    Saouri’s last blog post..Macross enlatado!

  38. pics fukin SAVED ! also good comunity message !~ post more!

  39. We should do this instead of running random marathons for cancer. This is far more productive.

  40. @Shin: I guess they are checking for breast cancer safety then?

  41. What anime is the seventh picture down from the top from. Oppai_check-28.jpg?

  42. @karecat

    If I had boobs, I would let you grope mine too. :oops:


    I guess more important is the fact that guys get it too. :eek:


    Breast cancer is indeed serious business. :razz:


    Prostate cancer awareness post next.


    Glad you liked them. I would have posted more if I had the time too. :lol:


    Indeed sir.


    Yes they were, be sure to thank them the next time they do it too! Some pictures would also be nice.


    That would be Koihime Musou.

  43. @Shin: Sorry, unfortunately I don’t carry my camera so I can take pics of women groping my chest. I don’t mind female acquaintances doing this as much if they were men since they have their own pair and just do it for the lulz.

  44. What animes did these come from? oppai_check-2, oppai_check-9, oppai_check-15, oppai_check-19, and
    oppai_check-25? I’m sorry for asking so much… Thanks.

  45. I’m totally speechless…

  46. they’ve got cool avatars…
    the anime pics…
    they’re too… hardcore… lol

  47. To much ecchi stuff XD, the first one from Zero no Tsukaima is the best one XD

    Belela-san’s last blog post..Perfect Grade Strike (not so perfect, it’s still beta)

  48. YOU’ R A FUCKING PERVERT :shock:

  49. tae kaung lahat

  50. :kiss: I for one (speaking as a female) am all for guys groping my breasts….. not all of us are prudes… I love getting my breasts groped and fondled…. lol honest and true… so for you guys out there that wish that you could…. you just never know what your friends that are girls might like.. as for me.. as long as I am single.. I let my male friends grope me when ever they want.. cause I like it too …. and hell its fun.



  51. The world needs more love and care!

    Spread the message; start groping! :mrgreen:

  52. i like number 12 :razz:

  53. i grope girls all the time. not just to check them. i do it for my enjoyment and theres too. :wink: but i dont get slapped or kicked. they like it and so do i. boobs feel really nice. they r like relax balls. they r soft and squishy and sooo sexy! :cool: once i groped a girl and we ended up in bed. wow shes a wild one. now every friday night we go to bed. shes really good at it. :razz: we roll and rub and squeeze and pant when were done. i like to feel her body and she approves of it. she insists that i do. we play it down butt naked :idea: so guys, grope a girl u might end up in bed :razz:

  54. What a great thread, if only I could find all this anime to watch! best I’ve found on the breast appreciation front is Rosario and vampire! :)

    Kodama’s last blog post..Meeting #115 – 14th of May 2009

  55. I done that in my early school days. That was fun that’s all.

    Michael’s last blog post..The Training of Kristine – Day 1

  56. :twisted: soo sexxy :twisted:

  57. What’s the name of the anime on the bottom?

  58. How can you not recognize Shakugan no Shana? :???:

  59. What animes did these come from? oppai_check-25? thk ..

  60. can anyone tell me what is the anime come from ? oppai_check-25 ? REPLY ME THK ..

  61. Definately, other peoples boobs should be groped regularly in the name of safety and science!

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