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Tales Of The Abyss 04: Return To Castle Choralstein




Contrary to popular RPG gameplay mechanics, staying overnight at an inn does not miraculously restore your HP and heal all wounds/ailments; You still have to manually cast the appropriate curative magic on yourself. What exactly have I been paying for? Lodging?


Probably one of the more resourceful lolis you'll ever meet, Anise not only completes her mission objectives despite being separated from everyone else, she manages to turn her status report into a love letter meant for Luke. She is everything you'd want in a girl, but only if you have a fat wallet.


Yeah, I mean there isn't a possibility that he could have like, studied that in school or him originally being from Malkuth and having to move to Kimlasca for whatever circumstances and all that.


Levallan and grindan, the timeless chore in every RPG! I'm surprised they even managed to slot this in, though it does serve to highlight how fabulous Jade is as a character, and something I'd like to call a projectile turtle, since he really just needs to stand there can spam magic all day long while Luke acts as a damage sponge.

This is why Anise's so adorable; She's not. Even I know a scheming loli when I see one, which is why I don't like her as much as I'm supposed to. However, the deadpan delivery of her dark(er) side is what really make her endearing to me.


Instead of acting all flustered that Luke just saw her for what she really is, I like how Anise makes the transition to her other self as though nothing just happened. Kinda like how I got caught looking up skirts long ago, though that's another story.

While it's pretty obvious that Van is the villain, he's an antagonist only in the eyes of Tear for the time being, which is why for this portion, everyone decides to take a breather and talk about boring stuff. Thankfully, just like how I'm able to skip dialogue by repeatedly mashing the X button, I can do the same here by playing about with the timeline.

When they mention your next destination twice within the span of 5 minutes, you know you're bound for a story critical location, which is exactly it. Obviously I can't tell you what's in store, so let's just say that there are at least two brick shitting revelations that is tied to a bigger conspiracy later on.

I Most of us can only dream of being embraced by cute little girls, but Guy reacts as though he was being humped by a diseased primate in a dress. That's also got to do wonders for Anise's self esteem too, though being a good girl, she wasn't pertubed by it.


Now here's someone you can truly sympathize with. It's not that he hates women or anything; Guy simply just cannot approach them due to a traumatic experience he suffered in the past, rendering him unable to hit on any females as a result despite being a handsome stud. Definitely a far cry from me, who doesn't look half as good and will hit on pretty much anything that remotely resembles the opposite sex and then some more.

I think Jade is a pretty cool guy. eh is willing to kill a loli and doesn't afraid of anything. When you exude far more ℳℴℯ❤ than everyone else in the room, you tend to be impervious to those who aren't on par with the appeal, seeing as how Jade didn't show much hesitation and would have probably finished Arietta off had Ion not stopped him.


If you think about it hard enough, you'd be able to infer from Guy's astonishment as to what he just saw; He either recognizes it as a familiar face or he's having vision problems and is seeing double. Having Sync share the same seiyuu with another member of the cast would probably be another hint, though I have to say this wasn't made that obvious for gamers.

Shin Says

Nothing to comment again, so I think I'll just talk about the following screenshot instead, which was a rather anticlimatic means of ending what was yet another good episode which made me almost expect an announcer to go JIKAI, TEIRUZU OBU JI ABISU! I guess  another means of doing it was having Luke stand proudly at the bow of the ship looking into the sunset as he heads off to another continent with his party members, so it was really case of using one cliche over the other. Useless archer girl next week(in before manga drones on about how good she is), so I'm not terribly excited.


*Yes, I realize that the colors are wrong.

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  1. Danger! Danger! Dangerous Loli with Big Teddy sighted.

  2. Now that I think about it; her weapon does resemble some kind of old school Pedo Bear or something. :lol:


    “she manages to turn her status report into a love letter meant for Luke. She is everything you’d want in a girl, but only if you have a fat wallet.”
    I have something on my packet but is not a fat wallet… dammit… I am unclean… I blame you shin…

    “Even I know a scheming loli when I see one, which is why I don’t like her as much as I’m supposed to. However, the deadpan delivery of her dark(er) side is what really make her endearing to me.”
    Me like darker lolis, reminds to be on guard…

  4. “What exactly have I been paying for? Lodging?”
    are you shure it was not a Love Hotel and not an Inn?…

  5. great epispde, and the preview he he he cant wait.

  6. Despite his fear of women, Guy is something of an unintentional womanizer. Not sure if it’ll come up in the anime, but he can be really nice to women, so much so that a women actually blush and he knows how to talk to them. Unfortunately, when that happens, the women want to go near Guy and we all know how Guy is gonna react to that. If I remember correctly, there was a line in the game that went something like…

    Guy: Hey, don’t get the wrong idea! i love women!
    Tear: I don’t think shouting declarations that you’re a womanizer isn’t much better…

    I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned Jade’s reaction to the fon machinery (since someone as cool as Jade actually reacting to something is worth taking note of) and Dist’s awesome CG arms.

  7. What level would your characters be at this point of the game? I have never played a single Tales game.

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..Junjou Romantica 2: #01

  8. “Kinda like how I got caught looking up skirts long ago, though that’s another story.”
    shin, if they ever made a biographic movie about you, i hope they censor it…

  9. I’m half expecting Guy to be some sort of evil dude with his memories erased. I dunno.
    And Tear > Anise. But Anise’s big teddy thingy rocks.

    LOL, the whole identity of the little GREEN haired kid was obvious. Now the hair dying becomes a problem when you want to conceal things. Examples? This, and who the 6th God General is. :eek:
    Hoshi’s last blog post..Revenge of the Lolis

  10. Anise is… growing on me… NOT SURE IF WANT

    ghostlightning’s last blog post..Almost took the bait: Hana is not your pathetic soap opera martyr

  11. Already said what needs to be said about Natalie, you just suck cause you couldn´t use her :p

    Good episode, but I wonder if we´ll get to see some of the skitz that were present in the game. I would love to see two of the skitz in one episode :)

    manga’s last blog post..Oi! Hayaku Oniichan!!!

  12. Maybe it’s because I never played the game, but I find nothing about this show interesting. I’ll nevertheless keep reading the reviews, if only for laughs and to feel profoundly disturbed at Shins… predilections.

  13. I think Jade kills loli and moe and not the traps, he wants his own kind :oops: .

    tflops’s last blog post..Digital Cute’s Musumaker

  14. “If you look up “villain” in the dictionary, I bet you’ll see Jade’s face next to it.” – Guy

    Guy is indeed awesome. Just not as awesome as the awesomeness incarnated that is Jade, the Necromancer. Plus, the way he schools Dist every time they meet is beyond human cynicism. Jade is surely a God. Oh and, Mystic Cage.

  15. Man I’ve been watchig this and I get sudden strong urges that I should play the game. Maby they are brain washing me or something so that I’ll buy the game. :shock: Is it just me or does Ion get no love :sad:

    Mini’s last blog post..Hurray for junjo Romantica 2!

  16. Every time I see a loli, I always check out if she’s got the moe that would satisfy me. Anise didn’t quite pass that.

    Rakuen’s last blog post..Rakuen has been pawned by Mei-chan. A CLANNAD After Story Preview (Episode :3)

  17. @C.I

    Arietta’s into bestiality. :twisted:


    Embrace thy inner lolicon! :twisted: You know that reminds of me the hot spring the party will be heading much later, now that’s where the love between Luke and Tear really takes place, if you’re interested. :twisted: But if they censor my life autobiography, there won’t be much left. :cry:


    Don’t tell me you like Natalie too… :swt:


    Whoa, you remember a lot more than I have, and you’re right, I think there was like a scene like that too. :razz: To be honest, I forgot what that machine really did so I didn’t mention it. :oops:


    There was an optional boss in that area, so I recall leveling up to the early 20′s just to take it down. :???:


    Let’s just say Guy does have evil intentions but I’m not going to ruin it, since that is the only thing they’re not blatantly revealing unlike Green Dude’s identity. :razz:


    Be ready to part with all your wealth then. :lol:


    I still found more use for Anise than Natalie. :mad: The only skit I want to see is the one where the girl’s talk about Tear’s tits. :twisted:


    Aww, thanks! But you know, unlike last season where there wasn’t anything worthwhile to blog, I’m spoilt for choice this time around, to the point I can’t decide what to cover other than ToA. I’m behind with my Gundam 00. :oops:


    That’s most likely it. :wink:


    Indeed. Time and time again, it is the side characters that turn out to be the most awesome, with Guy and Jade being a testament to that fact. :cool:


    Bandai would rather you buy their BLU RAY DEE VEE DEEs instead. :cool: I’ll be honest, it isn’t you, but I’m not saying anymore. :razz:


    You’re right, when it comes to moe, Anise isn’t quite there yet, unlike other awesome lolis these season, especially Mei. :twisted:


    Hey pal, get in line! :mad:

  18. There was a skit like that as well yes. I forgot. To bad the english version didn´t have voice overs :(

    But if it weren´t for all the damn games I´ve still to play/finish I would start over on Tales of the Abyss. I need to find time to play these games. But school is taking up time at the moment so I can´t :(

    manga’s last blog post..Post 100 – Yay me!!

  19. I think anise is a spitting image of rini from sailor moon

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