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ComicWorld Hong Kong 2008

Hi guys, this is Kinny Riddle, and today I'll be your guest writer today after being invited to write by Shin. First off, much apologies to Shin for the delay, for this event occurred in late August.

ComicWorld Hong Kong (or CWHK) is a doujinshi-selling event held every 6 months in HK. Once in February and once in August. It's been around since 1998, so this is it's 10th anniversary. While still small in scale compared to THE Comiket in Japan or even the well-organized Comicworld in Taiwan, the numbers are still formidable. Though this is my first time ever visiting one, as I know someone who runs a circle there, and so went to have a look.

YouTube Preview Image

This video was taken in CWHK last August, this was taken some time during the afternoon. The ridiculously long queue (and in the sweltering humid August heat as well) had more to do with the poor organizational skills of the organizers than the lack of space inside the hall.

The long queue was also contributed to the swelling numbers every year as more and more budding circles joined and attracted more people to visit and one hall could no longer accommodate everyone. This year, they decided to rent two halls, one for male-oriented doujin and one for female-oriented.

And just to be safe, they specifically rented a third hall just for queuing. I was stuck in such a hall for about half an hour as they had to control the flow of people entering, and I was lucky in that was only half-filled.

After a long wait, I was finally in.

First was to visit my friend's booth and buying an obligatory Clannad doujin (non-BL, non-ecchi) from her (at a discount).

I couldn't be arsed to scan this and all the other doujins, so pardon the quality of the photos taken.

Just your typical Clannad doujin

Now if you guys still remember the Kyonko cosplayer that Shin mentioned months ago, I'm pleased to tell you guys I've seen her once again. Though this time she wasn't here as a cosplayer, but to sell her own doujins.

Here's her site if you're interested in the sort of BL doujin that she specializes in. Current favourites of hers include Koizumi x Kyon, Sunohara x Tomoya and Lelouche x Rollo.

This time I decided to approach her.

Me: Excuse me.
Apo (that's what she calls herself): Yes?
Me: Are you the one who cosplayed as Kyonko back in March in ****?
Apo: Yes I am, and you are?
I told her I was the guy whose photos of her got uploaded by Shin for all to see.
Apo: Ah, so you're Kinny! (amazed she remembers me) Here, have this. It's free.

I received this amusing 4-koma doujin. She assured me it's got no BL in it, seeing as I was a guy. (Not that I'd really mind mild BL. )

She gave me this.

Here are some of the 4-komas

Though I didn't take a pic of her, I did take one of her friends, who were cosplaying as Lulu and Rollo.

Didn't buy much in terms of doujin, let's just say I'm more of a Japanese doujin collector, but no disrespect to all these budding mangakas, who I'm sure worked their arses off for this occasion.

Didn't take much pictures of the doujins either, though the artwork of this Haruhi one strikes me.

Finally, I'll cap this blog up with this image. Regular readers of Danny Choo's blog may have an idea of what this poster is parodying.

More images can be found in my album, so please have a look if you're interested.

Apologize for the lack of cosplay photos, for I was busy "window shopping" that day. I promise there'll be more next time when I go to another event like this.

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  1. wow.. ive lived in HongKong for over a year and I didn’t know about this! >.< seems like fun.. maybe I’ll attend the next one o/

    and wooooow @ the line-up… i don’t think the annual Anime & Games convention in HK has that long of a lineup -_-;

    Cokematic’s last blog Tales of Abyss and fansubs

  2. I fear for your life and your chastity in Shin’s quarters.

    Also WTF at the last image. They have that in HK too?

    Panther’s last blog post..Special Review – Air

  3. Thanks for sharing. :smile:

    Wow, there’s too many people there. Did you queue a good portion of your time away? The only time where I have seen that many people at a place was in a shopping mall where the fans were queuing for their idols’ autographs….and there wasn’t that many people as compared to the 2nd photo. :eek:
    Hynavian’s last blog post..Is My Blog Sexier Now?

  4. The question that begs answering: WAS THERE PORN FOR SALE?!



  5. I doubt it. But still, its good to know there are non Japanese doujin artist out there who sell their own work.

  6. @shin
    “The question that begs answering: WAS THERE PORN FOR SALE?!”
    somehow i knew you will ask something like that…

  7. > The question that begs answering: WAS THERE PORN FOR SALE?!

    Of course there’s porn—that’s not the question; the question should be what kind of porn. :!:

    bakaneko’s last blog post..Old characters, new formsβ€”gundam 00 s2 1

  8. Of course there’s hentai, though only a few booths sell them, which may explain why I didn’t buy many doujins that day. :cool:

    If any of you are interested, there’s another event this December called “Rainbow Gala”, which started only last year and is, according to most circles, better organized than CWHK, which has received a lot of scorn over the years for its poor organizational abilities.

    @Panther, was that comment directed at me? Firstly, I don’t even know where Shin lives, and neither does he know where I live, so my chastity is safe from him. Not to mention we’re miles apart.

  9. you know I never actully thought about Koizumi x Kyon as a pairing when I first saw the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya. But now the mention of it has made me think about it a bit more. But wow I never knew there was such a big comic event like this in china, now this just makes it more events in the world I have to go to. :smile:
    Mini’s last blog post..Hurray for junjo Romantica 2!

  10. I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. Thanks. ^_^

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