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Other Stuff I Watched In Autumn So Far – Part II


Clannad After Story

78% certain this is a filler episode. Right at the beginning of the new season. While the latter sounds like a reason to be annoyed, it's nice to see everyone being reintroduced, with the omission of a certain member of the cast making this episode a lot more enjoyable, I like baseball as much as the next Malaysian, which is to say none at all. With the tried and tested Clannad funnies and having avoided Nagisa's route for obvious reasons only to eventually give up having a go at it, I look forward to see what this brings us in the weeks to come.

To Aru Majutsu Index

When I read the description for this anime while skimming through the Fall list, I was skeptical as to how it would turn out. Needless to say, that feeling of apprehension was mostly unwarranted as this is shaping out to be a potential winner in my books. Can't comment much on the plot since if you're familiar with other J.C Staff adaptations, you'll feel right at home with this one, though what really reeled me in was the awesome soundtrack and the titular character herself. There's just something endearing about a loli nun whose outfit is held together by safety pins, though it's no match for the hero's magical fabric obliterating arm! No prizes for guessing what I did during that scene though. That aside, this certain magical anime shows promise and I'm definitely going to be sticking to this for a bit. Coercion from a a certain Republican had nothing to do with it.


I've an affinity towards cute girls that sing and/or dance, which is probably one of the reasons why I fell in love with Ranka almost immediately. The first 5 minutes of Crazy Shrine Maidens was enough to win me over, with its infectious dancing routine in the OP sequence, even if Rosario + Vampire CAPU2's still reign superior. Having said that, everything else about the first episode trumps the latter, instantly making this a favorite. I'm getting the Wagaya no Oinari-sama and Mokke vibes from this show with a dash of mahou shoujo elements to boot, though Nagi, despite her origins, is more believable and likeable as a human female(as opposed to Tenko Kuugen)and a deliciously flat one at that /drool For the time being the story seems to focus on Nagi and the hapless(?) Jin going about exterminating "impurities" in the village, which is mind numbingly boring and predictable, but if the OP is any indication, we will see him doing more than just that as he grooms and manages Nagi into becoming an idol. While this sounds somewhat random, it actually makes a lot of sense when you take into consideration that her powers apparently increase proportionately with her popularity levels, just as how a god's influence increases when being worshiped by people, at least that's what I gathered. Regardless, I for one, welcome our new ℳℴℯ❤ idol overlord. If Nagi pulls a (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆ of any sort, I swear I'm going to fap all over my monitor.

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  1. “I for one, welcome our new moe idol overlord. If Nagi pulls a (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆ of any sort, I swear I’m going to fap all over my monitor.”
    Nunnaly will always be my loli-overlord…

    and you dont wanna know what i did to my monitor… (*the shame…*)

  2. Index was sworn off by alot of people because they were spoiled by Macross F-s amazing costume designs. Still i´m staying skeptical of that one, since the good artwork/ enjoyable atmosphere can all go away, similar to the beginning of Shakugan no Shana, and leave a damn mess of half-assed characters and a plot leading nowhere.

    Still havent watched Clannad.
    Are the starfish back?

    Kannagi reminded me alot of Spice and Wolf, except done right. I guess there is still a chance that this anime will go into the bitter specifics of idoldom and painstakingly explain every facet of modern belief systems and put me to sleep faster than a bag of pills. But i´m staying positive here and thinking:”heck this might be arright!”
    Yotsuba is my loli overlord.

    ( :

  3. The OP sequence for Kannagi is disturbingly addictive, and I should be embarrassed to say that I have probably watched it 15 times already but I’m not. It trumps R+V’s ED sequence just with the addictiveness of it.

    Index feels pretty Shana but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially since it’s going to be quite a bit different considering the opposite personalities of the Shana and Index female leads.

  4. God I’m already dancing the Kannagi OP song! Though it’s still incomplete yet so I hope there would be a full-dance version soon…

    kanzeon’s last blog post..New Banner!!! Again.

  5. Shin, your words about Kannagi are taken into consideration :smile:

    But I think you’ll enjoy it more once Zange-chan makes her appearance. You do like nuns… right? :grin:
    FFVIIKnight’s last blog post..Dear Shin…

  6. I didn’t think the OP was that great personally, but I am declaring for the Nagi bandwagon anyway. Jin keeps trying to look down Nagi’s shirt… why doesn’t he just buy her a more peepable shirt?

    Kabitzin’s last blog post..Kannagi 01

  7. You sir, have just convinced me to add Kannagi to my watch list. DAMN YOU I DIDN’T NEED ANYMORE ANIME IN MY LIST. :lol: :lol:

    And so a new convert to the religion has been gained.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Spice and Wolf II Announced.

  8. Kannagi was just … weird …

    Although, I’m glad you’ve decided to watch GAREI, and watch Mouryou no Hako when it comes out too. Yup, I’ll be reminding you constantly until you eventually make a post about it :P

    blissmo’s last blog post..Hyakko: First Looksies

  9. I’ve an affinity towards cute girls that sing and/or dance,

    Anata wa rorikon desu!

  10. even if Rosario + Vampire CAPU2’s still reign superior.

    You are a terrible person.

    totali’s last blog post..ef – a tale of melodies. – 01

  11. except for clannad, i haven’t seen kannagi and index yet.

    “I swear I’m going to fap all over my monitor.”
    again, i repeat my question, if you brought a black light in your room, how glowy would it be?

    biankita’s last blog post..Some Fall 08 Anime I Watched

  12. Is this gonna go against Hare Hare Yukai? Oh no!

    And oh, Kannagi is definitely in my watch list! That makes 12 now! Damn I should reduce…

    Rakuen’s last blog post..Gundam 00 S2 – 01

  13. I had nothing to do with Shin decision to blog To Aru Majutsu no Index. But still thanks for doing it Shin :mrgreen: but…. your admittance for getting pleasure looking at adolescent girls scares me so much that i might have to call Chris Hansen about your “activities”.

    PS: Even though i not suppose say this cause you might be compel to watch Index for a “different reason”, there will be more loli’s on that show which i think is about 6 or 7 girls, DANGEROUS GIRLS YOU DON’T WANT TO MESS WITH.

    PPS: Even if i wanted to coerced someone, i would have made all of you in the US vote for McCain but i’m not going to since i dislike his running mate Sarah Palin, for her policies and the fact she looks like Tina Fey which doesn’t make me take her seriously. ( I would prefer if it was Arnold “The Governator” Schwarzenegger) :sad:

  14. HO HO HO you obviously knew I was talking about you in Index ho ho ho :cool:
    Clannad wasn’t a “filler” per say, as it was in the game, but it was “game filler” so yea I guess you can consider it a filler :sad:
    Hinano’s last blog post..Soul Eater – 27

  15. “I didn’t think the OP was that great personally”

    There’s always a party pooper. :???:

    I thought the OP was fun though, and we need more of that. I wish that Jin wasn’t quite a closet pervert as he seems to be. :wink:
    TheBigN’s last blog post..Not anime, except maybe in the Japanese sense

  16. Kannagi is Excellent… truly a must watch anime for this season… clannad too and nodame too and so much more this season just wont make me bored…. weee so much anime to downoad yet so little time to watch them…

  17. You know, I never really got into clannad, not my style. Seeing this makes me almost glad I didin’t.

    Kannagi looks like an A+ in my book so far, and I can’t wait for the next episode :neutral:

  18. The to Kannagi opening was pretty cool, but really can’t we at least get a cookie if we guess right! :lol:
    (hurray for ToraDora! avatars!)

    Mini’s last blog post..Hurray for junjo Romantica 2!

  19. The Kannagi girls look pretty~~~ :grin:

    You already know my stance on Index, and Clannad, I don’t know. I don’t like that kind of art… :sad: It looks like the Air style, and I thought that was cute and okay. I can’t stand too much of it though..

    Hoshi’s last blog post..Tales of Majutsu no Index?! ಠ_ಠ [First impressions]

  20. addictive intro is addictive. Like the kannagi manga… guess i’ll take a look at the anime.

  21. it’s nice to see everyone being reintroduced, with the omission of a certain member of the cast making this episode a lot more enjoyable

    A HA! I hated the sports but I knew there was something I DID like. Just the idea of Fuko makes my balls crawl up to my stomach and my hands start reaching for random things to throw at the TV. I think rather than calling this filler, you could say it was a “character re-introduction” thing. Or you could call a horse a horse: BORING.

    Kannagi seems to have potential. And Nagi really was a lot of, ur, fun.

    otou-san’s last blog post..The fall season, so far

  22. Nice pun. I hope they keep that gag going.

  23. For the very first time ever, I feel like having all the girls hooking up with Jin in Kannagi.

    Also, I must be Nagi-kicked for I have underestimated the power of Nagi-sama even though I’ve read the manga firsthand.

    And that was random. LOLWUT.

    Shiro’s last blog post..Tags.

  24. Ah Shin. You must control your fapping habits! Ejaculating at everything that excites you is not the answer!

    Yamcha’s last blog post..A brief rundown on things I’m recently watching…

  25. clannad and index already in my list
    maybe wanna check kannagi

    kusakabemisao’s last blog post..Birthday girl Aya!

  26. @EvilDevil

    There, there, we’re all human. :kiss:


    You got it right, I really want to like Index, and it’s too Shana-ish for its own good. :???: I’m also really banking on Kannagi not turning out the way you mentioned but I trust that Lucky Star director dude. :lol:


    I like both, but I prefer R+V’s as a song while I’m loving Kannagi’s sequence itself. :razz: True, despite the resemblance, I’m already kind of liking it for the loli nun alone. :oops:


    Do I hear next Hare Hare Yukai? :lol:


    Bring them nuns on, I say. :twisted: She looks a lot like KnK’s Fujino for some reason. :???:


    I guess I really like it because of the animation sequence that accompanies it. :lol: Jin is suffering from useless male lead syndrome like almost every other one out there. :razz:


    Genuflect before you new moe goddess!


    Thy bidding shall be done. :oops:

    @Di Gi Kazune

    Explain why I don’t like Sheryl then. :razz: But you’re right, I have a penchant for little girls. :twisted: As if that wasn’t obvious enough already. :???:


    I’ve been called worse. :cool:


    It’ll be so bright you’d need some Schneizel Shades just to see it. :cool:


    Yup, the next Haruhi, calling it now. Ohohoho~

    @Anime Loving Republican

    The good news is, even without the extra lolis(thanks for the info) I’m still sticking to this to see how this ends up, but yes it’s really good motivation to carry on for me. :razz: I caught the VEEP debates and actually found Palin quite hilarious too by the way, and yeah, I even saw Tina Fey’s impersonation which was awesome too. :lol:


    I’m getting too predictable for my own good. Must resist temptation. :razz:


    I wish Jin grew more balls and take advantage of the situation! :twisted:


    Time is what you make of it, but I guess in your case it’s really the shitty connection speeds. :lol:


    I thought everyone loved Clannad, or at least its girls. :lol:


    I have Ranka cookies, but they taste horrible. :razz: And you’re fast with the avatars, I didn’t think anyone would notice me adding some new ones. :lol:


    Well I hope the subsequent episodes will be enough to convince you. :wink:


    I’m trying my best to stay away from the manga for maximum enjoyment, but FFVIIKnight is making it much harder with his post. :razz:




    Yes Kannagi is very punny.


    Strange, I feel that way in every other anime where the guy is surrounded by girls. However, it usually doesn’t end too well. :oops:




    Oh, but you must, Kannagi is awesomcakes! :cool:

  27. Seriously. Either be asexual, or be a blatant horndog! :wink:
    TheBigN’s last blog post..Not anime, except maybe in the Japanese sense

  28. @Shin

    The explanation is there already.

    Anata ha rorikon desu!

    Therefore, I must protect Dejiko from you!

  29. Shin, what about GAREIzero? It’s action packed, filled with suspense and the characters have awesome weapons. Any chance of you catching it too? :mrgreen:
    Hynavian’s last blog post..Is My Blog Sexier Now?

  30. @BigN

    Let me stay in denial a bit longer. :razz:

    @Di Gi Kazune

    Not even Ranka can tell me to stop lusting for lolis. :twisted:


    Yeah, watched it(because of blissmo) and I’m glad to say I actually enjoyed it! Look forward to the next installment of this post! :razz:

  31. rewatching the OP for about the 23rd time, i have but one question.
    What is Murasaki doing next to nagi on that stage. And wow she has grown up. :eek:


  33. Ranka is just a butthurt crybaby and is just like some unspoken ghost who is missing and is also retarded… :smile: :neutral: :razz: At least we can agree that if that existence shows up in Clannad again there will be sounds of shattered glass…

    I’m calling it here… Sanae wins the MILF of the year after Clannad’s 2nd ep. Major infinite damage sustained from her in bloomers…

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