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Code Geass: Lost Colors AKA The Game That Would Have Made Sunrise More Money Than Blu Ray Sales Of Both Seasons Combined If It Was An Eroge


Despite having gotten hold of this game way back when it was released circa March, I never got around playing this visual novel spinoff of the ever so popular Code Geass, solely due to my poor understanding of moonrunes. Giving it a go once again 5 months down the road, my comprehension of the Japanese language has only but slightly improved, which is still insufficient to truly savor this gem, though this time around, I had access to a 100% complete save file...

Of course, to say that I'm at a complete loss would be untrue either, since I've experience blindly navigating through other titles of the same genre, which has met with a decent amount of success, since my real failing is my inability to read, not so much as to listen. Either way, spending time on this on a rare Monday off proved to be a worthwhile endeavor, since there were tonnes of goodies for the fans, be it eye candy in terms of CG art or greater insight into the general plot(not that I could pick up on it, though there was one turn of events that had me shitting bricks) That said, I figured nobody would actually bother playing it, so here's a brief rundown of the overall game:

Just like every other dating sim,  players are treated to an opening sequence that's meant to give you a general idea of what the title is all about. Since this is after all, Code Geass, it doesn't need that much of an introduction, and the developers have decided to reuse R1's JIBUN WOOOO opening sequence, albeit with minor alterations:






You play as a faceless protagonist who doesn't know his own name until you decide it for him. This is actually justified in Lost Colors, since you suffer from amnesia and have no clue as to your real identity and background. However, a magazine scan revealed both the protagonist's face and name, and I must say, Rai is quite the stud, if I do say so myself!


Of course, this whole amnesia angle is really meant to set up the game for you, as you're required craft out your own story, through 4 key scenarios.

Code Geass


As the core component of the game regardless of scenario, relive the experiences from season 1 through the eyes of Lelouch.

Order Of The Black Knights


Join Zero in his struggle to liberate Area 11 from Britannia and get a chance to wear that fabulousugly tailor designedmass produced Black Knight excuse of a ragoutfit.

Holy Empire Of Britannia


Gino who? Jump at the chance at becoming a Knightmare Frame pilot and become bosom pals with Suzaku.



It's possible to avoid conflict altogether and as hinted in the two famous Code Geass MADs that show what it'll be like if they took out all the drama and mecha, turning  it into a harem show instead, players will be able to experience the life of a typical highschool student. And by typical I mean being the least popular student around but yet attract the attention of the most popular female ones. Sigh.

With that out of the way, here's a summary of what each route has in store for players

Order Of The Black Knights



I'm no fan of Kallen, but that expression of hers sure got me weak in the knees. Since she serves as your guide should you decide to enlist with the rebels, there is that possibility that your relationship with the Ace of the Black Knights will blossom into so much more. And let's face it, there aren't exactly that many eligible bachelors within the organization, and with that raging homosexual siscon that is Lelouch, Kallen's real chance of getting laid is through you.




Just as there aren't any worthwhile men, the Black Knights are short handed when it comes to pretty female pilots too, and if you find Kallen not suiting your tastes, you can opt to sweep Nagisa off her feet and win her heart instead. A monumental task for sure, since it's definitely going to be hard trying to appeal to someone who's into hardened war veterans, but hey that's what video game romance is all about; defying the odds!



Undoubtedly the best heroine in the entire series, being loved by Kaguya is a divine blessing that mere mortals can only dream to attain. As such, Zero's loss is your gain, and believe me, having the Goddess herself grace you with her sincere love is something, for the lack of better phrases, worth dying for.


What's a visual novel without the Bad Ends, right? Taking part in the rebellion pretty much means putting your life on the line, and if you screw up, that's about it. At least here, Toudou pays his respects to your (an) heroism, so it's not that bad.

Holy Empire Of Britannia



Swearing undying loyalty to the great Emperor Charles does have it fringe benefits too, especially if you're into mature women with sado-masochistic tendencies. Yet to appear even in R2, Nonette Enneagram, who is of course the Knight Of Nine, and incidentally Cornelia's senior, whom apparently the latter fears. That said, only you are capable of taming such a person, though I'd imagine she'd be more than handful in bed. And before you ask, there is no Cornelia route. Stupid developers!




If you thought Viletta had piss poor tastes when it comes to men, think again! Much like the other Britannian woman mentioned before her, this brown sister's equally aggresive when it comes love, and boy, does she want it bad.


Perhaps, if you want a girlfriend who has that motherly aura surrounding her(don't most Kikuko Inoue characters?), there's always the option of Cecile('sup westrim!) For better or for worse, you have someone who prioritizes your well being above anything else, though if you have a weak stomach, you might find yourself in lying in your deathbed much sooner!


Being the lead of a dating sim puts you at a precarious spot when it comes to unwanted attention, as experienced by the player who's about to get assraped by Suzaku.





What's a Code Geass ren-ai if you don't get your own Geass? Admittedly, I never got as far reaching this scene, but watching the movie sequences suggests that the player will receive his own Geass, and in a defining moment that would forever alter the course of history, you are able to cancel out the effects of the Power of the King, thereby preventing Euphemia from committing that infamous atrocity.


Given the choice, Euphie decides to fall for you instead, which is excellent, since I never did get that Suzaku x Euphemia pairing; it was so shortlived and lacked depth and served as nothing more than a plot device, but that's another story.



Hands up if you also had sexual fantasies of Rivalz.....

....Moving on. Too many times have the male-lead-best-friend-sidekick type characters been ignored in these sort of games, to which the developers aim to change by introducing Rivalz's route.


Remember when you'd go FUCK YOU NINA everytime she appears? Well this time around, you are given the opportunity of doing so literally! Rape you say? More like punishing Nina for her sins! While I can't imagine anyone who'd want to though when the lights are out, it's all the same.



With her brother preocuppied with his mission for global conquest, poor Nunally needs some loving, and who better to fill that void but you? Whether you're happy with a platonic relationship or would like it to progress much further, having Nunally by your side can really calm the soul. Yup, I would love to feed her some of my meatballs.


Being the very first person whom you meet in the game, it's only natural if there was a Millay route. A woefully underapperciated character, you are able to provide the bustiest female in Code Geass(according to an official breasts measurement chart) a true happy ending, and I'm not referring to her orgasm.




If that smile looks familiar, that's because it belongs to everyone's favorite yandere shota. Along the way, you're given brief glimpses in relation to your past and that Geass occult. Hmmm...


Oh yeah, I remember now. Urk.


The Knightmare Frame Pizza Tossing event may have failed in the actual series, but it actually succeeds here!



Japan and their summer festivals. I didn't think Nina would be caught dead wearing a yukata, but hey!


They're never going to give us porn, so here's the best the developers could muster, and to be frank while it's hardly enough, the fanboy is still pleased:

Obligatory Onsen Shots










And the best one of them all:


YAKK DECULTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlike actual game reviews, skimming through another person's save file is hardly what I call a review, so all I can say is that this is definitely worth trying out if you're a fan and have decent moonspeaking abilities, since quite a bit of effort has been poured into developing this, which puts Lost Colors on par with other titles of the genre, and not a mere product tie-in. Excuse me while I continue fapping to Luluko.

PS Needs sequel with Anya, Cornelia and C.C kthx

Imouto of the season?

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  • Kousaka Kirino (32%, 65 Votes)
  • Kasugano Sora (24%, 51 Votes)

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  1. Aaaa they should translate the game into English :cry:

  2. lelouch :shock: :shock:
    yameroォォォォォっ・・・ :swt:

  3. Not bad. Thanks for the info on some of the routes.

    I do remember that they had a Cornelia route (which ties Rai into being one of her personal Knights), a Lloyd path (for the anti-Suzaku people, who still want to experience life in the Special Dispatch/Avalon)… among other things.

    If you think about it, Rai’s interference and subsequent prevention of the Euphinator incident really changes a lot of things, like totally putting the plot off course (in regards to R2′s plot). And Rai gets to pilot the cooler Knightmare Frames, like the Lancelot Club and the Guren Nishiki Custom. Oh well.

    Geass CC Ending’s kinda cool too.

  4. FUCK YOU C.C!!!


    And i’d stick it in Lelouchina’s pooper.

  5. @E_G

    Not now, not ever. Besides the voices won’t be anywhere as arousing. :sad:


    I’m onani’ing to all those Lelouch images. :twisted:


    Hmm, really? Didn’t notice either one of their CGs from the save file, so I guess I must have missed it. :???: Yeah, that was really turning point for the entire show too, I feel. Rather than this as the alternate take, I would prefer an animated spinoff for Nightmare of Nunally. :lol:


    I just realized that I didn’t even include one shot of C.C :lol:

  6. Hands up if you also had sexual fantasies of Rivalz…..
    i threw up a little bit in my mouth when i read that. and your follow-up wasn’t any different.

    and this is the second time today i saw that suzaku cheerleader image. i am now officially scarred for life. -_-

    if there is a lelouchina, i will haul ass to buy a PSP and learn moonrunes to play this game

    biankita’s last blog post..Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 21 ~The Ragnarok Connection~

  7. Awww Suzaku is sexy :smile:

    (ok ok no , lolis are the best :grin: )

    The game looks quite cute , but not fun for a non japanese speaking like me :sad:

    Thanks for the screens , some are nice to look at :thx:
    James’s last blog post..Thank you

  8. Must…choose…route….cant…decide.
    Kaguya and Kallen vs Nunnaly and Nina(ya, i said it!) vs Viletta AND Cecile….
    How do expect us to choose!?

    Also i was surprised you didnt review the c*aptastic new ep. of geass.

  9. Would there be a translation patch coming out or something? Also cheerleader Suzaku is CANNOT UNSEE. At least I can still stomach bride Luluko.

  10. MY question is, will Kaguya call you onii-chan?

  11. nao this is one game worth trying out….in english that is :razz:
    my stomach is oddly acting up now

  12. DIE NINA DIE!!! *ahem*

    where’s my C.C, sir? :???:
    anyways, all of the girls’ route are want (cept you know who) imho… >_>
    (and nice to see you here, megu :cool: )

  13. As much as I still want a Highschool Harem CG series, I had to go with the Nippon Banzai route, since it lets you woo the two most awesome girls who the entire game.

    Now if only there was a Kaguya-hime/Kallen harem ending…

  14. I choose….. ALL OF THE GIRLS!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :wink:

    Even thought i’m a Republican, if John McCain or Barrack Obama can bring this game to the states now, i will vote for them for President!!!

    I hope they make a sequel which includes more girls including Monica, Zhou Xianglin, Guinevere, Rakshata, Sayoko, Liliana, Marika and finally, Carline, Jiang Lihua aka Tianzi AND ANYA!!!! (COME ON!!! The game had two loli’s, adding three more wouldn’t hurt!)

    Seriously, i want a sequel so some of us can fulfill our fantasy of dating one of the girls i mention above. :wink:

  15. Don’t be mean to Nina guys. I bet she makes a good girlfriend in the game.

  16. So that´s where all those images of shocking faces came from. Thanks for the info, now all we need is a release outside of Japan and a lot of people will be very happy.

    But when thinking back on how many of these visual novels that have gotten over here that isn´t about raping people well good luck :(

    Damn I need to learn Japanese.

    manga’s last blog post..So… a post for naming my new comp

  17. I believe that there’s a sort of mistake or something… where’s my C.C.? :shock:
    AsukA05′s last blog post..Believe in the Minami power!!

  18. “Undoubtedly the best heroine in the entire series, being loved by Kaguya is a divine blessing that mere mortals can only dream to attain.”
    I swear allegiance to my loli-goddess

    “Much like the other Britannian woman mentioned before her, this brown sister’s equally aggresive when it comes love, and boy, does she want it bad.”
    hotdamn! All Hail Britannia!!!

    “Given the choice, Euphie decides to fall for you instead, which is excellent, since I never did get that Suzaku x Euphemia pairing”
    Eat your heart out Sucksaku!!

    “Hands up if you also had sexual fantasies of Rivalz….”
    …the horror… the horror… the horror… (shin, i am sending you my therapist bill…)

    “Remember when you’d go FUCK YOU NINA everytime she appears? Well this time around, you are given the opportunity of doing so literally! Rape you say? More like punishing Nina for her sins! While I can’t imagine anyone who’d want to though when the lights are out, it’s all the same.”
    I am willing to make the sacrifices to punish this table-humping racist… over and over again… and again…

    “poor Nunally needs some loving”
    i am going to do something better… I am going to adopt her an be the best siscon i can be!! siscons can get marry right?

    “Being the very first person whom you meet in the game, it’s only natural if there was a Millay route.”

    susaku + cheerleader costume = gone blind
    lulu + bride gown = confused and developing strange weird feelings…

  19. It actually looks like a good game, I’ve sometimes wondered “what if” in the World of Geass. Except about Luluko. I did not wonder about Luluko :roll:
    Omisyth’s last blog post..Code Geass R2 21: It’s Not Like NGE In Any Way. Nope. Uh-Uh. Completely Unique.

  20. …Being a man at least in heart…
    The fact that I just fell for Suzako and Luluko…
    Is a little…

    Especially considering the fact that the women listed previously did not appeal to me…
    What have you done, Shin…T_T

  21. At the next to last picture I just went slackjawed, made some helpless noises and thought “There’s no way he could top this now!” And then you did it in the next pic. *sigh*

    Anyways, lollered at the Lulu onsen pic. Dammit, I’d probably end up playing all the ghey routes just for the lulz. I could; I know moonspeak. Better be on the safe side and not download that.

    On a side note: Everyone. Learn moonspeak. I don’t get all the runes yet, but what I get, it’s been worth the time invested. By the time you start noticing mistakes in fansubs, you’re good to go.

  22. WHAT? No Cornelia route? WTF is this shit? Boooooooooo! :shock:
    I’ll settle for Cecile, ALL HAIL BRITANNIA! :cool:
    Crusader’s last blog post..Nogizaka Haruka, Episode 8- We Love Mika

  23. As someone else has asked: do you know if anyone is working on an English translation patch for this?

    (As I currently don’t have a PSP, it doesn’t really matter if the patch is only in the beginning stages; the important part is whether or not it exists at all.)

  24. I didn’t watch C.C. yet, could be this game a good recommendation for those people who aren’t watching this?
    I love playing visual novel especially spinoffs, is it good after watching this anime or both?

    tflops’s last blog post..Miku Hatsune Figma

  25. I always felt Nagisa looked alot like lelouche for some reason….. :swt: but aside from that it’s offical I now have a girl crush on Nunally :twisted: and what the hell is up with suzaku’s last pic! It has kitties in the background!!! :shock: CATS AND CHEERLEADERS JUST DON’T GO TOGETHER MAN!

    Mini’s last blog post..Mini’s rage, blood must be spilled

  26. And science strikes again. OH LELOUCH~~~~~~~~

    C.I.’s last blog post..I’m so sorry HAHA; I really had to post this up.

  27. Well damn, this game actually gives me a reason to go and learn Japanese now!

    Luluko = PWNED.

    The fact that Rai is a pretty damn hot OC character = Epic.

    I’m buying this game. Seriously. :cool:

  28. :eek: :shock: Yay! I got a shout out! :thx:

    After careful deliberation (and research, intensive… research :evil: ), I chose the Holy Empire of Britannia route. I like the OtBK girls, but they’re too similar and the loli is illegal :sad: . Illegal loli goes for Ashford Academy as well, plus Rivalz makes it just plain uncomfortable :eek: . That those two are involved is just too bad, because xenophobic genocidal weapons developers are sexy, and of course there’s Milly, the best equipped woman in the series :smile: . So I stuck with Britannia for the diversity. I don’t want Nonette, but I’ll gladly take Euphemia (white chocolate) and Viletta (‘milk’ chocolate). Cecile, of course, clinches the deal :kiss: . :idea: I can only imagine how hot it would be to get them all in bed together; the innocent princess, the tough soldier, and my beloved and experienced Cecile :twisted: :wink: :evil: .

    I liked the fanservice onsen and Milly shots. However, I am forever scarred after seeing the last two pics :cry: . Why are there kitties faces floating behind Suzaku, and why is Lelouch so unhappy? Is the dress too tight? Or is it his impending marriage to Odysseus? :???:

    @An Anime Loving Republican: If that was a choice I’d choose it, but it wasn’t so I didn’t :sad: .

    @EvilDevil: I pretty much agree with everything you said, especially about Nina. She may be a bitch, but I like girls with glasses. However smart they are, there is still much to teach them :twisted: .

    Oh, and sorry I’m so late. Reality was busy, and I think you posted this about five minutes after the last time I checked. I may be overdosing on emoticons, though.

  29. …Wait, is this for the PSP for for the PS2? Or is it for both? *had thought it was for the PSP, but just saw that there’s a PS2 version*

    EDIT: Okay, just saw that it is indeed for both.

  30. Now this is what Code Geass should have been all along.

    I’ll pick the Black Knights route only for the Kallen End. :kiss:
    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..FOLD MIRROR.

  31. Am I the ONLY one who finds a ‘dere-dere-DERE’ Kallen kinda scary in the above pics? I mean, a bashful Kallen’s one thing… but the overload of dere is frightening on her – Kaguya doing the same thing’s horribly cute (and let’s face it – it’s the only way she’s getting a husband, given that Lulu’s a complete loss), but Kallen? No way. Even Viletta in full-on dere mode is sexier (and far less frightening) than Kallen in it; we’ve seen Viletta do this in here amnesiac mode… and it fits her, unlike Kallen, who isn’t even a Moe Slave Girl C.C.

    And yes, we definitely need a C.C. and Cornelia route. Maybe an Anya route for Britannia to complement the Kaguya routes and Nunnally routes available in the other two. Now, the question here is ‘Does Ral count as a trap if he’s cornered into wearing a qipao and falsies?’

  32. Incidentally, where’d you buy it?

  33. Luluko!!

    Man, I need to get started on this again. Just to see that Luluko scene.

  34. All Hail Lulu ..wait .. this game is now made of win and GOLD ! do want a CC and cornelia adition :mad:

    pizza hut ?

  35. If I go through the Nippon Banzai EROute, I can enjoy Kallen, then get revenge on Nina, some Saving Nunnally action, and some of everything else… I know Zero will understand, we’re tight. Ok, enough of innuendos for now..

    Rakuen’s last blog post..Fall 2008 Anime List: :D :D :D :D

  36. To the posters who keeps joking about “raping” Nina. I find your posts heartless, cruel & insensitive to women!! Just because Nina created the bomb doesn’t mean she evil. (She only created it to get revenge for Euphie.) I suggested you be careful of what you posters say next time.

  37. @biankita

    We all secretly love Rivalz. :twisted: Save your money, spent it on the Lelouch and Suzaku figurines and re-enact those ero scenes instead. :cool:


    I figured Cheerzaku might excite some of you guys. :grin:


    I wanted to immediately after this post, but I had Soul Calibur IV staring me in the eyes asking me to play her. I caved in.

    @Faye, Cat Megex, waku2

    Not that I’m aware of. The closest thing we have to a fan translation for these sort of games is for the Haruhi one.


    As with most games of this genre, characters will only refer to you as (yournamehere), and conveniently omit that in their dialogue too. :lol:

    @piro, Asuka05

    She’s in game but without a proper route. Odd.


    Japan hate lesbian ends, so I wouldn’t count on it. :cry:

    @Anime Loving Republican

    Eh, don’t we all? Also about Nina, I guess if she’s not a ragin’ table humpin’ racist bitch in game, she should fulfill the meganekko moe just nicely.


    Exactly, learning moonrunes is still the only option. :cry:


    We think alike! :mrgreen: And now that you’re not totally rejecting the traps should mean you could turn over to the darker side soon. :twisted:


    Code Geass would be so much better if Lulu was a girl instead. She wouldn’t even need to use Geass that many times. :wink:


    Do what I always do. Blame Japan.


    It’s my goal to at least try and give readers something that they cannot unsee. :lol:


    :eek: Another person who’s willing to stomach Cecile’s concoctions?


    You just need prior experience with the first season and you’re good to go.


    Bandai Namco tries their utmost best to cater to both sides of the fandom, though I feel more attention is being paid towards to female segment more than anything else. :???:


    When in doubt, just fap. :kiss:


    I would have so loved it if Rai made a cameo appearance in the second season. :lol:


    I’m surprised the highschool route got the most votes, since they consist of mainly side characters, unless there are more fans of Rivalz than I had imagined. :???: Scarred? I intentionally left the best for last. :mad:

    @Cat Megex

    Additionally, the PS2 version comes with extra features like an extended gallery or something to that effect, while the PSP one gets a unique route, which I have no idea what. :swt:


    Good, more Kaguya for me. :kiss:


    Well, I for one, welcome it. While I enjoy seeing Kallen kicking ass, too often have I forgotten that deep down she’s still a teenage girl who has never experienced the bliss of falling in love. Since Lelouch would not answer it, I’ll be more than willing to do so in his stead. :oops: Rai is so bishie for a male lead you don’t even have to dress him up as trap for me to hit him. :twisted: Buy? I got my hands on a open source copy :mrgreen: If you somewhat interested in getting your own copy, there’s always Play Asia.


    Full save at gamefaqs. :razz:


    Pizza Hut didn’t want to sponsor because C.C wouldn’t get her own route.


    You sound like Tamaki suddenly. :eek:

    @Anime Loving Republican

    There, there, for all the things she’s done so far, I’d say the rage is justified, but yes, no reason to dislike the renai version of her. I’m sure she’s pretty cute in it. :kiss:

  38. Ok, that image of Suzaku in a cheerleader uniform is now BURNED and INGRAVED into my skull.

    I didn’t need that. EVER. :cry:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!! It’s Rolo…..Someone kill that crazy son of a bitch, honestly!!! ._.

    But I’ll forgive you for the Suzaku pic because I got to see Lelouch in a wedding dress. AWESOME.

  39. Wait…this game came out in March, you say? But R2 didn’t start ’till April…

    O_O Rolo was introduced in the game before he was in the series…XD

    Of course, as that has happened with other characters in Code Geass (such as Nonette [I don't know if the KoR novels, which introduced Monica and the Valkyries, were published prior to R2 airing]), I suppose it’s not as big of a deal as it might seem.

  40. The moe blushing modes Kallen had in R2 were cute. Here? The shots… don’t work. Seriously, they don’t – what works with Kaguya doesn’t for Kallen.

    Now, having Toudou visit your grave shows you just how much better Rai is than Lulu, especially given what happened in R2.

  41. … that and I need to find the CG Gallery for this. Danged Edit didn’t go through.

  42. No Lloyd route do not want

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Bye Bye Blogger

  43. Seeing Kallen looking at me like makes my heart feel all fuzzy. :grin:

    Lelouch!! You better marry that woman or you are THE MOST STUPID MAN TO REALIZE THAT THE GREATEST GIRL IN THE WORLD IS RIGHT THERE!!!

    If you do, ALL HAIL
    Emperor Lelouch!
    And his new queen

  44. Empress Kallen sounds great to me.
    And this game is, in some way, what (almost) every CG fan wants: an eroge-to-anime version! Let’s hope Sunrise gets the hint and at least gives us some OVAs (many OVAs if possible ^^).

    Sherman, the Ramni’s last blog post..¡Despierta!

  45. Say, Shinn… do you have a CG gallery for this to DL somewhere? I want to try photoshopping some of these…

  46. I am getting this game

  47. @Holy_Shit

    There’s a lot more genderbending Lelouch if you look hard enough. :razz:

    @Cat Megex

    That’s right, so players would have thought Rolo had supersonic speed or something since you see him slash Rai in one of the movie sequences.


    Well, I guess it’s because we’re not used to this extreme rabu rabu dere dere from Kallen just yet, since she doesn’t even come close to displaying it in the show itself. Sorry, but I can’t seem to find any CG gallery anywhere on the internet and I took these using my own PSP via homebrew. :swt: As I’ve mentioned already, I accessed the gallery through a 100% save file.

    @Anime Loving Republican

    Lelouch isn’t stupid, he’s just having a severe case of homolust. :mad:


    Hopefully with a different team too, for some reason, spinoffs done by other people(case in point, Stargazer to Gundam SEED Destiny) always tend to up way superior to the canon material. :???:


    DO IT!

  48. Shin: Saw that save file. Does me no good with no CFW-based PSP and no seeds worth speaking of.

  49. @Shin:

    Then who could do it? I was thinking on KyoAni (I’m a KyoAni whore alright) or the same studio that did True Tears, but Sunrise animated CG too well for its own good.

    Sherman, the Ramni’s last blog post..¡Despierta!

  50. @Haesslich

    Ahhh, I guess there’s always the rapidshare option. And about the PSP, I don’t see why you shouldn’t use CFW. :razz: Sorry I can’t be of much help. :swt:


    Oh, what I meant was, go ahead, get Sunrise to do it, but with a different team, you know, without Taniguchi. :razz:

  51. Kallen or Cecile… decisions decisions… :kiss:
    FFVIIKnight’s last blog post..The End of zeNIME

  52. I saw on some website that u can choose between a male or female playable character in the game; is this true??? I must have my Lulu :wink:

  53. Whoa, man! Lulu looks so hot in a wedding dress! I mean, Oh my god! So rape-able! Oh yeah, I’m so making that my PSP background. Anyways, it would be so awesome if you could choose between being a male or female, cause I want all the pictures of Lulu I can get! (I’m a Uke!Lulu fan-girl :twisted: ) I not, I’m pretty bi for half of the character’s anyways! :swt: And, Rolo-chan is in it!? *eyes widen* Yay! My little shouta-sweety is back! =3

  54. Sorry girls, you only have Rai. Then again considering the series, that shouldn’t prevent you from getting to Lulu’s route. :wink:

  55. btw guyz i finished the game and didn’t get any of the chicks T_T

  56. OMG! Rai and Suzaku? Wow! Nice one for the Yaoi-fan girls out there! And Lelouch……..what the hell are you wearing?! :eek:

    *coughs* Damn you must really want to get hooked to a guy huh? :swt: Are those Hair extentions? LOL!

    Nina’s a good girl…….even though she humped (raped) a table, I mean you guys are holding that over her head? Well, Rai doing a good job of making sure that she doesn’t do that again…….. :swt:

    Rivalz, yeah I’m not going to go there…….I have my reasons, I might go for Lelouch or Suzaku. Oh and if I was a boy I would definaly pick Nunnally for her cuteness and Kaguya for her Goddess-like touch. :kiss:

    And for Lloyd, HOLY SHIT! Why the hell did they put him in there instead of C.C?! OMG! No, wait. Did they put him in there? :?:

    Anyways, man Britannian woman are such masochistic!!! Jking, jking. Well…….maybe…… :lol: Hahaha! Suzaku, no offense but, kitties and cheerleading DO NOT GO TOGETHER!!! :oops: Even if you love Arthur, sorry but Arthur might be running when he sees you…….*twitches*

    ROLO!!! NOOO!!!!! You show your true colors! LOL! NOTE: CODE GEASS LOST COLORS…………hahahaha! Well Milly does need some loving but Rivalz is too idiotic too actually do something, or he as HOMO fatasties with Rai…….Whoa… :eek:

    Euphie’s soo cute! OMG! She’s the perfect BF for Rai, if he wants her that is, by the choice of TONS of girl on here, and the choice of boys too! :grin:

    LOL! I’m a happy Code Geass fan right now, and I’m sooo going to get this Game…….soon, if my wallet allow me too…*looks at wallet which has a killer grin like Rolo* HOLY SHIT!!! *Runs for cover*

    I’m watching the certain scenes on Youtube right now lol, such is a life of an anime/manga/gamer otaku……. :sad:

  57. By all that is holy and sacred, is there a guide of any sorts for this game!?

  58. Sadly, there are no guides that I’m aware of, so you’re out of luck, pal. :razz:

  59. Ah I do want to play this. but it’s japanese version. :shock:

    ps. BoxAnimeManga


  60. Code Geass official breasts measurement chart? WHERE!?! Do want!!! :eek:

  61. Ummmmmm…………………………..Yeah……………………………………..
    I still want C.C. above all else. mostly….. :smile: maybe Kallen(I generaly want the game bad enough to kill for it :cool: )
    why are you (no specific name(s) here)so obsessed with lelouch and suzaku :!: :?: :!: :?: and -ahem-



    …BTW, has all of season 1 and 2, and this is not my avitar. some random one assigned by the admin

    that is all

  62. I’m also sad that there seems to be no Shirley path :cry:

  63. To make sure that this blog doesn’t end up with fangirl and fanboy tears all over the place, I will point out the good and bad things of every route I can think of.

    Lelouch: Pros: Smart, powerful
    Cons: Insane

    Kallen: Pros: Strong, intelligent, protective
    Cons: The last thing you see before you die is her panties.

    Suzaku: Pros: Reliable, loyal, friendly
    Cons: Acts like a freakin’ saint all of the time

    Shirley: Pros: Cute, kind
    Cons: Totally oblivious to her surroundings

    Milly: Pros: Leadership skills, considerate
    Cons: Bossy

    Rivalz: Pros: Supportive, easy-going
    Cons: a total idiot at times

    Nina: Pros: Smart, nice
    Cons: Even more insane than Lelouch

    C.C.: Pros: Powerful, can’t die
    Cons: Can you guess how many men she has slept with?

    Nunnally: Pros: Cheerful, kind
    Cons: Can’t see how much a jerk Lelouch really is.

    Euphemia: Pros: High political power, very kind
    Cons: Good luck getting past Cornelia’s ever-so-watchful-eyes

    Cornelia: Pros: high political power, powerful
    Cons: How old is she?

    Villetta: Pros: The only black female slut in Code Geass
    Cons: Again, how old is she?

    Anya: Pros: Adorable, good with a knightmare frame
    Cons: Oblivious to any attempted relationship, and slightly insane

    Rolo: Pros: ???
    Cons: Insane

    Lloyd: Pros: A genius
    Cons: Touched Suzaku while he was passed out

    Cecile: Pros: Kind, motherly, a good cook
    Cons: The purple hair has a mind of its own

    Good luck. Nunnally Rules!

  64. What? No C.C. route? That’s the only reason I’d be willing to immerse myself into the crapsack world of Geass.

    Maybe if there were an Emperor Chuck route, for the LOL of it all…

  65. I agree that there needs to be a CC route, and that she is one of the reasons i would get the game, but Emperor Chuck :?: :!: WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU :?: :!: Who is he, anyway? Do you mean Charles?

  66. Wait…are you serious about being able to rape people in this Game? And Suzaku raping Rai?

    @ Cake-Walk: Though a Chuck route would be funny, it woudl also end up being the ultimate example of Fan (Dis)Service.

  67. I would possibly trade my soul for an english copy of this game. No shit, if the devil just popped up behind me, i would seriously have to consider it. :eek:

    God soo many choices, i have no idea which one to pick, although i’m sure i wont go with the xenophobic, table humper :oops:

  68. Oh man I need this video game… I realy do.I’d buy it even though i don’t understand japanese i would defenatly buy it if they had a C.C. option and wait so ur a guy when ur with other shounen-ai XD yes yes where can I buy this game!

  69. can anyone make instructions to all the routes?!?! indicate the buttons to press because I can’t even read Japanese

    thanks! :thx:

  70. There is a C.C. route guy.

  71. GOD… LELOUCH!! ahahahaha!! lomfaswrofl lol hahahahaha!!!

    hope this gets translated!! and, kina cuuute!! :D

  72. Incase no one has said so, the main character has a similar Geass to Lelouch, as in he can command someone to do anything, but instead of eye contact as the requirement its his voice. His back story is that when giving a speech to the military of a country that was under attack from Brittania, which I was told his mother and sister was there to watch, and he said that it was better to fight to the death than to become slaves to Brittania. At which point his Geass went out of control and made everyone there take up arms and fight Brittania until they died, which include his mom and sis. Deeply saddened(don’t know if I spelled it right) he uses his Geass on himself, which makes me wonder why he didn’t fight to the death, to make him forget everything. He is later captured and sent to the same place C.C. was held until he makes his escape, using his Geass. The game picks up right after that when Millay, and I believe Shirley was there too, finds you and on a whim enrolls you at that school.

    deep breath :twisted: That was a lot. Anyway I hope that helps with something, because I’d really hate to have just wasted all that time typing.

  73. How much would you guys pay for a translated version of this game?

  74. Originally Posted By FangsHow much would you guys pay for a translated version of this game?

    I would pay about $70 for this, but i’d pay $150 for a R2 version of this game.

  75. I hope it will get translated, it looks awesome

  76. :shock: If you like anime alot this is the best anime besides deathnote

  77. omg can u really rape someone that i want to but come on that would be interesting and rai is so fine i cant believe i ever thought lulu was cute or suzku and o man im not les but damn so many hot girls to choose from i know this questions been asked but when will it come to the u.s. anyway im going to learn japanese i cant wait to get this game first i have to buy a ps2 or a psp anyway later o man kallen sexy

  78. aneed a patch for the code geass psp game. there is a lot of reading and i don’t speak Japanese :roll:

  79. This game should be in English on PSP,360, and PS2 &3, I’d love the chance to try the All Hail Britannia Route just to prevent the Euphemia from getting killed ……why are all the good video games still in Japan!:cry:

  80. I couldn’t help but feel my face being a little green when I saw what I could consider as ‘ONE OF THE MOST UNIMAGINABLE HORRIFYING NIGHTMARES THAT I WOULD NEVER EVEN THINK OF HAVING IN MY ENTIRE LIFE’, Suzaku in a cheerleader outfit? Complete with little Neko figures and an Ultra Girl Pink Glittering Background?

    But everything turned a whole 360 degrees when I saw Lulu, he was so adorable! And yet it was a bit awkward I couldn’t even look at it for a very long time.

    And one last thought, it’s a REALLY BIG DAMN shame they didn’t include C.C. in the whole mess.
    It would’ve been a lot better, everything would’ve! So yeah.

    Seriously, it’s too bad she wasn’t included. But, oh well, you can’t have everything you want in life. -_-

  81. Somebody needs to frickin translate this stuff and get it put in english so that the rest of us can enjoy it!!!!!!

  82. WHAT!!! C.C’s not included!? She’s the only reason i’d like to buy the game but atleast i think they did not include her because they want her to remain lelouch’s partner….. but still she’s my best heroine in this anime…

  83. Nice game, I’m really enjoying playing it.

    From what i can understand, Rai is much older than what he seems to be (kind of like C.C. but without the immortal part), he also is a “Half” (Half Britannian, Half Japanese) with his father related by blood if not part of the Britannian Imperial Family (CF: Britannia Military Route) and his mother part of the Japanese Imperial Family (CF: Order of the Black Knights Route).

    It seems that the Geass Route default ending is kind of the C.C. Ending except that there is no CG in it.
    Seems like there is a Jeremiah Ending and a Diethart Ending.
    If you have the PSP version, you get the exclusive Japan Liberation Front Route.
    If you have the PS2 version, you get the exclusive Blue Moon Route.

  84. wow….. umm….. that is the biggest hole in my attempt to try and stop people from making more porn pics of code geass. wow………. I’m amazed.

  85. Like someone else said,I would sell my soul for an english copy,Satan can you hear me?

  86. Ha, many epic thanks for the screencaps.

    Someone awesome on AarinFantasy once made a good point: “What the hell is the connection between Suzaku in a cheerleading outfit and FLYING TEETH?” (I love Cheerzaku, though. :o)

    Well, now I know enough about Lost Colors. I still get somewhat moe when I remember I’ll never be able to get it. T_T But this makes me feel a bit better. Now please excuse me while I go lose my colors…

  87. Suzaku…. cheerleader… can’t unsee…burned into eye’s forever omg i’m gonna hurl…. i agree this game needs to be translated into english.

  88. kallen is super cute! and sexy!!! :?: :?:
    why dont you love her lelouch

  89. Hey everbody join me to get this game to america.

  90. Even if they translate it into english they would just rate it m for mature like they do all the good stuff. But were americans and we will get this FREAKING game in english

  91. Is there a possibility that it would be done in english?

  92. 1: :cry: they really need to make this into a hentia
    3: thay should make more code geass episodes and no it would not ruin the story cause from what cc said that if u kill a immortal and have strong geass u live basicaly untill some one kills u that has strong geass so lulu killed the king which was immortal and should have gained immortality so when he died he should revive

  93. each game no matter what it is has a option in ever game go there and find the engish and set it there and it will play in the english verson so u did not have to do all of that just go there and set the languge to english

  94. You guys can join me to get this game into english.Just go to Code geass lost colors translation project and click on the first link. If we work to gether we can do the way I love you C.C.

  95. Damn shame this wasn’t Translasted

  96. Can somone tell me where I can get this game if it was released here please?

  97. i laughed my ass to HELL when i saw rivals in a cheerleader out fit. he is FRIKIN skinny tho!!!! and i laughed my ass harder when i saw lelouch in a dress XD XD XD XD XD XD

  98. I what that Code Geass Lost Colors!! :lol:

  99. Kallen i SAY KALLEN I SAY KALLEN … can i do 2 save files?? i wanna to join the britanian 2 (hes costume rocks :D)
    and if hes name was Ray (not rai) i wouldnt leave the game :O :roll: :roll: :roll:

    P.S but im Asian. Taiwanese to be sure.

  101. how do you date

  102. They need… NEED… to get someone to translate this game. I DONT CARE WHO I HAVE TO BEAT UP! :cool: I mean its been what 2 years already, and they translated P3P (Persona 3 Portable for those who don’t know) within months of it coming out in Japan. WTF! :evil:

    – All hail Lelouch vi Britannia

  103. I don’t see why visual novels don’t get translated, it’s like you’re in the anime with the freedom to play it out how you want, it’s evrything a fan could ask for

  104. Someone contact me when the game is translated… I don’t care if it even take 50 years! ughh

  105. I get the game I pass it 50 times

  106. wow i havent played but watched the anime sounds interesting. I’d go the black knights route just becuse im a huge kallen fan aswell as haveing a fanacy of leading the black knights :cool: I kouri command you all OBEY!!!
    (all haill me)

  107. i rly dont care if somebody transelates it or not but van someone put up an ENGLISH video walkthrough of this it would help alot. I myself am a huge code geass fan but sadly i can’t read japanese :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: so if somebody can upload or write a walkthrough for this (s)he will be my god

  108. Damn we sure need this…I’d tap Kallen, C.C., Shirley and especially Euphie. They’re my faves (my best friend called Milly and Cecile; somehow he stomachs her cooking)

    Nina is a mixed bag for me. While I respect her for her genius (I mean come on, HER LAST NAME IS EINSTEIN! FRICKIN’ EINSTEIN! She should get a Nobel Prize for Physics like her namesake), her temporary insanity is a bit of a yandere twist for me.

    Personally I respect Connie (I call Cornelia that for short) cuz she’s a great fighter, I’d love to go one-on-one with her in fencing. Nonette, though, is a bit warped for my taste.

    And as for Lelouch, yeah dude you’re just askin to get assraped. X3 Good luck running from the yaoi fangirls!

  109. good review :mrgreen: will you be posting a review based on Shirley, CC and Anya’s routes? since i found a vid on youtube showing their individual endings (not that I understand a word of it mind you)

  110. -sigh- i feel sorry for Lelouch, he only wanted to keep his promise to his little sister and best friend and avenge his mother’s death and he even let the very person who betrayed him and sold him to his own father just to get his memories erased Suzaku is such a f***ing bastard like wtf!! :shock: :eek: :evil: :cool:

    but honestly..where can i buy this anyway?? is there an english version of this already??

    i’m so gonna get this game!!!! :wink: :neutral:
    :thx: i’m kinda addicted to lelouch so for those who disagree with me, its fine :swt:


  112. I want C.C. and if you really want this game translated everyone write to bandai games and tell them!!!

  113. Where is my Shirley?!
    DIE NINA DIE! (But Rolo must die first)

  114. Lelouch live at the end YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :roll:

  115. where can I download this game?

  116. There’s a website where they do translate this…. But he only has finished 1 route (Geass Route) and he’s almost finished with BK route. :roll: And he needs help too so he can finish to the website: where to help him:

  117. i like code geass r2 very much and also my best friend….. :lol: :!: :!: hi to all code geass fans………

  118. How come they have only the crappy games based on anime in english THAT IS B.S. :cry: Come on gaming industry make a good game from Japan FOR ONCE

  119. Looking for a English patch/English version of this game. Can someone reply me with this? I don’t care even if I have to pay for it..

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