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Yamete, Oniichan! You know the worst aspect being infatuated with 2D characters?  Wanting to spend a chunk of dough in order to possess psuedo-physical renditions of them.

I don't get it. I'm not what you call a To Heart fan, but there's something about Nanako that triggered all my fanboy buttons. For the time being, I'm still able to withstand the temptation of hitting that Pre-Order button, due to a few factors. Kotobukiya's Nanako Nekomimi School Swimsuit Version comes with a whooping price tag of ¥9800, which is of coure understandable, since she's at a 1/5 scale, or approximately 29cm in length.


Nanako epitomizes the immortal SO MOE! I'M GONNA DIE phrase, as the allure of that defenseless, Please Be Gentle pose is simply irresitable to lolicons like myself. Encompassing other key fetishes like the much sought after Delicious Flat Chests, nekomimi and thigh high socks, Nanako is sure to render many otaku nutbladders dysfunctional.


Bearing her overall size in mind, there are the logistical issues that needs to be taken into consideration; I simply have no room to place her, since I would like to have her close to me at all times, which is near the PC. Unfortunately, the machine's placed outside my room, so it's stationed on computer table which, as you can imagine, is lacking in space. There's also the dirty looks(in more ways that one!) that one would garner having something like Nanako adorned in their living quarters, though personally that's not much of an issue to me.


Then there's my next best option, which is also preventing me from going ahead with my first choice; GSC's Shiki Ryougi Garannodou does not only looks incredible in her own right, thus a great addition to any collection, but is also a lot easier on the wallet.



Few can pull off the sword and kimono combination this well, and Shiki executes it with aplomb. If looks alone could kill, then Shiki has already erased my point of origin with her elegance and beauty. The drawback? There is none, since if it wasn't for Nanako, I would have snapped Shiki-chan(doubt anyone who said this got to see the light of day) in an instant. Having a similiar Japanese doll at home, she is bound to obtain parental approval.

So there you have it, two figurines on my Get-Or-Die-Trying list, each with their own distinct set of appeal. Having a very limited budget, I can only afford either one and I've around 2 weeks to decide before the pre-order deadline. Hopefully, I'd be able to reach a final decision by then lest I bear eternal regret over passing up both due to indeciveness and procrastination.

In before get a real girlfriend.

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  • Kasugano Sora (24%, 51 Votes)

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Posted by Shin

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  1. why is there no "but them both" option?

    Cokematic’s last blog post..Macross Frontier flood? (Ranka > Sheryl)

  2. Because I can’t afford both. :cry:

  3. I’d get Shiki, but that’s because I’m not a lolicon.

    double’s last blog post..JLPT 4 Mock Test

  4. Best course of action: Shiki. Cause I’ve watched Kara no Kyoukai and she’s pretttyyyyy. For some reason though, I keep imagining her coming to life… Bewares of the newest Chucky :eek:
    Hoshi’s last blog post..Remember11 day 3

  5. I suggest that you just save your money and just keep the pictures; they’re a lot easier to hide when (if?) you get a real girlfriend. That said, I would go for Shiki if I had to choose one, both for wallet value and at least a chance at not looking like a perv. :wink:

  6. Kara no Kyoukai is so badass you want to cry, but Nanako is so moe you do cry, tears of blood in fact.

    That being said, get Shiki.

    C.I.’s last blog post..Comiket 74’s just a day away! – A Wishlist that begs fulfilment.

  7. I’d buy Shiki  it’s less money, then maby you may have some money left over to buy some other inexpensive stuff. :wink: Nanako is quite cute though :oops:

    @Hoshi:me to! :grin:

    Mini’s last blog post..hehe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Shiki is much more awesome, much more assertive and much more clothed.

    If you were going to buy one, buy Shiki! :grin:
    TheBigN’s last blog post..Thoughts on Otakon 2008 Day 2 Part 2: Games! Panels! Karaoke! EPIC!

  9. Shiki!  Tis a very pretty figure, less money but with more clothes!  Bargain! :wink:

  10. Either Shiki or just save it for a rainy day. :kiss:

  11. Get Shiki! I already Preordered her xD

    As for saving for a rainy day, PERISH THE THOUGHT!!!! :grin:
    Pure Trance (Figured)’s last blog post..Can’t Get Enough Moe!

  12. Shiki is looking great in Kimono and the sword (is that a Katana?) is another plus point. The other figure is just sitting around posing, which I don’t find worth the money though her skirt is removable. :grin:

    Hynavian’s last blog post..Tetragrammaton Labyrinth – Demon Slaying Yuri Action

  13. shit, I want that shiki!! is there an english site where you can order it that will deliver to the usa?

  14. Nanako, Nanako, Nanako, no question about it. She is “SO MOE, I’M GONNA DIE” XD

    Kairu’s last blog post..Just Manga You Rock

  15. I’m gunning for Shiki because i love Kara no Kyoukai. :twisted: However, you should buy both. In the immortal words of local figure collectors. BELI, JANGAN TAK BELI. :cool:
    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS. v.3.0 : CRISIS MODE

  16. dont buy it, soon the government is going to launch a ‘anti-figurine’ campaign which will seize and confiscate all figures. just wait until the otaku uprising…

  17. Psssh :evil: ! Go with the Hayate route like me! "Sorry, I’m only interested in 2D girls" :grin:

    MUST HAVE MOAR SHIKI :shock: !!! How could you EVEN compare against the greatness of a girl who would kill you with a sadistic smile on her face? :wink:
    FFVIIKnight’s last blog post..Bitter Virgin – Chapter 25

  18. ahh wont someone please tell me where i can preorder shiki from an english site?

  19. I voted for save your money!

    That being said, now that I keep hearing how good Shiki seems, despite me not watching Kara no Kyoukai I might get her. But meh. Money flies.


  20. Ma~ I kinda get the ‘so moe I could die’ sentiment, but if your picture is accurate, that is simply the most awesome kimonoxkatana kombineshiyon I have ever seen :eek:

    Then again, I’m a martial-artsy kinda person so..

  21. i’d go for the shiki – that’s gorgeous!

    but go for the loli since you’ll never see the likes of her again if the malaysian government gets their way XD

    biankita’s last blog post..Natsume Yuujin-chou 06 ~The Swallow Under The Water~

  22. Get a rich girlfriend, then ask her to buy both of them.

    Correction: That’ll have to be a rich vapid girlfriend with no lethal bodyguards… In which case you’re probably better off looking for a rap-loving rich boyfriend -_-”

    issa-sa’s last blog post..More Weeaboo Places to Visit in Osaka

  23. @issa-sa
    we are talking about shin… he could get a rich loli-trap with the same weird hobbies!!

  24. go with the neko swimsuit .. never phails! V <

  25. I say wait and save for the upcomiong Fate sonic mode. You know you want that. ;) :wink:

  26. So moe, I’m gonna die! I would get both, but if I have to choose, my inner Type-Moon fanboy tells me to buy Shiki.

  27. Buy Shiki,she is more detailed and has a samurai saber :kiss:
    The other one is too pedo  loli :!:

  28. So apparently, less than 24 hours after I made this post, pre-orders for Shiki have been closed, and my other option is still not bringing in stock for the time being. As for Nanako, it had always been my testosterone doing all the talking, so she’ll remain but an object of my wet dreams for the time being. :razz: Thanks guys, I think I’ll go for Shiki after all, once the opportunity arises.


    You could try Kid Nemo which Pure Trance swears by.


    She doesn’t seem like she’s going to get released anytime soon, but yeah, I have my sights set on her already. :mad:


    It’s randomly assigned yo. :razz:

  29. Buy Shiki NOW! This way the police won’t confiscate it since it isn’t an "erotic figurine". :grin:

  30. Go for Nanako. You put her up before Shiki. $$$ is not an excuse for an otaku.

  31. Save the money, use it to maintain a 1/1 Real Life Girlfriend. I will take the Shiki.

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..Macross Frontier: ‘Aimo’ Tab

  32. OK, I voted for Shiki. Can’t have you arrested for being a suspected pedo :P and where would I go for my anime reviews, my weekly dosage of anime random~ness and anime recommendations if you get arrested?!

  33. Moe Nanako is just so moe!!!!

  34. So I heard they banned figs too? That’s too bad. In Australia my local Anime shop has all the sexy figures high up where the little kids who come there to buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards can’t see them, and their parents notice them but don’t point them out. Granted, the only figs available there are not lolis, as big bountiful busts are the Australian way, I blame Mad Max for that. Still I think it’s hilarious that parents let their kids shop there even though there are sexy time figures out of reach of their little darlings.

    Asperger’s Anime Blogger’s last blog post..The Trouble with Figure Pictures

  35. Shiki mo nice shi, Nanako mo nice shi… :neutral: how.. :shock:

  36.  Buy Nanako or you won’t be the lolicon i once knew :cry:
     lol :grin:  :smile:
    James’s last blog post..Mai Asagiri 1/7 (Wave) review

  37. save your money and buy me a dinner i’d say :) :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :razz:

    Nuff said, Shin.

  39. DFC vs DFC?
    Who looks better when holding the sword?
    Buy her


    I love Kara no Kyoukai, but I would that the loli any day. Don’t listen to those idiots.

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