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Evangelion Live Action Remake


Fan rejoice! A live action remake of of the popular series is currently in the works and will be released as early as end September.

Produced by Total Media Agency, the movie will a re-telling of the story which focuses on the events after the Third Impact, where Shinji inexplicably finds himself back in the past before all things went awry. Shinji is bestowed with the opportunity of a lifetime where he is able to rewrite history, possibly leading the world to a better future, or to its inevitable doom. Starring acclaimed Japanese actor Narusawa Kenichi who takes on the role of Shinji Ikari, Ever RE-TAKE will hit the box offices come September 26.








Full trailer at the studio's website. Source via Canned Dogs. YHBT.

Posted by Shin

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  1. i am not clicking that link
    i am not clicking that link
    i am not clicking that link
    i am not clicking that link
    i am not clicking that link

  2. i cant wait for this yeah…
    asuka looks good there

  3. There are some things people should never do….This is one of them…”Oh, the humanity!”…… :!:
    The only thing that looks good here is Asuka.

    Toonleap’s last blog post..Preview: Lineage II Human Mage Figure

  4. I knew nothing good would come out of Atalude. It is from the creators of Hahiru right? lol

  5. EVA Re-Take was NSFW. Hence, this fails.

    C.I.’s last blog post..The Anime Saimoe tournament β€˜08. Results of Group 8!

  6. I hate you shin for making this post. :evil:

  7. Yessiree Bob, can’t wait for this awesome movie to be released. Jajajaja.


    Yes, and a lot more, including Fate Stay Night and Higurashi, at that.

  8. Eh wtf. Rei without blue hair.

    double’s last blog post..Bakuman : No Death Notes In This One

  9. I wish Re-take was animated! :sad:

    Shinji Asuka 4ever

  10. The actor just doesn’t fit Shinji…. he just looks so un-Shinji like o_O”
    but everyone else looks good! ^_^

  11. Ah Live Action of Evangelion! Hopefully it’ll meet up to expectations. Where’s Rei? I don’t see any blue haired babe around.

    PS: Shin, I’m checking with the creator regarding the CommentLuv error that’s on the site. Hopefully it’ll be resolved. :sad:
    Hynavian’s last blog post..Dance in the Vampire Bund – Rich Loli Vampiress As Ruler

  12. If my luck holds, this will be the AV version of the real thing, like what they did for Aya Hirano. :)

    bakaneko’s last blog post..Strike Witches 5: Yoshika the predator

  13. :cry: why would god ever allow something like this to happen

  14. I wonder how many people who read this entry actually realized that this is going to be an AV (=PR0N)…

  15. Maybe its because I’m not that much of an Eva fan, but this looks STOOPID. :roll:
    Omisyth’s last blog post..Don’t Piss Off The Crazy Loli

  16. shinji looks kinda stupid in the 5th pic :sad: (-_-,) *noooooooo*

    Mini’s last blog post..*baka* is me

  17. Shinji buzu mitai…
    Mou mitakunai yoooooo…. :shock:

  18. I bet Asuka’s eye injury involved having a few too many wangs near her face.

    Yamcha’s last blog post..Tales of the Lurker

  19. OVER 9000 levels of RAGE to you good sir.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Figma Fate T. Harlaown

  20. So I guess sometime in September, I’ll lose my guy friends for a few days while they obsess over this newest Evangelion fanboy outlet? :???:
    Caitlin’s last blog post..Never Say Kekko Until You See Nikko

  21. Ahh. . . I may be an Evangelion fan to the max but them doing a live action of that is sorta pushing it for me. </3 :cry: Also Lol Eva Re take live action :3 that means there’ll be some sex. :lol:

  22. Excuse my bad manners, but they’ve got to be f*cking kidding me!!! I hope this is just a parody of sorts, because I can’t imagine Gainax approving this travesty. I like Shinji, but this real live action Shinji will give me NIGHTMARES.

    Now I need to fall off a building to erase this from my mind, thank you.

  23. I hate you for raising my hopes for 2 seconds. Even though I really should have known better =_=

  24. huh? how come it says my comment was eaten as spam? :shock:

  25. bet u have lots of hits with this misleading title.

    gordon’s last blog post..More Rear Pics

  26. I sense much rage and facepalms from the comments. :lol:


    Sorry, spam plugin being lame.


    Not really. Any fans worth their salt could probably tell right away; I just wanted to know their reactions towards a live pr0n version of it. :kiss:

  27. I honestly thought this was a joke but I think this was real but I thought this was a joke again and then I honestly thought this wasn’t a joke but I think this can be a joke but I thought this was real but I thought this was a joke again but I thought maybe this is real but oh well…

    kanzeon’s last blog post..Give Rabu to Ravi!!!

  28. HAR???? YOU SERIOUS KA???

  29. I’m looking forward to it since Asuka is looking hot. ;)

  30. Uhhh.. I know shinji is a whiny good for nothing but whine asshole. But the actor in this "movie" doesnt do justice… :shock:

  31. eh, I hope this ends up as crap as the death-note movies ^_^

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