Atarashii Prelude


Code Geass R2 Turn 17: I Want To Believe




With crayons and color pencils? Geopolitics, as explained by Kaguya-sama. In a high stakes game of real time strategy with Area 11 as the grand prize, only one thing is certain "He who controls the skies, commands Area 11, He who commands Area 11, conquers the World."


MarisaLuciano stole the precious thing.


Good old Idiot Crow; taunting the ineptness of  Suzaku, who only finds out about the true identity of his former best friend despite all the hints that were thrown at his face and Lelouch's stupidity for actually showing up alone. Aho aho!


Despite having to bear the brunt of racism, it's nice to see some of them have yet to shed their xenophobic tendencies.


Maybe I'm just paying a bit too much attention, but the first thing that came into mind when I saw that object on the table was a box of Kleenex. Hehe.


For no particular reason, we are treated to a quick glimpse of C.C with her wedding bandaid. Awwww. More significant however, is the fact her old theme was playing in the background. Are they implying something? Has her memory recovered? Maybe she was FAKING IT THE WHOLE TIME.


There just aren't enough lifelines in this world that Lelouch could use to answer this question. What is he going to say? That he DID IT FOR THE LULZ?

Did you Geass Euphie?

I did the job I was sent to do--




Now that's how real men interrogate. You were expecting homosexually infused jokes didn't you?

I also find it interesting that Kallen's boobies have exponentially increased in size in the past 4 episodes.







Missing photos you say? Whoever this photographer was, he or she sure had a knack for snapping these compromising shots. Now, before you go mocking poor Lelouch, consider this piece of photographic evidence which proves that he was forced into that precarious position by a foreign entity:


Spinzaku strikes again!

Still doubting Lelouch's athletism? More where that came from!


Lelouch's promising career as a cornerback.


Lelouch as Ashford's power forward.

Then there are the awkward ones which were removed from the album for good reason.


Don't mind me! Just passing through.


Lelouch caught browsing 4chan.


Suzaku being a dickwad as usual.


Housewife Kallen? Not sure if want.


Forget Aizen's couch, Rakshata's Scandinavian leather six seater is the best piece of furniture in anime existence! It's so comfortable that despite being overwhelmed by the Britannian forces, Rakshata remains so calm and relaxed, though I reckon smoking that opium pipe had something to do with it.


That was an awfully big gamble Lelouch took there. What if Guilford had failed to notice? I prefer Kabitzin's suggestion on how it should have been done. I would also have loved it if he had forced himself on to Lelouch thinking he was his beloved princess.


Now that yet another high ranking Britannian officer has committed treason in full view of everyone, I wonder which  fruit in the citrus family they're going to name him after?


Just wow. Rakshata thought of everything when she designed the Shinkirou. Not only is there enough room for a wardrobe change and a nifty clothes storage compartment, there's even a mirror for Lelouch to groom and primp himself. SO. FUCKING. FABULOUS!

Subliminal messages in my Code Geass?


We apologize for the lackluster writing that has been plaguing this series of late.


We have lost total control over our creative decisions and have resorted to ripping off fan speculations and using them as key story elements.


Yeah, go ahead. After all, she wouldn't even see it coming.


Well so much for making the world peaceful using a method that makes everyone happy. I'm so going to laugh once Suzaku drops a nuke over Tokyo in a bid to capture Lelouch.

And the real extended preview of next week's episode found only in gg's release. I kid you not.


The debut of the Knight of Two. Zero wa dokoda?!


The Black Knights unveil their Black Wing Interceptors. Pew! Pew!


Suzaku fully rendered in CGI. Nice chin.


Rakshata's droid army.


Suzaku and Lelouch settle it once and for all. Can't wait? Neither can I!

Imouto of the season?

  • Tachibana Miya (44%, 90 Votes)
  • Kousaka Kirino (32%, 65 Votes)
  • Kasugano Sora (24%, 51 Votes)

Total Voters: 206

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Posted by Shin

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  1. Shin! Your photoshop skills have improved by leap and bounds. :eek: Is that good or bad news? :grin:
    Hynavian’s last blog post..Hynavian || I Love Maker

  2. HaHa brilliant as always! I’m pulling for Grapefruit-kun to lay waste to all their base! :wink: If Suzaku wasn’t such an asshat he might have known Lulu was in league with pedobear!

  3. Oh damn, you had me laughing throughout entire post. :lol:

    Best Geass R2 17 post I’ve read :)

    Great Photoshop work too :D

    IcyStorm’s last blog post..Kawai Eri Passes Away

  4. jesus, shin… how can you NOT notice kallen’s breasts??? not only are they growing, they’re starting to be gravity defying.

    photshopped lelouch ROFL!!!

    biankita’s last blog post..Someday’s Dreamers 04 ~Gouta~

  5. The guy in the #5 looks like he could’ve thrown the ball at Lelouch’s head, can we say “BOOM!! HEADSHOT!!” :?:

    Cornerback? Right… (Watches Super Bowl XLII epic play once again) :???:

    Epic boobs becoming more epic, but nothing can beat Cornelia’s tho… :razz:

    Yea, I actually saw gg’s version for this ep. and they purposely left the commercials at the halfway point on too… Must be telling us that the final eps. will have unlimited Pew! Pew! works… :lol:

    Grapefruit, just because it tastes better…

  6. Obviously Kallen has nothing else to do with her time but adjust her corset =D. Is she feeding herself with her fat reserves?

    Kabitzin’s last blog post..9rules Round 7

  7. Your Geass posts fill me with much joy. Not yaoi ones either.

    Lelouch a power forward in my court? NO WAI!

  8. No, not madness. THIS IS JAPANNNN!

    Why are Ougi and Diethard watching bondage porn together? :shock:

    Lelouch: You want answers?
    Sazaku: I want the truth!
    Lelouch: You can’t handle the truth!
    and yes, homosexuality was expected, though not desired

    MORE BOOBAGE, yay! After all, someone needs to make up for the loss of Shirley.

    :lol: at photoshop Lelouch.

    And I vote lemon because he’s such a sour puss, and I like lemonade .

    Can I change my name? I’d like to make it westrim.

  9. Oh yes Spinzaku is in your series round housing your hero! :lol:

    In Britannian jail we feed you good! Many bust enhancing ingredients used. Kallen likes, Lulu won’t come to rescue her until they get even bigger, now it make sense. To make up for loss of Shirley melonpan Lulu keeping Kallen on a strict diet to make up for shortfall. Because in Soviet Britannia people break into jail.

    Crusader’s last blog post..To Love-Ru Episode 18 – Bring in the Furries

  10. :lol: Lelouch photoshoppe :cool:

    :!: 『KURAE! SPINZAKU KICKゥゥゥっ!』
    :shock: 『KYAAAァァっ-』

    (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆ wwwww

  11. I demand Yuzu be in the poll! And we can start calling Kallen Pomelo since they’re supposedly the largest citrus fruits there are.

    issa-sa’s last blog post..RenAi Blogger – Yet another filler post?

  12. They have so little time to conclude the story. I wonder how it is gonna be done since the script is done.

  13. Hail Leonaides for kicking Lulu to the pit!!!! SPARTANS!!!! Kick his ASS!!!!!!!!

  14. The Brits have been feeding Kallen some experimental growth hormones to create the one boob to rule them all.

    I’m waiting patiently for the impending train wreck.

    now imagine what happens when Guilford sees the real Cornelia and Lelouch together. That would be awesome.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS. v2.0

  15. Forget Kallen, Chiba’s boobs get GIGANTIC when she’s in her mecha.

    jpmeyer’s last blog destruction 5 is a words worth crossover

  16. @jpmeyer: That’s because the Black Knights’ flightsuits have inflatable chests.

  17. LOL That had me laughing throughout the whole thing. Cameo by pedobear!

  18. I was SO waiting for this post ^^

    After each Geass episode , i’m always sure to have a good laugh here , you’re awesome ^^

    James’s last blog post..Konata Izumi Winter School Uniform (Max Factory)

  19. haha!! It IS madness~ perfect post! :cool:

    Definitely Lemon-kun. :] When life gives you lemons, name them Gilbert G.P. Guilford.

    Hoshi’s last blog post..Tetsuwan Birdy: 3, 4 & 5

  20. So much BDSM in this episode.

    C.I.’s last blog post..The Anime Saimoe Tournament, Group 06’s results!


    Actually I propose Gilford be named ‘TOMATO’.

  22. “I also find it interesting that Kallen’s boobies have exponentially increased in size in the past 4 episodes.”
    what the hell are they feeding her?

    “The Brits have been feeding Kallen some experimental growth hormones to create the one boob to rule them all”
    they have the secret to make large boobs!!!
    all hail britannia!!!

  23. Britannia has corsettes. ;)

  24. I love you Shin. This just made my day. XD

  25. I siad it once I’ll say it again, Lulu must always be at his most pimpiness at all times

  26. The photoshop pics were great! That made me laugh hard! :lol:
    …And I see the pedobear on the girl’s bath XD

    kanzeon’s last blog post..“I LOVE…” Maker

  27. @Hynavian

    All that needed done was to crop Lelouch out of that screen, and voila!


    Thanks! Well Pedobear was blackmailing Lelouch, hence that awkward situation. :lol:


    Always a pleasure. :razz: Actually, I only did the first image, I was given the rest by a friend. :lol:


    I wouldn’t have noticed until my friend told me either. :???:


    There are tonnes of those Failouch images and not all of them are sports related, perhaps I should post them?


    The only source of fat I can think of are from her chest, but then it wouldn’t explain the increase in size. :lol:


    Careful, not asking for yaoi might only encourage me to post it. :twisted:


    There you go. Remember, if you want your Cecille-nee avvie, you’re going to have to use the same email at least.


    Indeed. When is he not hot? :lol:


    Too bad huge boobs are a turn off for me. :razz:


    And you’re not watching this why?


    I ain’t evil enough to give Guilford a Japanese name… :mad:


    There is no script, they’re making it up as they go along.

    @Anime Loving Republican

    Lelouch will simply switch into his Lulucopter mode and escape. :lol:


    Now that’s an idea. Cornelia walking in Guilford raping Lelouch. :cool:


    Cat Megex got it right.

    @Cat Megex

    Can’t wait for Nagisa’s to go off!


    Product placement. :lol:


    Thanks! I’m always aiming to please.


    It’s the same reason people why people can hate or love this. It doesn’t make sense. :lol:


    Not nearly enough though.

    @ID Sojourner

    But Tomato isn’t an elegant name.


    wolf’x video is my answer to your comment. :lol:


    Think of the DFC


    And I love you for dropping by. :oops:


    Too bad for a pimp he doesn’t know how to appreciate his hoes. :sad:


    The wonders of just having that one image of Lulu to work with. :lol:

  28. REMON-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cornelia doesn’t want your citric acid in her face…

    Haha, beautiful work with the shops, Shin. XD

  29. @Shin: speaking of Nagisa, here’s something interesting I discovered: her voice actress also has the name “Chiba”.

    Also, it’s the same person that voices Nina. o_O

    *relooks at the cast list for some unknown reason*…Wait a minute. Jouji Nakata voices Diethard?! O_O

  30. @ Shin: Thanks. I use Bob for cases where I want to remain anonymous, but after using it I realized I was as nuts as the rest of you- and besides, you had my normal e-mail, so anonymity was already out the window. At least I got the second best icon (after Ex-Keine’s) for my tastes.

    Yes, you should post the rest of the faillouches, PLEASE.

  31. @Kaito

    Thanks, but they’re not all mine. :razz:

    @Cat Megex

    A person with two roles probably means one character is going to kick the bucket real soon. Let’s pray it be Nina, though chances are Nagisa will follow suit as well ): Call me newfag, but Jouji Nakata doesn’t ring a bell. :razz:


    For your sake, I’ll see if I can find more avatars of healthy women. I’m not at my home PC right now so I can’t post them Failouches yet. When I’m able to, I’ll post up the rar or something. :wink:

  32. @Shin: here’s just some of Nakata’s roles.

    Alucard (Hellsing)
    Folken (Escaflowne)
    Kirei Kotomine (Fate/stay night)
    Gaav (Slayers Next)
    Leonidas (Japanese dub of 300)
    The Count of Monte Cristo (Gankutsuou)

    The following link has a (fairly complete, I think) list of his roles. Jouji Nakata @ Anime News Network

  33. Lemon-kun!!!

    Rakuen’s last blog post..Ryoko’s Case File 4

  34. Jouiji Nakata also goes by George, so that may be the confusion. But more importantly, the poll just got rendered moot. I won’t spoil, but it was great.

  35. @Cat Megex

    Thanks, but that’ll be the last we’ll hear from him. :sad:

    @Rakuen, westrim

    I know…. :cry:


    In looking through that list of Jouji Nakata’s roles, I discovered an OVA which stars both him and Norio Wakamoto. Wakamoto’s character is a three-inch-tall talking bear plushie. The show is called Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan, and for better or for worse, is packed to the brim with loliness.

    EDIT: It also has Tsuruya’s VA voicing the main character.

  37. Haha! As if that jerk Suzaku didn’t have enough on his chest already, now he’s committed a little mass slaughter- but no biggie, I’m sure the Euphienator would approve.

    Every time I see someone note his ‘live’ geass, I think its along the lines of “Live from New York, it’s…”. Which would be pretty damn funny, if he broke out into comedy skits every time it activated.

    No more lemonade…

    Sorry, but I couldn’t hold in the spoilers any longer.

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