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I'm probably the last person on the internet to feature this, but I finally got around completing Hinano's eroge visual novel after a thirty minute run, which had me craving for more. If you're wondering about the odd title, that's because I named it after this. But that's another story best kept for some other time. Also, I'm now a Natsuko fanboy.


Not having anyone in mind to go after during the first run, I went ahead with CJ since it was quite clear to me she was the main heroine of the entire game due to the fact she was the first girl you met and how her route branched out differently from the others. Near side of the moon anyone? Oh, and I can so totally relate to CJ; I just like that one series Junjou Romantica too ( ´∀`)


If this was a real eroge, Chase's face would have landed on the opposite side.


Bloomers would be nice.


キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━???? Hinano sure knows how to pander to her fanbase as all her heroines, save for one, are decked out in cosplay outfits of anime characters as pictured above. Note that all the meganekkos have their glasses on the whole time. Having played many an eroge in my time, there should be at least a moment where the heroine would take it off, especially during romantic moments.


I knew Hinano's arc would be biased stand out among the rest, and sure enough we are treated to the game's only tsundere who turns out to be quite a potty mouthed one to boot. :lol: Still, having a weakspot for such archetypes, I knew I was going to really savor this route to its fullest.


Saikyou×Keikaku>>>>>>>>> God Knows.


Dojikko moe! Or bumbling tsundere. Your call.


After putting up with all that tsun tsun attidude, there is nothing more rewarding than that one sweet smile which had me grinning like the Cheshire Cat.


FUCK YEAH YOU ARE THE BEST ROUTE EVER! Thank you Hinano for the inclusion of the token loli route, I knew you wouldn't forget people like me who has an acquired taste for little anime girls.


Even a professional visual novel navigator like myself could not have anticipated this 「BAD END」, since up to this point, the game has been almost too predictable. It was the first time I had to start a route all over, but it was well worth it just to see this outcome. Heck if this was hentai, I would have made Natsuko and her mom submit to my will.


I didn't think it was possible but damn, I actually got a hard on reading that line. The fact that we were both alone(?) on train had me thinking of all the nasty things I was going to do to her.


Did I forget someone? Oh yeah, Jen. No offense to Hinano or the character in question, but I found this route to be the most banal and lacklustre of the lot, especially taking into account how good the ones preceeding it were. There was nothing really memorable about Jen's arc which was quite disappointing to say the least, since I thought I was saving the best(though I can't imagine it topping Natsuko-chan's) for last. Kinda like Kohaku's.


No one loves traps more than I do, and the designer made sure to include shim as part of the cast. I knew I must bed this person at any cost, considering the resemblance to my all time favorite greenhaired goddess, Ranka. Maybe it's just me.

Ranka = Win

Ranka With Penis = YAKK DECULTURE!!!!!


This post took much longer than it should have because I was desperately trying to circumvent the gameplay mechanics in hopes of unlocking that elusive trap route which I was oh so yearning for. What I would give to stick it in Impz's pooper. Alas, my journey into the forbidden world of transgender carnal desires ended abruptly with the following revelation:


I honestly do not have any idea what you're trying to get at nor see the problem.

Could have been longer, too linear, blah blah, you already know what thel detractions are, so let's just overlook that, since the rest of it is spectacular. I've not actually gotten all the CGs yet, but I do know it involves death by yaoi paddles, so there's no real hurry to die so miserably. Also, with the lack of Imp'z route, I am confident that those who enjoyed this would want his story being fleshed out in an omake disc, or better yet, a full fledged sequel. I personally would settle for just a Natsuko After though.

I notice Hinano's selling some goods based on the game. I don't know.... T shirts? Mugs? Have my Natsuko-chan printed on one of these babies and then maybe we can talk business:



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  1. This post took much longer than it should have because I was desperately trying to circumvent the gameplay mechanics in hopes of unlocking that elusive trap route which I was oh so yearning for. What I would give to stick it in Impz’s pooper. Alas, my journey into the forbidden world of transgender carnal desires ended abruptly with the following revelation:

    You bloody sick fuck :P

    Impz’s last blog post..Great Minor Characters in Anime: Cima Garahau

  2. Blame Hinano for making you look like Ranka. :neutral: Now that you’re here… *unzips pants*

  3. Nation, we have bunch of perverts here. I suggest we send them to Guantanamo Bay to teach them some discipline!

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOL :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Oh my god that was hillarious. Poor Impz everyone wants to do him :mrgreen:

    I wish I could print body pillows but they don’t have that as a product :cry:
    HInano’s last blog post..Albatross18: August 7th Sneak Peek

  5. ROFL! your review made me laugh so hard my side hurts! :lol: and yeah… i wondered what happened to that Impz route.

    biankita’s last blog post..How Hinano’s Renai Blogger made me realize I suck at relationships…

  6. You would rape anything and are a menace to society. But you have good taste :wink:
    Omisyth’s last blog post..Ryoko’s Case Files 4: Yay For An Anti-Climactic Ending

  7. she is 16????!!!
    i dont think i can wait…


    Now everyone is gay for Impz.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Macross Frontier 17

  9. So I take it you want an h adaptation…

    Now that we know what Natsuko looks like in three years, I assume you will be more than happy to wait it out… :wink:
    Crusader’s last blog post..Great Minor Characters in Anime: Cima Garahau

  10. I know I’ve been looking forward to your inevitable post the minute I saw Impz in the game :mrgreen:

  11. @setsuna-san
    “Now everyone is gay for Impz.”
    maybe this was their plan all along…

  12. @EvilDevil
    I’m happily gay for Impz. MUST FAP MOAR TO THAT SCENE.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Macross Frontier 17

  13. Hinano’s game gave someone a hard on, wow!!!

    DS’s last blog post..Some Pics from the Second Day of Connecticon

  14. Poor Impz. I can only pity him.

    blissmo’s last blog post..Double Arts 19: LOLTraining Time

  15. Impz, as an American Republican, i hereby find you guilty for asking to change a nice dating sim to a perverted one. :sad:

    Your punishment, a month as a page for Senator Larry Craig. :eek: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :eek:

    Enjoy the job pervert!

  16. Not enough cleavage for Zenai. Zenai demands cleavage! But I’ll go take a look :cool:

  17. You’re not alone, I spent 11 pm to 2 am trying to get Impz’s route… -_-

    53RG10′s last blog post..RenAi Blogger – Hinano’s definition of big is my definition of normal!

  18. Bloomers would be nice.

    Spats would be awesome too. If not better for me, actually. :/

    Goddamnit only if Impz did キラ☆.

    That would be hilariously awesome. And I think Shin would actually explode. :wink:
    TheBigN’s last blog post..Thoughts on Hidamari Sketch x365 Episode 4: You Can Get It If You Really Want

  19. You’re not the last! I…still…haven’t played this.

    Teeif’s last blog post..Someday’s Dreamers 2: Presentation analysis.

  20. @Anime Loving Republican

    No prison can contain my raging hormones. :twisted:


    I would have fapped there and then itself.


    I demand an omake disc at least. :razz:


    Help me pester Hinano for me. :cool:


    I fear that it will be used against me one day. :oops:


    EXACTLY! :twisted:


    Trap routes are always the best routes. :cool:


    Well you know me, I want porn of everything. :lol:


    You know me too well. :oops:


    I was this close to losing it. :razz:


    Such is the fate of a much sought after trap.


    What we need are more loli routes.


    Someone who shares my pain. :cry:


    Again, someone who knows what’ll rock my boat. :cool:


    DO IT NOW!

  21. Shinn: Lets make a eroge. :D

  22. I sense NHK ni Yokoso…………

    ninghua’s last blog post..Paycheck

  23. Well sorry to disappoint you? Though I haven’t played the game yet (yes, I fail that much) to know how faithful or OOC it is to what I really am IRL. I have the impression that I was portrayed to be too sweet than I was supposed to be, but I see that as a compliment lulz.

    usagijen’s last blog post..Thoughts on Nogizaka Haruka 01-03: On Being an Otaku, Closet or Not.

  24. @wolfx

    I’d be too busy imagining the characters to actually start work.


    You don’t say…


    It’s okay, I really felt your arc could have been fleshed out better, that’s all. :razz:


    Just for Impz. Yes.

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