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What ‘Bout My Meido Shin-chan @ Taylor’s Anime Fest 08


Marred by disinterested participants and crowd coupled with generally poor execution, the annual Taylor's Anime Fest was a pretty ho-hum affair that paled in comparison with last year's. Still, it had its moments that made the entire event somewhat memorable, which also saw me taking on a dare that resulted in epic funnies and facepalms.




The previous year's event was what gave birth to this whole figurine displaying trend locally, with the TFM crew returning with a bigger lineup, which never fails to become a crowd puller.

Random cosplayer shots:


Delicious Junk! Probably one of the better Suigintou's I've ever seen.


Goth loli culture is still slow to pick up around these parts, but the two ladies pictured above does it right. Pink-chan is also the recipient of a Yuki figma which was given away as part of a lucky draw.


Faye's attempt at Zero no Tsukaima's Louise. Moar pink plox.


Reno. Whipping up the crowd with his monologue that saw him take home the grand prize.


Gun x Sword. Literally.


Moe Chii is moe. I would have wanted her to do well, but alas she lost to the other contestants when it came to creativity in expressing her character. Unless she glomped me and called me Hideki.


The last 10 seconds I'd lay my eyes on these awesome figyas before giving them away to people who most likely couldn't appreciate them.


Setsuna taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

I had proposed the idea of holding an art competition where contestants were to draw genderbent versions of the Haruhi cast, which saw some really impressive artwork.


Itsuko never looked this fappable.


Yuuki's a wee bit too bishie, but I'd hit it.


Kyonko looking pretty evil there.


And finally the last non gay image you'll see in this post; a group shot with the Anime Shrine peeps. Oh, and that dare?



Before you start clawing your eyes out, you might be curious as to how that faggotory came about:

Being the depraved weaboo that I am, I've always taken a keen interest in traps, and the opportunity in becoming one came about after I was challenged by someone to do so. Still, as much as I was keen about it, I couldn't find the means of achieving that until Aiko came along. Being the few cosplayers I know in real life, I forwarded my strange request to which she so kindly obliged, despite not actually knowing me.

One thing lead to another and now we have this:


And this:


Which came to this:


And finally ended up like this:


There are dudes who can pull of the whole trap thing with perfection and then there's me. Evidently, crossplaying is not my forte, but I sure had a hell lot of fun attempting it, though I had a few gripes about the whole experience:

  • Not used to having "long hair", it was somewhat annoying to have strands of it stuck in my face
  • When you combine all the apparel I had to put on, it got awfully stuffy at times
  • Walking with a dress was tough
  • Experiecing inferiority complex over my figure for the first time ever.

Still, it was pretty much a once in a lifetime affair, and I had no regrets over it, though I believe I could have done better. Also, pulling off this stunt would probably draw jeers and flames, but really, does it look like I care? Thanks again to Aiko for providing the assistance in achieving this perverse ambition of mine and winning the bet. I am in your eternal debt.

PS Michael you bastard, you now owe me RM 100!

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  2. not moe enuff
    you need to be MOAR expressive
    try again next time

    edit: ok, so im a nice person. 5.5/10 is the score for you.
    wear it again and i’ll up the score. :D

  3. UN-Fck-ing-Believable! Total Gaydom! :twisted:

  4. i give you 5/10, coz i saw u on small screen, because u missed some *ahem* “important” points, but nice effort

    the event itself….cant say anything, although the kotomi was a real bargain…
    too bad the emina prez got it instead….but atleast i got the asakura nendroid he wanted

  5. Just… wow… :shock:
    FFVIIKnight’s last blog post..Elfen Lied – Chapter 100

  6. :eek: maji de!?
    figya ii na~ :grin:

    SHINtte moesugi :lol:

  7. I just died.

    double’s last blog post..Anime Deprivation

  8. I hate you! I now have a face to tack-on to that pantyshot of yourself awhile back, and I don’t like it!? :shock:

  9. You are now on my h8 list for being a trap. :sad:

  10. Dear god .. is that you in the costume ! shin ^_ ^ hha anyways damm today got sick had to abort …….
    bad karma for me this month kusouuu ! nice PVC army of figures .. wish i was there, can moe use my cam phone @ angle !

    PS : after looking @ pics again .. notice the dudes facepalming behind you :P

  11. This is the first time I’ve seen so many figures on display, which is your favorite out of the many found there? :grin:
    Hynavian’s last blog post..Strike Witches Episode 4 – Enemies Turn Allies

  12. i lol-ed. Sporting trap. But should’ve been aoshi. :wink:

    Good Job.


    Please refer to this post again.

    By the way. My other self wants to savour your trap balls but not me!

  14. Just got back from the BBQ. Wil update my blog with glorious pics of Shin’s pictars tomorrow.



    Sorry I couldn’t come, but you didn’t give me the bus info! Well, wasn’t planning to go anyways, I’m down to my last RM 5 of the month!

    Kurogane’s last blog post..Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret 03

  16. i wish my eyes can undo what it just saw…

  17. Dude,

    You should have kept it on during the entire event

  18. And thus a legend has been born. :eek: :eek:
    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Taylors Anime Festival: Reporting from the frontlines.

  19. :shock: I missed Shin meido!!! I MISSED SHIN MEIDO!!!!!!!!! :cry:

    Eh, Setsuna was there too….


    Blog post updated. Don’t mind my insensitive critique.

  21. I would’ve crossed the causeway and paid to be there if I knew I was going to see Shin Meido.

    And to Faye, Louise has pink hair…

    C.I.’s last blog post..[Since matchups seem to be catching on] Koihime Musou vs. Strike Witches – Who shall emerge victorious.

  22. And to C.I.: some of the best cosplays of Louise I’ve seen do NOT have pink hair.

    case in point:


  23. Oh cruds Taylors… I would’ve braved the horrid traffic, the sucky lack of parking (and the MPSJ) to have seen Trap Shin Meido first hand… Or not.

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Sweet Mother of Bread

  24. OH MY GOD! :?: :!: That look horrible.

    But when are you gonna review Kara no Kyoukai 3?

  25. Shin’s a trap! Hunt him down!


  26. IT’S A TRAP.

    Though on the other hand, I’d hit that. :cool:

  27. STICK IT IN HIS POOPER! :grin: :grin: :grin:

  28. Holy crap man, did someone jizz all over your camera lens or something? Those are some blurry ass shots. At first i thought it was just an unsteady shot..until i realized almost 100% of them were blurry. Get a better camera/cameraman!

  29. Lol! Shin looks traplicious!

    kanzeon’s last blog post..Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ED: Hitosashiyubi Quiet!

  30. :shock: gone are the innocence of these eyes :cry:

  31. Ah, you guys missed nothing……OK, maybe it was so weird that you have to actual come and see for yourself.

  32. sorry dude, I had to skip the last few photos.. don wan my eyes to pop out from their eye sockets.. muahahahaha

    Prim3′s last blog post..Siesta

  33. IT’S A TRAP!
    I can never see you the same
    I wish I had the courage to crossplay like you.
    But you won’t be able to see it.

    Setsukyie’s last blog post..CLANNAD – 24, Tomoyo Chapter

  34. Oh, Shin, I moved to WP, at Relink pl0x?

    C.I.’s last blog post..And just a small update.

  35. You need makeup!!!!!! :cool:
    and boobies.

  36. No girls who can put makeup on him and we forgotten the apples :P

  37. IT’S A MAN BABY!

    Hangmen’s last blog post..BLACK BOX RECORDING

  38. Well i really took it as a joke when i heard he decided to cosplay as a maid until i seriously seeing him change personally….

    Then i know i can call shin GAY…. Master in all ridiculous things lo…

    Hope to see more surprises in future : )

  39. @Sion

    Regret not showing up I hope.


    I can’t smile to save my life. Maybe I’ll have to go for the Tsundere Megane look next time.




    Wish you were here man. :lol:


    Sadly the figs were the real draw that day. :sad:


    Well, you saw it coming right?


    Minaide, hazukashii~


    Am I that moe? :???:


    I’ll make you like me one day. :cool:


    Because I wasn’t convincing enough right? :cry:




    The ones where you could remove their clothes off. :twisted: Those and Fate. :razz:


    I aim to please.

    @ID Sojourner

    There’s enough of me to go around. :twisted:




    Well, that’s okay, you really didn’t miss anything. As for the bus, the president kept referring me to the schedule I gave you, so I really had no other alternatives. :sad:


    You cannot unsee! :neutral:


    Too stuffy.






    But not love? :sad:


    Oh yeah, forgot to tell you he was around. :grin:


    I’ll head over to SG with a better outfit next time. :wink:


    The first one is a professional…The second’s I CANNOT UNSEE


    Maybe I’ll head over to where you are instead and get a better costume too. :lol:

    @Anime Loving Republican

    :cry: Well, I was waiting for my DVD to arrive before reviewing it, but it doesn’t look it’s going to be anytime soon. Perhaps if I don’t get lazy, I’ll put it up this week. :razz:


    Miko Shin-chan next! :cool:


    I’d rather you hit me. :twisted:


    Iiya~ :oops:


    Well, the camera itself ain’t that bad, so I guess it really was the person taking it. Neither him nor me knew the proper settings for it, so we just snapped away. :sad:


    You do me too much honor. :oops:


    Seperti Yang Dipelankan. :twisted:


    :cry: :cry: :cry:


    One day I’ll build a harem of crossplayers. With you in it. :mad:


    The girls hesistated in putting any on for me. Guess they’re not used to that concept yet.


    I have my own theme song.


    I’ll probably admit I was gay or something.

  40. Wow!!!!!!!
    Looks like a small but yet cool event!!!!!!
    Figure booth, nothing like that here in Canada.
    So many figures!!!
    Currently thinking, poor guy I have to say… Crossplay…*Shivers*

    Rin’s last blog post..ACG North America Launch Party Mini Con!!!

  41. SHin… let’s have a photoshoot. Your house, my DSLR and /AS/.

  42. I think you look great – it’s just blue is not your color. :P

    Caitlin’s last blog post..Chi’s Sweet Home Episodes 41-44

  43. @Aoshi: The /i/nvasion has begun.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Taylors Anime Festival: Reporting from the frontlines.

  44. Wow, just wow. I had to revise my email to you based on this epic post. Also, I’m surprised you didn’t photoshop some twinkles into your Kira pic.

    Kabitzin’s last blog post..Macross Frontier 16

  45. SHOCKED.

    Nonetheless, meido outfit + ranka pose = moe yuu. Haha.

    I missed all the fun.

  46. what??? how meido-shin pantsu shot??? you made my eyes burn. i’ll be blind for a week and traumatized for life.

    anyway, despite you saying it sucked, you and your friends made it look really fun.

    biankita’s last blog post..Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 16 ~United Federation of Nations Resolution #1~

  47. I want shin to cosplay as Nurse after this. :mrgreen:

  48. “Experiecing inferiority complex over my figure for the first time ever.” ROFL.

    So this is what you were doing when we coulda been…oh wait, people can’t know about that yet.

    Riex’s last blog post..The Adventurous, The Cautious, and every problem starts with a woman.

  49. Neat costume. I never knew the cousin I know would wear that but still its a nice image change. :eek:

  50. @Rin

    That’s all we’re good for :cry:


    And what will you do with me afterwards? :oops:


    I think scum2k1 is right when he said I should get a new camera. The wig is actually green. :cry:


    Okay, okay. I’ll assign a Rika avatar for you. :razz:


    I wanted you guys to savor me in my entirety. :oops:


    You should have dropped by. :lol:


    I actually knew ahead it wouldn’t be as good as last year, which is why I had to create my own fun. :lol:


    I actually want to do Jun first. :wink:


    Keeping in touch with my feminine side. Serious business.


    There are a lot of things which I’ve done which you have no knowledge of. :neutral:

  51. I applaud you, there’s nothing more manly than having the guts to crossdress.

    Is that tiny room the main room for the con? because if it is, it looks more like a fan-get-together than a con or fest. Not that it should matter that much, you can still have fun.

  52. Trap!! Trap!!! TRAP!!!! Poor Shin…

    well there’s still next year to try that again haha!!!

  53. @yaku

    That or I’m secretly gay. :twisted:

    Does it look that small? Since that’s supposed to be their multi purpose hall. :lol:


    Sadly, there’s a very good chance I won’t be around next year since I’ll be in the Land Nobody Cares About to finish my degree. :sad:

  54. Nice try.

    misakichii’s last blog post..Second Week @ Tokyo

  55. Really dispense the cosplay, the most interesting thing are the figures ^_^

    Belela-san’s last blog post..Perfect Grade Strike and Kan’U Unchou, a young man’s dream

  56. I’ll be back. :lol: True, the figs were that great.

  57. ZOMG Trap! :shock:
    Nice fig,anyway.

    Rikimtasu’s last blog post..Windows 3.1 with full colour?

  58. Still, it was pretty much a once in a lifetime affair, and I had no regrets over it, though I believe I could have done better.

    Say it isn’t so! :cry:

    Glad to see that you were brave enough and had fun with it though. :P

    TheBigN’s last blog post..Thoughts on Hidamari Sketch x365 Episode 4: You Can Get It If You Really Want

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