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World Destruction 01: Beginning Of The End


Ten years ago, a ragtag bunch of adventurers were wanted by the World Salvation Committee for a crime they didn't commit. These people promptly escaped from the kingdom to far away lands. Today, still pursued by the government, they survive as heroes for hire. If you need the world destroyed, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The World Destruction Committee.

Sadly it is nowhere as A-wesome. Actually, in a galaxy far far away, the world is governed by furries, where humans are treated as nothing more than mere livestock. Wait a minute, haven't I watched this somewhere before? Then there are 10% inbreds like these chap over here, who looks much better than your average beastmen.


But hey, this anime is based on a game that's not even released yet for the NDS, so there's no real need to be so particular over the originality of the plot, which is your standard RPG fare. We are first introduced to Kirie, the relatively ordinary kid who's struggling just to make ends meet at the local bar.


He meets a mysterious stranger who turns out to be a fugitive from the law, and is incidentally very attractive. The authorities close in on her, and in order to make her escape, she takes Kirie hostage, though unfortunately;


He turns out to be a cosplayer. Seeing as how aggresor and victim are humans, the WSC decide they're both cohorts in a conspiracy to destroy the world. Needless to say, both Kirie and Morte run off with their non existent tail between their legs.


No party is complete without the annoyingly cute fluffy creature sidekick thing, and in World's Destruction, that cliche comes in a form of a teddy bear. Don't be fooled by his looks though, he's a hardened, combat ready investigator for hire, who takes on the task of rescuing some loli for a shouta who went to him.


Cats are evil. This show proves it.

Aforementioned loli. KAWAII~!(≧ω≦) As it turns out, she is to be the sacrificial lamb for the evil cats you see above. Approached by the village people, the two drifters are invited to stay overnight.


Surprise! The accusations against Morte weren't entirely false after all, as she reveals the  「DESTRUCT CODE」, an artifact capable of destroying the very world itself, even if it does mean wiping out both beastmen and human. 「DESTRUCT CODE」?. More like glorified Magic 8 Ball.


Outlook not so good

I saw this coming. The villagers had wanted to swap the loli with Morte as replacement, and devises a plan to do so, never mind the fact she has a big effin' blade that can cut a person into half.


Reply hazy, try again

The good old switch-a-roo. The two villagers sent to knock Morte out were instead greeted with a dakimakura with boobs. With their only candidate gone, they had no choice but to turn to Kirie who was still lying on the floor asleep. But hold on, don't they need a female? See those fake boobs? That's right........

Better not tell you now

Hoping their feline overlords do not notice that the sacrifice has penis attached to it, the villagers offer Kirie to them for a ritual that involves summoning large plant monsters.


Outlook good

Blade in one hand, wuss in the other, savin' the day. Morte is dictated by the producers to rescue our would be hero from his untimely demise. Considering that her foes were nothing more than just a bunch of cats, Morte easily takes care of them until the WSC arrives:


Outlook not so good

"The time has come. Execute Order 66." Morte manages to hold her own until the troops hold Kirie at gunpoint.

Cannot predict now

Cue the third party member who is still supposed to save the little girl, though unfortunately for him, a trap, in more ways than one, was waiting for him. The WSC too, consider Toppi hostile and almost fires upon him as well. Left with no choice, Morte takes out the Destruct Code and threathens them with it, though she slips and drops the artifact which ends up in Kirie's hands. As the Destruct Code starts to shine brightly causing a commotion, our heroes seize the opportunity to escape.


Reply hazy, try again

In most RPGs, you won't even get your own vessel until much later in the game, but the party already has access to one, courtesy of Toppi. Now that they've gotten themselves involved, Kirie and Toppi have no choice but to aid Morte in her quest to, ironically, destroy the world. Good game.

So far so generic, but just like Shining Tears x Wind, this anime is meant to serve as a promotional tool of sorts for the game's impending release, so you can't exactly expect a lot out of it. They've got I.G to handle it, so it at least looks good. As it is, I'm already liking Morte who's voiced by the ever affable Maaya Sakamoto. Well, at least until that gun slinging babe from the OP which reminds me of some character from Wild Arms shows up. Speaking of the game, the CM at the end of the episode hinted at what Kirie can really do as well as the potential companions who will join later, which makes me wish Sega had released this on the PSP instead of the shitty NDS. In before angry Nintendrones. Either way, the first episode didn't really impress, but since I'm not particularly following anything other than ZNT3, this stays on the pending to watch list, until something good comes along.

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  1. It looks promising but will look nicer without those fluffy toys; those toy like characters make the whole thing look so child-like. :grin:
    Hynavian’s last blog post..Kisu Yori Mo Hayaku – Faster Than A Kiss Just Like a Speedy Bullet

  2. Wow I totally didnt realize Maaya voiced Morte :eek:
    Hinano’s last blog post..Itazura na Kiss – 14

  3. This show looked like it defined the word “generic”. *sigh* And I’m a sucker for fantasy stuff too.

    Riex’s last blog is born!

  4. I might give it a try, if only to hear Maaya’s voice.

    Still, the cats are a laugh.

  5. makes me cry… the promo was so good. still giving it another episode or two…

    worse comes to worst, you and i WILL only have geass to share.

    biankita’s last blog post..Some More Summer 08 Anime

  6. I gotta judge for myself…*goes to TokyoTosho*

    But the factor that sold it to me, was Maaya Sakamoto! ^_^

    53RG10′s last blog post..Catching Up to To-Love-RU and Special A

  7. Evil Cat is in your Worlds, Plotting its destruction.

    Also, Mayaa Sakamoto? I will be watching this. FOR SURE.

    C.I.’s last blog post..[Madness abounds] The results of the Anime Saimoe Tournament Group 5!

  8. Not too sure about this one myself, watched the first episode, spent a bit of it laughing at it rather than because of it.
    My brother’s downloading it, may watch the second episode to see if it’s any better.

    Koshiko’s last blog post..Upcoming & current otaku events

  9. Thank you for mentioning Shining Tears X Crap (Wait, was Nana-chan in that one too?), suddenly World Destruction looks 10 times better.

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Natsume Yuujin Chou 1: I’m not going to convince anyone to watch this, but what the heck

  10. A anime would be better with good senyu?
    Why i suddenly think back of thatgobacktomarrytower show? :cool:
    Rikimtasu’s last blog post..It have come.

  11. Thats a very unspectacular weapon of mass destruction, as weapons of mass destruction come by. :???:
    Ez’s last blog post..Summer 2008 lineup

  12. @Hynavian

    Thankfully, he doesn’t have a squeeky voice, so it wasn’t as annoying. :lol:


    Maaya’s sweet voice still lingers in my mind as I’ve only recently finished Kara no Kyoukai, not to mention listening to her every week for Macross Frontier. :lol:


    Sure it was crap, but it’s T2!


    I think we can add Antique Bakery to the list now. :wink:

    @53RG10, C.I

    I figured she’d be a selling factor. :razz:


    I’m really watching it for Maaya just like the other guys here. :lol:


    The last episode was awesome. Remember that yaoi moan? :cool:


    I guess Druaga and this share a lot in common, but the first episode of WD wasn’t as awesome.


    Well I’m tired of the usual legendary swords, monsters and whatnot myself. :lol:

  13. “he villagers had wanted to swap the loli with Morte as replacement”
    a loli worths more than 5 hot chicks or 100 traps…

  14. The opening paragraph made it sound A-wesome, but I read “furry” and my eyes just fogged over.

    otou-san’s last blog post..I’m back!

  15. It’s a game??? sounds really weird for a game…does the player try to cause world destruction also?

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