Atarashii Prelude


Strike Witches 01: Over 9000 Fetishes


Oh, her? Yeah, I know her. It's going to take a while. It happened years ago....

Did you know, there are three kinds of aces?

Those who seek strength...


Those who live for pride...


And those who can read the tide of battle.


Those were the three....

And her....



Galm Z, we cannot authorize a retreat. Intercept them!


I figured you'd say that. This is going to cost you extra.

Ten years ago, there was a war that engulfed our world.



There's a large scale battle taking place near Britannia!


The sky is packed with witches!


Galm Z, head over there and provide cover!


Yo, buddy. This kind of job is what we're all about.

She was a Strike Witch they called Miyafuji Yoshika.


This girl was her buddy.


Neuroi Warship approaching. Shoot it down and secure air superiority!


They've come to greet us at the door!



He is the man I seek.

They're faster than anything we've come across!


These are 501st Joint Fighters. Stay sharp!


It's a great place for you filthy dogs to be buried.


Warning! Unknown craft on radar!


Dead men's words hold no meaning!



And so, with the words of  Miyafuji Yoshika...


The kemonomimi rises.


It was a warm and sunny day...


We will survive, Galm 1!


Curse my need for video game referencing at every given opportunity! The style of this post was inspired by this video(which I highly recommend that you play while reading the post)

YouTube Preview Image

which in turn originated from

YouTube Preview Image

Forget Sekirei or any other fanservice themed shows this season; there is enough moe fetishes here to render my phallic organ beyond repair after each session. Hopefully, the screencaps are enough to shed a little light on the general plot, though there's nothing much to it, other than lolis taking on alien aircrafts in their souped up broom of war, those augmentations you see attached to them. All in all, only lolicons need apply, as I can't imagine authentic military enthusiasts appreciating moe anthropomorphisms of actual WW2 planes the girls were based on. I for one, welcome our new pantless overlords.

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  1. XD That’s really awesome.

    Crisu’s last blog post..TTGL cast listened to

  2. Reading all the commentary on this show, it’s really not helping that, in the brand of English I was brought up to speak, ‘pants’ refer to underwear, not overwear.

    IKnight’s last blog post..Notetaking: Unionised Female Magic Users

  3. This post is all wrong. :mad: It grossly misrepresents all that is Strike Witches: The bare loli legs and the half-screen panty shots. :twisted: What kind of denial are you struggling with here? :lol:
    bakaneko’s last blog post..Macross Frontier 13: Ranka, Queen of the Hive

  4. *LOL* Pantsless overlords.

    Caitlin’s last blog post..Special A – Episode 11

  5. I am so watching this show for the lulz, it’s like Sky Girls’s retarded pervert cousin.

    I mean, Hawker Hurricanes, Arsenal VG-39s, Clostermann & Hartmann? Count me in.

  6. I’ve been to the Strike Witches main site and check out the characters. Pretty much they’ve covered almost all my moe cravings and the character art is good. I love the concept better than that of Sky Girls. Plus the whole guns and jets thing going on is cute. Cute characters of Strike Witches are cute!

    Rakuen’s last blog post..Loli Awards Will Have to be Cancelled

  7. as long as theres rories, especially evil ones (well as long they are used for war, they’re evil anyway)
    im there :shock:

  8. Galm.. lol..
    hey.. pantsu galore.. this will be fun :cool:

  9. @Crisu

    Thanks, I love me vidya gaems. :razz:


    Oh snap, I was also taught in Queen’s English. Should have used the word trousers instead. :oops:


    I’ll admit it. I was trying to make Strike Witches look like it had more than loli crotch shots. ¯\(º_o)/¯




    Never watched Sky Girls, but I’ve been told it’s similar to this. Pretty sure the aces these girls were based on must be rolling in their graves now. :lol:


    Yeah, I’ve heard people complaning about it, though they totally ignored the fact the show is indeed just moe otaku bait. :razz:


    No signs of evil rories yet, and I doubt there is, since so far the girls have been battling faceless aliens.


    Don’t forget the loli camel toes. :twisted:

    Screencaps fixed for accuracy.

  10. God, I love Ace Combat Zero (still replaying some old favourite missions when I have the time). Mission 18 soundtrack “ZERO” is still stuck in both my head and Winamp playlist after all these years. Not my cup of tea, but might pick this up if there’s nothing else to watch this season. Till’ then, I’ll stick to Hidamari Sketch x365.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..HIDAMARI SKETCH x365

  11. I’m bothered that everyone has got a historic ride except Sanya. There was never a MiG-60 (and cannot be, because even numbers are reserved for heavy aircraft in Russian nomenclature). Also, Russians had excellent weapons, ShKAS and UBT, but no… They had to give her some rocket crap.

    Author’s last blog post..Coburn on mecha

  12. :grin:

    Its amazing how a doujin fetish for mecha-musume finally was able to spawn a TV series. :wink:

  13. All hail our new pantless moelicious lolies overlords!!!! :mrgreen:

  14. Yay, another series to cross off my list of “new shows I COULD try out despite the 99% chance I’d drop it anyways”.
    Now where is your Antique Bakery post???

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Kamen no Maid Guy 11 and some gender analysis. I kid you not.

  15. hangmen, i concur to that. “ZERO” is still in my playlist all this while… ^_____^

  16. When I first see them, I wonder why they are wearing tee-shirts with undies! They should at least wear a shorts or something with that long tee-shirt.

    I LOL-ed at the part where the bikini girl and her friend were sun tanning at the harbor. It’s a rather innovative way to watch and not get bored. :grin:

  17. Woah! Britannia’s power even goes into “Strike Witches”!! Pant-less loli are the only defense!

    53RG10′s last blog post..Sekirei – The OTHER Alice Game

  18. I’m glad this post also focuses on some of the stuff that people might complain about the least. People too many standards. :P

    TheBigN’s last blog post..And The Yotsuba&! Watch Continues With No End In Sight…

  19. t-t-t-t-the pictures are so pretty ;_________;

    blissmo’s last blog post..Code Geass R2 – 13: Oh Snap Moments!

  20. Goddamn Aizen is back to fool everyone again. Don’t these girls read Bleach?!

    Kabitzin’s last blog post..Birdy the Mighty Decode 01

  21. i like the background story, but WHY panties??? GONZO’s too desperate for a hit.

    biankita’s last blog post..3 Anime I Regretted To Watch, 1 Good One I Cannot Watch and Random Thoughts on the Summer Season

  22. @Hangmen

    AC5 is still my all time favorite in the series, and admittedly, I never completed AC:0. But yes, even till today, Zero remains on my playlist. :wink:


    Well, everyone else already has a firearm or some sort, so I guess they needed someone to fill the role of missle spam. :lol: But yeah, looking at this chart, I’m surprised they opted with a fictional design.


    Makes me wonder why I gave Sky Girls a miss.


    Well, for me, it’s the Italian(loli with fang and striped pantsu) and American pilots(redhead) in particular. :razz:


    Not nearly gay enough. :lol:


    BECAUSE JAPANWWW. Well, I enjoyed that scene too, and it looks like their a canon pair. :cool:


    They’re not the strongest nation for nothing. They’ve got all the bases covered when dealing with different types of enemies. :cool:


    Well if they’re complaining, then this show was never meant for them to begin with. :lol:


    Believe me, there are more pretty panty shots when you watch. :cool:


    :shock: That explains how he turned out to be alive even though he’s supposed to be dead ages ago. So he’s developing weapons to counter against the very enemy he’s in charge of? It all makes sense now….


    BECAUSE JAPANWWW? That said, Gonzo’s got a year left before they fold, so I guess they’re going all out.

  23. SAEKO CHIBA!!!!!!!
    nuff said

  24. Don’t forget Koshimizu Ami and Sawashiro Miyuki. :razz:

  25. There’s something about this show that just bothers me… I dunno maybe I’m getting too old for loli :(

    Epi’s last blog post..Macross Frontier – Episode 12

  26. …Must…run…

  27. HAHA, I lol’d when I began reading the first line

    AC trailer fan vids are awesome, and the nanoha/AC0 one is still the best one.

  28. While it’s nowhere close as awesome, Strike Witches is one of the better offerings this season. In before flames.

  29. They are quite moe, but too many is overkill to me :neutral:

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