Atarashii Prelude


Sekirei 01: What Science Has Done


She, the Ultimate Weapon.


19 years old ☑

N.E.E.T ☑

Virgin ☑

Decent looking ☑

Need I go on? Our man here fulfills every criteria needed to be the harem lead, so there's no need for me to actually describe him any further. Having failed to enter some unnamed university for the second year, Urashima Keitaro Sahashi Minato barely makes it through another day in his pointless life, not realizing it's about to all change...


That poor man, more so than landing a spot at university, it's good to know he's got his priorities all sorted out.


Don't worry Minato-san, you're the show's hero after all. A  girlfriend is sure to land right into your hands crotch, saving you all that to-love-ru. Conveniently enough, that's exactly what takes place, with no prior explanation as to why.


But I do! For some reason or another, these two dominatrix twins are after Musubi. With no time to admire the scenery, Musubi and Minato make their escape back to his humble abode rundown apartment.




In the future, flowers sprout out of a female's' boobs.


For a person who sounds reluctant, Minato is bestowed upon the opportunity of a lifetime such as holding a girl's hand for the very first time. Funny enough, that scene reminded me of this:


I bet he was thinking the exact same thing. Cookies to whoever that remembers where that is from. 


Of course, nothing in life comes for free, and Minato must seek ways to curb Musubi's insatiable lust. For food that is.


In his search of grub for his woman, Minato stumbles on the two sisters again, with pin point accuracy regarding their description.


We've seen this before. The usually cowardice-ridden hero commits a single act of gallantry, despite the impossible odds, which manages to impress the female lead enough to have her craving for his cock. Next.

No, they're not going to fornicate. She's just going to have him transfer some of his mana to her. Right.


I like how they made it sound like she just had an orgasm when the wings sprout out of her back. Then again, if watching all those Japanese adult videos have thought me anything, then it would be that these bitches are good at faking it.


That's right. Virgins only. Without putting up much of a fight, Hikari and Hibiki withdraw from battle as they can't sell Musubi off to the slave market.


Because this is not hentai(damn!) they shed a little light regarding the central plot of this anime.


Silly girl! Your brother just won. At the game of life.


Darling, what do you wish to have first? A shower, dinner? Or me?

While I hate large breasts on women, a buttocks connoisseur such as myself knows a fine ass when he sees one, and dayum Musubi's got some nice child birthing hips on her.

Now that's what I'm talking about; a black girl's ass on a yellow girl's body. Em em!


If you haven't realized it by now, this show's a lot like Pokemon, but with hot women instead. Introducing Professor Oak of Sekirei. Much like the relationship between Ash and Pikachu, Minato went rogue and had Musubi choose him instead. And that's where the similarities end. You can't jam it in Pikachu, can you? On second thought...


Just as Sekirei'ed! In hindsight, this would probably be closer to Rozen Maiden, I guess, with the winner of this battle royale attaining the rights to Ascension, whatever that is, though I'm inclined to believe it's something along the lines of the Ultimate Sekirei(Alice).

Taking a cue from Ah! My Goddess, Minato is kicked out from his apartment because it doesn't allow women. No matter, Minato's going to need a larger crib to house his hoes anyway, say a large, traditional shrine cum house? *hint* *hint*

Thoughts? What thoughts? Just like every other show of its genre, it's best if you just turn off your brain when watching this, and just savor it for what it is; a fanservice laden harem show ripping off elements from other titles here and there and calling its own. If the first episode didn't impress you, then don't bother anymore, considering that even when it comes to fanservice, you already know it pales in comparison to the source material which had boob shots galore. But if you're like me who sat through Kanokon and Trouble without so much of a squeek of complain, then Sekirei will be your time filler of the season.

Imouto of the season?

  • Tachibana Miya (44%, 90 Votes)
  • Kousaka Kirino (32%, 65 Votes)
  • Kasugano Sora (24%, 51 Votes)

Total Voters: 206

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Posted by Shin

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  1. You know what, I actually enjoyed this. Would continue to follow it. The only drawback i experienced so far is Musubi’s huge bewbs. :oops: I just hope that they continue to follow the source material and not turn it into some weird shit.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..[MGRR]Anime and Depression: A layman’s perspective.

  2. Sekirei is win. and if you think only Musubi’s bewb will make an appearance, let me say she have many more cousins.
    Go read the mango if you want teh loli tho

    linkinstreet’s last blog post..Macross F 10 aka Macross Zero v2

  3. Shin! I actually don’t plan to watch this series but your reviews make it look so tempting. I actually LOL at the Pokemon and Professor Oak comment but feel that there’s a difference, a very difference indeed. “Professor Oak” in Sekirei is actually more handsome than the old chap in Pokemon don’t you think so? :eek:
    Hynavian’s last blog post..Blueberry Cheese Cake When You’re Down With Flu ~

  4. this is the new Kanokon.

  5. Waiting for better subs is painful. I so want to watch it now. :(

  6. “I bet he was thinking the exact same thing. Cookies to whoever that remembers where that is from.”
    That line is from Golden Boy epi 2 iirc. :wink:
    Anyway, still considering about downloading this series when the spring season series are still ongoing.

  7. Updating my blog this weekend on Sekirei and Ikkitousen GG. RAWR FOR KU-CHAN!

    Aoshi’s last blog post..Car maker goes crazy, Pokemon in spades

  8. Gotta catch’em all?
    So yea, I’d rather watch Pokemon.

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Chocolate Underground 3: The HORROR



    C.I.’s last blog post..[Why didn't this happen] In Moetan Corner.

  10. @Setsuna

    Fanservice themed anime based on manga not turning into weird shit? :lol:


    I actually read a bit of it because I was told about this Kuu character, though that was a long time ago. :???:


    Well, if you can tolerate Ikkitousen, I don’t see how this is any different. :lol: You’re right this dude here is 100x more fabulous than good old Oak.


    No signs of any females actively wanting to copulate with Minato just yet…


    This is Ayako’s version. It’s good enough for a show like this.


    You win an internet cookie! :mrgreen: And I suggest you do so, I doubt I’ll be watching more than 3 episodes of this. Probably just download a bunch and watch it for emergencies.


    Just like Trouble, I’m only waiting for the token loli character to show up. :wink:




    I would to actually. They have waaaaay hotter girls. Misty… :twisted:


    Wait till you see Strike Witches. That is, if it’s your cup of tea. :cool:

  11. I didn’t want to finish reading this entry to avoid spoilers because Sekirei is definitely in my list. The first pic you showed above is already provoking enough to me. Saikano, an anime that has made an impact on me, very memorable.

  12. remember to catchem all guys

    polygamy ftw

  13. @DivineFang

    This is a fanservice anime, it’s impossible to get spoiled ¯\(º_o)/¯


    Catch? I’ve had other plans for the girls once I nab them…

  14. Ah wait, does this mean the loli don’t make it into anime? :???:

    Also wow my icon is now suddenly appropriate :lol:
    Hinano’s last blog post..Zero no Tsukaima III – 01

  16. 1) I need to always say “to-love-ru” now instead of “trouble”
    2) “If only my hand was my penis” is now on my list of great anime quotes, along with “Resistance only makes my penis harder”, “You don’t strip her. You fuck her!”, “I loved it when Mugiyo splashes sperm all over Chihiro’s glasses!”, and well, every single line from Nanoha A’s.

    jpmeyer’s last blog post..anime (and wood) are crufting up wikipedia

  17. @CZero

    She better be or least I’m dropping this right now.


    Thus, HanDcock :lol: Well, there’s always the Maka one which you can select from the pool of avatars. :razz:


    We need an anime equivalent of IMBD quotes to store all these golden lines.

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