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Note to self: read up on the event before making assumptions and having false expectations. I cannot say I was disappointed because it wasn't even supposed to be what I had initially thought; a mini version of Wonderfes. Instead, I was greeted with stuff for a totally different sect of nerds, which is why I felt so out of place. Luckily, wolfx and his buddies were there so, I hung out with them while I watched them enthusiastically drone on and on about brands I've never even heard of prior to the event.

Long line is loooooong. Apparently the queue started as early as 7am, and for good reason too, as they were handing out limited edition Beabricks to the public. Thankfully, because I jumped the queue, I got hold of mine as well. :wink: The organizers had a really redundant system where visitors were split into registered and non-registered. As I fell into the latter category, I found myself having to line up twice just to get in.


I have confess, I'm a total Sony fanboy, which is why seeing Nintendo set up their booth here didn't interest me the slighthest bit, even if it was my first opportunity to mess around with the Wii Fit amongst other things. On the plus side, I got to watch wolfx shoot blanks. :lol:


You'll have to excuse the the abscene of display photos, as I didn't feel like taking many pictures, which included those said designer toys. Admittedly, they did look very well made(and expensive) though severely lacking in the moe department for me.


The event also featured famous(?) artists that were exhibiting their line of apparel to which wolfx snapped up like a happy fanboy. Apparently tokidoki is very famous among his group of hobbyists, so I'll take his word for it. The closest example that I can think of would probably be the Bape which also has stylised Japanese themed artwork emblazoned all over the products.

The aformentioned "tokidoki" creator.


Another feature of the event would be props and equipment featured science fiction films like Alien Versus Predator and Star Wars, and I'm pretty sure these geeks jizzed their pants with the abundant of such displays. Speaking of Star Wars, the exhibitors had a whole army of people wearing costumes from the iconic film to parade the hall.

Here's my with a Danny Choo wannabe. Trying to hold back a sneeze while wolfx took a shot.


Even with my limited knowledge, I recognized the Gloomy Bear, since I caught a bit of the animation shorts featured in some documentary. Speaking of which, here's the creator himself, and from what I've heard, have been autographing the entire day. Poor guy.



Om nom nom nom.

That said, the event wasn't exactly void of interests for me, as they did have a couple of doujin booths, and there was this one that caught my attention, namely the Collateral Damage Studios circle. Funnily enough, one of the artists shook my hand because he recognized the shirt I was wearing. Comrade! Speaking of which, they were hawking their artwork, including a print of Kyonko, but damn, the price was just way out of my budget. 48 Singapore Dollars for 7 prints! Curse the weak currency of the 3rd world nation which I originate from. :cry: They didn't even provide the option of selling the prints seperately, so I had to no choice but to give it a miss. :sad:

Bandai was present, and sure enough, they were whoring out their flagship Gundam merchandise. While it's very welcomed to see something familiar, there was just too many of it on that day. Hay guise, did j00 forget ur Haruhi? Idorts. Also, funny story with Gundams. They had this SD Gundam assembling contest where the participants could take home whatever they made for free. Here's the catch; you have to be from ages 8-14. Luckily, my LOLI sister was present, so I made her take part instead, and take the SD Red Astray which she oh-so painstakingly assembled. :cool: In during useless oniisan.


Also, the only thing anime about the event was the presence of Animax doing their usual publicity nonsense hyping old shows, and everybody's favorite Odex.

Other random shots.


Delicious dolljoints. Pullip dolls, cosplay edition. I didn't even bother looking at the price.

An advanced driving simulator chair thingamajig that cost from 7k onwards. Crazy maricons!


Emm, delicious Danish plastic bricks. I remember having them by the bucketloads as a child and spent the entire day making contraptions with them.


Oh lawd, 老夫子. Reading the comics during my childhood years were one of the greatest times of my life. Unfortunately the creator himself wasn't present as I hoped. :cry: 


So there you have it, my time spent at the event from 11am to around 3pm. I didn't bother staying any much longer as I felt I've seen enough, not to mention being annoyed by the long queue for the free gift. I think there was supposed to be cosplay the next day which would have been right up my streak, but alas I had to leave Singapore right after check out at noon, so I gave it a miss too. Didn't spot any Singapore bloggers, except this one person whom I was introduced to as bakaboi, and I think it's him, but I'm not sure. Would have loved to meet people like double, C.I and Hynavian though, but the crowd was much too insane for them to have noticed a skinny asian with a black overall anyway, considering the fact that's pretty much what 2/3 of the crowd were. :lol: In the end, it turned out quite fun, especially if you're into this sort of stuff, and good way to spend the weekend.

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  1. had fun shin? hahahahaha

    no further comment

    aside frm tht strikers drawing i see somewhere which looks hell alot better thn the original somehow :!:

  2. I like the pink bear … and the blood … *drools*

    blissmo’s last blog post..Retroview: Gakuen Tokusou Hikaruon

  3. Funny bird face you have there. It made me LOL during lesson.

    double’s last blog post..STCC Day 2: The Camera Is Decent But The User Is Not

  4. I queued for wrist band. I queued to enter AFTER getting wrist band. I queued with friend for her to get the free gift but it went out of stock tks to PEOPLE CUTTING QUEUE. I queued for lunch. I queued again with friend to get the Part II free gift which was better managed. Mission accomplished after 6 hours. I hate queuing.

  5. SHIN! Why didn’t you burn the Odex booth!

    Also, lol @ Om nom nom nom

    C.I.’s last blog post..[HAWTTTT] The latest installment in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s Parallel Works!

    Err yea, all that other stuff looked fun too. :P

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Natsu Matsuri: A Wet and Wild (and Toshokan Sensou-less) Weekend

  7. Sugoi! Sugoi! Oh BTW, I love those loli dolls there.

    Rakuen’s last blog post..Cornelia’s Alive? Cornelia’s Alive!!!

  8. shinn: Yes that’s bakaboi. I ate beef noodles with him the next day at teh Akiba of singapore….China Square. Or at least just the figure shops of Akiba. Lulz.

    Too bad about your expecatations. (and your loli sisters’) I thought I told you beforehand what it was about. Oh well. At least u get to travel overseassss. :P

  9. Thats why thou shalt hold no expectations when visiting any cons.

    Did you take a swipe at those Xedo creeps, if you did +10 respect points to you my man.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Kara no Kyoukai: A Study in Murder (Part 1) (殺人考察(前)

  10. Ah it’s a pity Shin. :sad: We could have queue together, queue for lunch together and queue for freebies together. Btw, cool Gloomy Bear shot….so cute!!! :grin:
    Hynavian’s last blog post..Change 123 – GAR Girlfriend Alert!

  11. Bandai whoring Gundams! Guess you were only there on the first day lol, I was also in the queue.

  12. You looked like you had a close call holding back a sneeze… :mrgreen:

  13. Glad to see that you had a little bit of fun there. :P

    TheBigN’s last blog post..LOL TOUHOU HIJACK!

  14. Too bad you could not stay a bit longer.

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..DILDO 6: Confessing the Right Way!!

  15. Very cool that you met the gloomy bear man. I’m a bit jealous of that. Also of your spectacles.

    otou-san’s last blog post..Kure-nai (Review)

  16. Dayum, that Gloomy Bear looks nice.

  17. Kinda stupid that Medicom Toys is the only 1/6 company present in the events. They made largely figures from popular series in Japan that are seriously overpriced, yet fragile and the quality is only decent (from what I heard in 1/6 forums), save it for the Kerberos series. Would be nice if Hot Toys, Soldier Story or Toy Soldier are present there. Now those are manufacturers with manly line of products.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..BRAND-NEW RIG 2008

  18. @waku

    They were superb, but yeah, I didn’t have enough dough to spare.


    I thought you would, which is why I went to such lengths to take a picture of it. :wink:


    I couldn’t find my SZS bald guy nor the Laughing Man. :lol:


    And there’s people like me who’s cutting the lines. :sad:


    I always believe in giving others a second chance. :razz:


    It’s probably much more fun if you were buying anything from them though.


    One of the few items I found interest in.


    I hardly consider that going overseas, but I guess it was somewhere nice to spend the weekend.


    Only if Stephen Sing was there. :cool:


    I cry myself to sleep regretting over it. :cry:


    That I was. I would have rather stayed 1 day for the cosplay contest. Oh well.


    That was just one of many instances.


    Especially the part where wolfx’s friend paid for an expensive lunch. Hehe.


    What I’d give to meet ID Sojourner =/


    That was probably one of the few highlights that day. I generally don’t wear glasses, though it does help increase the detail of my surroundings.


    Indeed it is, moreso when you watch the animation shorts.


    Hopefully with feedback from the evidently disgruntled crowd, perhaps they might be able to improve the event in the near future.

  19. lol @ the bear.
    Never take with the red ranger?

    Rokku’s last blog post..Toy and Comics convention – Day 02 (Last day)

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