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Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners Chapter Two


These TYPE-MOON public service messages are just hilarious to say the least. Please do not bring in any audio visual recording equipment while in theaters, for you may find your lines of death being cut.


At least 5 people have been found dead, brutally murdered and mutilated beyond recognition. These heinous crimes are suspected to be committed by the same perpetrator, as strange markings are left behind at every crime scene. Struggling to suppress her murderous tendencies arising from her other self, Shiki is led to believe that she may well be the person who killed all these innocent people in cold blood.



Ryougi Shiki

Years before the fated accident which led to the attainment of the 「Chokushi no Magan」 that forever altered her life, Shiki stood out from the rest of her high-school peers, due to her reclusive, antisocial nature. Destined to become the Ryougi bloodline's sole successor, Shiki has a deep rooted hatred towards people, which can be partially attributed to her split personality disorder. While having distinct traits and priorities of their own, both personalities of Shiki see Koukoto in a more positive light compared to the others, as the latter is the only person who has shown genuine concern and the kind of persistence that's hard to shake off.


Mikiya Kokutou

Even as a student, Kokutou had that air of maturity and wisdom well beyond his years, who took a keen interest in Shiki after being intrigued by her enigmatic personality. Despite given the cold shoulder, Kokutou eventually succeeded breaking the barrier Shiki cast around her and become her only friend. From a simple doting classmate, Kokutou's feelings towards Shiki grew stronger as time went by which was put to the ultimate test when evidence from the random murders all point towards the latter.


Shirazumi Rio

Kokutou's senior and friend, who abruptly quit school due to some unknown reason. He seems to know of Shiki being somehow related to those incidents.


Daisuke Akimi

A detective working with the local law enforcement, Daisuke is a family friend of the Mikiya household who also serves as an elder brother figure to Kokutou. Despite his scruffy and laid back appearance, Akimi is a diligent investigator who's put in charge of unraveling the truth behind the murders.

Final Thoughts

You know, if this is anything like Tsukihime, then Shiki IS NOT the murderer which the show trying to portray. Consider the fact you never actually see her performing those deeds is good enough of an alibi, though that scene of her going berserk towards Kokutou might prove otherwise. Still, I'm willing to bet Shiki's delicious flat chest that things are not what as they appear, which is a staple in the convoluted Nasuverse; Impulse Inversion, anyone? The lack of action in this chapter was understandable as they had to introduce the main characters, with Shiki being a whole lot cuter in her younger days, which can be seen whenever the wayward SHIKI manifests himself, which brings up the all important question: is it considered gay to find the male persona of Shiki far more attractive?  :razz:

Not sure how this chapter stacks against the source material, but I found it to be a decent attempt to delve deeper into the backstory of key players, especially Shiki, whose conflicted dual personalties are at odds seeking control over one another, though this whole, which might prove confusing to those who aren't at least familiar with Tsukihime. Either way, events from the end of this chapter will take a back seat with focus shifting to Asami Fujino, another heroine of the story in what I've been told is the darkest chapter yet. She will be voiced by the venerated Mamiko Noto, so that alone is something worth looking forward to. :lol:

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  1. The scene which Shiki smeared blood on her lips was lolwut to me.

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..Developing clairvoyance

  2. Makes you want to know how much more the series can progress to the darkest abyss possible. :mrgreen:

  3. Holy and I noticed the two cat plushies, no prize for it though. They are a reference to that character from Melty Blood, Len.

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..Kara No Kyoukai: So Satsujin Kousatsu was a bigger cocktease?

  4. Len is one of my favorite character from MeltyBlood so I caught that reference pretty quick. :lol:

  5. Beautiful work as always. :smile:

    Darn you for beating me on reviewing this

    FFVIIKnight’s last blog post..Guess what got released today? :)

  6. I was going to download this, but then remembered that I haven’t even seen the first movie yet.

    blissmo’s last blog post..Chocolate Underground – 01: Yuck, A War Over Nothing

  7. Blood, Blood and more Blood.

    im willing to bet that the murderer is actually Shirazumi Rio. Though we will have to wait for sometime to find out.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..There is Fabulous and there is Fabulous. This is the latter.

  8. After reading the novels I still don’t know who the hell is the murder in the end…

    And how the heck did Shiki get involved in a car accident? It is also not revealed in the novel….

  9. White and Black Len!!! lol @ Typemoon self-reference.

  10. I think one of the bigger things that point to Shiki being innocent is the way the people died. Remember, Shiki doesn’t have her Eyes of Death yet. It’s pretty DAMN hard to cut a body up with just a knife and human power.

  11. I’m going to catch this; Shiki, female version. (: Oh yeah! :grin:
    Hynavian’s last blog post..Ikkitousen Great Guardians Episode 3

  12. @Sojourner

    I personally found it erotic. The White/Black Ren references were adorable to say the least. :oops:


    Would rape in the next chapter count?


    I didn’t write much anyway. :grin:


    It’s got lots of blood and violence. I thought that it’d be right up your alley. :lol:


    That was my educated guess as well. Unless it’s the cop himself. :???:


    Really? I figured it was right after the moment she pinned Kokutou in the middle of the road, though how he evaded it would have been another question….


    Yeah, I went awwww too. :oops:


    True, but I assumed that if she was from a famous house of assassins like Nanaya Shiki, it wouldn’t have been any trouble for her.


    Shiki is moe no matter which personality takes over :grin:

  13. Oh yeah. I have a friend who has read the original novel and he told me the film adaptation is slightly different from the original story.

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..Gender Bending The World of Suzumiya Haruhi

  14. Needs moar Araya.

    ‘Nuff said.

  15. Late as usual, catching reviews…-_-; This adaptation is pretty similar to the least, and so is Tsukakku Zanryuu after it. Currently waiting on Garan no Dou, Mujun Rasen, and Boukyaku Rokuon, which the subbers are being ridiculously slow on. :cry: If anyone knows where to get the unsubbed version that would be excellent. :smile:
    aoi_sora9x-The murderer is implied in one of the side chapters. It was a pretty crazy read…

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