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Code Geass R2 Turn 08: Zero One Too Many


Save the Loli, Save the World.

A quick recap then. Standing before Kyrios, Strike Freedom and Virtue, Zero reaffirms his desire to participate in Governor Nunally's plan.


With no reason to apprehend them, Suzaku gives the order to pull back, including Viletta who calls off the pursuit as she is worried that if discovered, she will be:


tortured and raped.

Back at the sub, everyone is puzzled as to why Zero would agree to such a preposterous proposal. Random cute moment by Kaguya as she runs up to her hubby and glomps him. Kaguya is a good girl :cry:


And so, they eagerly question their exalted leader over his acceptance, though the dumbass of the team thought he had it all figured out.


Only not.


Before his statement could lead to a mutiny in the ranks, Zero poses a question that stumps the likes of Toudo.


To love all that is 2D with utmost passion? Not really, but it was a hint to his masterplan.

Either way, they trust Zero's intuition since they're mindless drones anyway, and preparations for the revival of the Special Zone commences, complete with cheesy propaganda posters:


зона, которой особенно(специально) управляют, Японии

Suzaku especially has much to take care of, as he informs his friends of his impending absence from school. The idle chatter leads to Suzaku pondering if Lelouch had really lost his memory, with Rollo thinking dirty stuff in the background.


This in turn reminds Suzaku of the Geass placed on him, which till today is still in effect, as seen by the pathetic attempts of an Eleven trying to kill Syaoran Yamato with a puny knife. Ludicrous.

Fool, if you want to kill a God, you're going to need someone who can get the job done.

Meanwhile in Dallas, we see Table-chan well and alive, currently working under Schneizel, perhaps doing it right this time around, as she reminiscences on her failure back then due to a dud. Her employer of course properly rewards her efforts with high quality IKEA tables.

Back in Japan, Anya showcases the multifunctionality of her PDA:


Vibrator set to maximum output! キタ━━(゚∀゚)━━ッ!!

I also got a hard on from the following scene. Man, this girl sure knows how to talk dirty!


Speaking of arousal, this scene made me want to fap hard as well. One's an alluring vamp oozing with sex appeal. The other? That's Cecil.


Okay, to her credit, she does look mighty fine there, but Lloyd's devious expression made me want to pin him down and violate his rear. Struggling in futility, Lloyd lets out small girlish squeals as he gasps for air, only to finally submit to my will and to his carnal desires. With his mind going blank from raw ecstasy, Lloyd is brought to the brink of ejaculation as each of my forceful trusts make contact with his prostate. I think I should stop now.

Anyhow, skipping ahead, Zero manages to rally close to a million Elevens for the summit, with Britannian forces on standby, bearing his outrageous request into mind, which might lead to a revolt.


After an obligatory opening speech by the Governor General herself, Britannia's end of the bargain is kept, and Zero is pardoned for his crimes and allowed exile. Zero appears on screen and thanks Britannia for their kind gesture, though Suzaku demands that he at least reveal himself. Zero declines and in turn reiterates that million dollar question:


Instead of the awesome answer I gave, Suzaku drones on about how it's about the heart blah blah blah. With that, the conditions have been cleared, and the signal is given to what would most likely be the birth of history's largest flash mob:



"I am the bane of Britannia.
Cloaked is my body, and masked is my face.
I have exiled over a million elevens.
Unknown identity.
None can take my life.
I withstood pain to create a world of justice
Yet, these hands will forever be blood soaked.
So as I am, "Unlimited Zero Works."

They even come in different flavors, including Moe Grape Kaguya Zero, which I just can't help but want to devour whole.


The Brits were left speechless and confused as expected, though Nunally's assistant, that bespectacled Britannian bureaucrat whose name I forgotRohmeier, tries to keep things under control, as she does not believe there is any possible means of ferrying 1 million people. Heh. Cue the Chinks who arrive with backup, in a form of a gigantic Iceberg ship. And god, Sayako, I never paid much attention to her before, but damn , she's one fine meido.



Realizing that they're about to lose so much manpower in one go, Rohmeier decides to slaughter the whole lot of them, but Suzaku's conscience would not allow it, hence leading a mental bout between his ideals and ethics.

So Suzaku, what will it be?




With all said and done, Zero and his merry men left Area 11 to god knows where. He however thanks Suzaku for his consideration, being his worst enemy and all, while at the same time Suzaku concedes to the fact Zero does indeed know him well.


Girly tears were shed in this scene:

Farewell, Britannian. :cry: Star-crossed lovers doomed never to be together?

Well, that was a brilliant plan to say the least. Gambling on that one trait Suzaku had as well as a showcase of the true power of Anonymous, Zero really outdid himself there, though equal credit has to be given to the Chinese Federation. However, I can tell, being a chink myself, they aren't ones to do things for free. Lelouch must have really got one hell of a bargaining chip then, if he could persuade Xingke to pull off something of that magnitude, though his ailment of sorts might prove significant. It was also a clever move to avoid a long drawn battle between his beloved sister, though what they'll do now remains to be seen. Speaking of which, there will be no episode the following week, as it will be pre-emptied by some random otaku crap, with popular rumors suggesting it was taken off air as a sign of respect to the Chinese earthquake victims, making you wonder what the episode would have been all about and if the producers are going to rewrite it.

Still, nice to see Lelouch taking the fight to another continent. The best place to go? Why, down under to Australia of course!


  • A lone superpower that is fully self sufficient meaning it already has its own useable infrastructure.
  • It has shitloads of uranium that Rakshata can utilize to construct nuclear-powered Knightmare Frames instead of the traditional Sakuradite ones.
  • Mao built a nice little shack that overlooks Ayer's Rock that C.C and Lelouch could live in.
  • Mao was Premier of Australia, which is now leaderless after his death, paving the way for Zero's rule.

So yes, take that Iceberg ship to Australia, set up base, build a few nukes, take Britannia out. Crikey! Any takers?

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  2. lol you Lloyd f4g XD. Anyway, I really do enjoy your blog, keep it up! :smile:

  3. “FUCK IT, DEAL!” rofl!

    I just noticed it now… but Cecil has rather big melonpans that looks very bouncy.

    Nekonron’s last blog post..Britannian Empire the result of Celestial Being’s intervention?


    So I heard Mao has a NICE HOUSE thar. Can you guess where his house is located?

    Deception Bay! Ba dum tish!

    Hangmen’s last blog post..HITMAN’S LATEST CONTRACT

  5. ‘Save The Loli’ was what I had in mind as well before scrolling down to that portion. And I wonder how was Rakshata capable of puffing her magical dragon with that mask on, unless she had it customised.

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..DILDO 4: Becoming an Otaku, The Terrible Selfish Anime Fan

  6. Britanian is from the American continent? LOL. I thought it’s from Britain/UK or something.

  7. Geh, I can’t beat your episodic entry, but I’ll try anyway.

    Nagato’s last blog post..Summer 2008 Anime List: Suck, Suck, And More Suck

  8. You make me laugh each time , keep doing that :grin:

    I let you take Lloyd and i’ll take Shirley , thank you :cool:
    James’s last blog post..Alicia Florence (BEAT – Toy Works)

  9. To be honest I can’t blame you for the Lloyd XD Ah, Cecile, Kaguya and Anya were such wonderous highlights of the this episode…

    Save The Loli, Have good times!

    Deranged’s last blog post..Wagaya no Oinari-sama 06 – Cake!

  10. I think you forgot the obvious comment about the iceberg ship:


  11. You obviously haven’t watched V for Vendetta. :wink:

    Cecile’s boobs were very random…and not sure why she’s there for…but i’m not complaining. :grin:

  12. Cecile’s boobs were there to prevent the rest of the male audience of this show from turning into Shin XD (Well, either way, they’ll still sell a hell lot of doujin)

    edit: sorry bout the double comment OTL

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Of so-called study trips and… not much else

  13. Haha, different flavours, never thought of that XD

    Like your new banner btw! And omg, I just love Heroes!

    blissmo’s last blog post..CODE GEASS R2 – 08: How to get out alive

  14. The Zeros remind me of gummy bears.

    double’s last blog post..Idol Photobook With Rei Cosplay

  15. LOL, your posts are always funny.
    How will they carry that many Zeroes..
    And how did they make that many Zero costumes..
    IT’S OVER 1,000,000!!!

    lol, anything can happen in this anime.
    As long as Lelouch says so..

    Setsukyie’s last blog post..Vampire Knight – 7, Scarlet-Colored Labyrinth

  16. I respectfully disagree with your choice of Lloyd over Cecil. Though Lloyd over Cecil could be interesting…

  17. Oh man, that was great. :lol:

    When are we getting Code Gayass Turn 02?

  18. lol u. i want my episode 6 7 and 8!

  19. @Setsuna



    Lloyd makes even the straightest of guys go gay for him. Srsly. Anyway, thank you for dropping by. :razz:


    They thought they could do that and take the glory away from Lloyd. Hah.


    I snickered. Well played.


    Pretty sure they have a lot of sliding compartments here and there….


    Yeah, strange isn’t it. It’s like America never happened. :lol:


    I didn’t know we were competing to post gay fanfics and sh00ps. :cool:


    Buddy, you have no idea what you’re missing!


    I love the lolis as much as I love Lloyd. :oops:


    *facepalms* I can’t believe I let it slip by me. nICE BOAT.


    Well yeah, that and I Am Spartacus, wherever that’s from. I almost wanted to make a Naruto reference too… :cool:


    And pray tell what’s wrong turning into someone like me? :evil:


    Thanks, Ranka makes anything and everything awesome. :oops:


    I would eat only the bite sized loli. :twisted:


    Don’t be like Nagato and start trying to make sense out of this. :razz:


    I’m offended by love making between two consenting adults in the missionary position.


    When there’s enough material, you can count on me to post it. :cool:


    Go download yourself lar. I already gave you episode 7 liow mar.

  20. Concerning taking the iceberg ship to Australia, you seem to be forgetting one thing: The whole thing’ll melt before it even crosses the Equator. Then again, they’ll be safely in Chinese Federation waters by then.

  21. Physics? In my anime? THIS IS CODE GEASS!!! :mad:

    But yeah, you have a point there, though I expect the actual ship itself to be still there even after the ice melts. Maybe they can throw a few thousand people overboard if there isn’t enough room. :lol:

  22. LOLI… OUTPUT TO 20%!


    Aoshi’s last blog post..*SLAP* Macross Frontier Episode 9

  23. Every time I read a summary of this episode, I think of a certain other character. Could you imagine 1 million people (including the dog) dressed like this?

    Also, been trying to do the math for how big that damn iceberg ship would have to be. It’d have to be the size of Tiananmen Square or something. Or going by Borg cubes which apparently fit 129k drones, that would be ~7.75 cubes…or 217 cubic kilometers. WTF.


    But…this is Geass. What am I talking about… :grin:

  24. LOL oh god why do you have to be gay for Lloyd. He’s such an annoying fag, he’d rather fuck a robo penis than anything else. Maybe him and Nina should hook up and have wild robo table sex :shock:
    Hinano’s last blog post..Hakushaku to Yousei – 04

  25. :smile: :grin: :twisted: :kiss: I LOVE ROLO!!!! COPY AND PASTE IF YOU DO TOO!!!!!!!!!

  26. Syaron Yamato?
    Kira Yamato+Syaron Lee=Suzaku. Anyway, there are way too many Zeroes.

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