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Code Geass R2 Turn 07: Kiss Kiss Fall In Love


An accurate depiction of the Code Geass target fanbase.

Emperor Charles once again proves he's the de facto leader of the empire by rallying the troops with his inspiring speech, which even made me instinctively stand up and raise my arms.


Regaining consciousness in his room at the Ashford Academy, Lelouch realizes Rollo has most likely had his way with him. Breaking the awkward silence, Lelouch asks Rollo if he had said anything while asleep, though Rollo assures him otherwise. In truth, Lelouch was calling out to Nunally like the forlorn siscon that he is.

Brooding over the fact he lost Nunally once again, Emolouch ponders the content of his next MySpace entry while the rest of class prepares for a class trip. To add to his woes, there is an announcement that the new Governor-General is about to make her inaugural speech.


Damn, I knew Brits could shag like minxes, but I didn't realize Charles would have this many kids. Unsurprisingly, everyone's reaction towards Nunally being a blind, crippled underaged girl as their leader was mixed, though you can hear the pedos rejoicing. She however drops the bomb on everyone by seeking their help to revive the Japanese Special Administrative Region plan.


Everyone was of course skeptical over it, with the disaster resulting from the previous attempt still fresh in their minds. The Black Knights especially, expressed their disdain over the announcement, but there was at least one person who bought it.


Damn pedo.

And then there's Lloyd who got aroused for that one brief moment.


Also, take a look at this screenshot


If you noticed the striking resemblance between Nunally's assistant with that of Marina Ismail's, congratulations, you have a keen eye for detail, though so did 90% of whoever saw this. On the other hand, if you noticed Nunally's delicious, budding bosoms before anything else, you are AWESOME!

Walking out in the middle of the speech, Lelouch hops on a train to contemplate his life, now that he feels Zero is no longer needed.


Meanwhile in the Black Knight's submarine base, Kaguya laments over how Zero seems to be ignoring her, and despite suggestions that he might be cheating on her, Kaguya merely brushes it off, saying that it's okay for someone like Zero to be a player. What an understanding waifu :cry: A pity really, since Lelouch sort of has a typical RPG party of a harem. Kaguya even likens them to the three court ladies, as explained by an ever so annoying helpful translator's note


I try to plug Lloyd as much as possible, since I'm gay for him, so here he is being pawned by Cecile's sandwiches.


Also, a new pairing? Even if it was true, it'd most likely be one sided, since Guilford is still vying for his lost Princess. Still, I actually think they could live happily together if they both open a sandwich shop, as much like Kikuko Inoue's other milfy character, she can go wild with her creations:


Nightfall, and Lelouch lurks about the alleys geassing a bunch of thugs just for lulz, where he notices one of them carrying some Refrain, a drug that allows users to relive their past memories.

The next day while the entire class is off for the trip, Lelouch heads to a deserted construction site to get high. However, Kallen interrupts and tells him to stop being such a pussy and live with his losses. Speaking of female genitilia, Kallen sort of offers some to Lelouch, or at least that's what it sounded like.

Not expecting Lelouch to suddenly go straight, Kallen cockblocks our hero just as he tries to steal a kiss, earning him a slap instead. Owned.


As consolation, Rollo shows up right after Kallen runs away crying, to comfort Lelouch. You know, even if this was a Sunrise production, I can safely say that CLAMP calls the shots when it comes to pairings wise, simply because of what transpired between the two "siblings"


Canon gay? In my Code Geass? Well, we already knew it was more likely than we thought, but this pretty much confirms it. :lol:

Baww'ing ensue as Lelouch returns to Ashford to find his friends staying behind just for him. :cry: Touched by their gesture, flashbacks of the times he shared with everyone ran through Lelouch's mind in a really melodramatic manner. Everything will be alright, if you just believe in the power of friendship! I'm just curious as to why Nina's there.

Elsewhere, Suzaku bombards the Black Knight's submarine base, forcing them to flee in desperation. All seems lost until Lelouch makes a last minute appearance to guide his loyal subjects to safety and at the same time gain an upper hand against the enemy forces, through clever geographical exploitation.


With the Britannian navy effectively crippled, Lelouch heads towards Suzaku ordering a cease fire, as the former complies with the Governor's General offer by partaking in her plans. Shock and awe all around.



A pretty meh episode other than that cute brotherly moment, not to mention a possible turning point for Lelouch, as he somewhat realizes that his fight against Britannia is no longer merely for Nunally's sake, which in some ways redeems his character from a manipulative megalomaniac to a true champion of the oppressed. This is important too, as continuing the way he was would have been a death flag of sorts, so a change in focus I assume inadvertently just prevented a bad end. The one thing that's beyond redemption I guess would be Lelouch's path to heterosexuality. Man, you'd think that Kallen would have wanted Lelouch to jam it in her, but alas, he was denied a chance at becoming straight again. Maybe if he tried a different approach...Speaking of which, Rollo didn't look the slightest disturbed when he heard Lelouch calling out to Nunally, since I expected him to go all yandere from it, and even use it to his advantage, as there was that scene in the train where Rollo was mindfucking Lulu by spamming Nunally broadcasts. They could have developed quite a bit on it since it would mean Rollo turning the tables, but in the end all that build up eventually deflated on its own.

Also, lawl at the Eleven's reaction to Zero submitting to the Governor General's directive, I mean come on, you've trusted your exalted leader and went along with his crazy ideas all this time, but you went :shock: from that? Disturbing lack of faith indeed. Even Suzaku even gave an "uh huh" look. Anyway if this is the show I think I'm watching, then it won't go well anyway, with the Chinese Federation under Li Xingke's command possibly spoiling the party judging from the preview, so let's see how this turns out.

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  1. Wow nice photoshop! :cool:
    Hinano’s last blog post..Special A – 07

  2. If that actually happened, I would be a lot more interested in R2 :wink:

  3. Great PS action! love the review, you took the words straight out of my mind :mrgreen:
    viramz’s last blog post..H – upgrade (H for hentai)

  4. That photoshop makes me angry, but I’d rather go kick a gnome instead.

    I hope Rolo dies painfully and with much gore.

  5. I was unimpressed by this episode. Maybe because it didn’t seem to take much to make Chess Master LeDouche fall apart, what’s with that?

    otou-san’s last blog post..Kids today

  6. The episode certainly felt lacklustre, but fortunately my concentration was more on… celebrating Nunnally’s newfound bosom to focus on it overmuch.

  7. Shinn’s Gay masterpiece never fails even in R2 lol…. The Saliva pic is the best lol…. (touching HAHAHA)

  8. I think you need a break…. too much junjou has broken your mind and torn your soul :oops:

  9. I loled at the 4koma… I loled at the shop… man, even if the episode itself wasn’t that great, the fan reaction made up for it. XD

    Also, I believe Nunnaly is so far down the line because of her mother, not being an actual britainian but an honourary one would push her’s and Lelouch’s place as heirs down to even lower than the cousins.

    And yes, us brits do shag like minxes 0_o

    Deranged’s last blog post..Code Geass R2 07 – Not That Much Happened

  10. Rollo and Lulu :smile:

    They’re so cute together :grin:

    I agree it wasn’t the best episode …

    James’s last blog post..Fauna (Alter)

  11. Rollo invading Lulu’s personal space made me squick slightly, but your photoshop made my inner yaoi fangirl squeal! :grin:

    Sunrise are definately undermining Lelouchs heterosexuality – but he does get bonus points for aksing Kallen to ‘comfort’ him!

    Isnt Lelouch something like 18th in line for the throne? I dont think the Brittianians operate a policy of 1st born inherits the throne. Since Charles is all for the strong ruling over the weak I’d imagine he would use the same philosophy with his offspring and have the most capable inherit. Nunally is way down the rankings since she is crippled, blind and the complete opposite of ruthless!

  12. Last panel in the 4koma is KALLEN’S LIPS

    Ohgod I’m just ruining everyone’s 4komas aren’t I?

    Nagato’s last blog post..Code Geass R2 – 7: Lelouch Listens To Depressing Musics

  13. err… “Code Gayass” then..?
    shin no baka… :???:

  14. I knew that 4koma thing was gonna show up sooner or later.

    By the way, I happened to notice Nunally’s ‘potential’ as well. I am so doomed… :cry:

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..[Sticky] A KKnM event// Melonpan Vs. Choco Cornet

  15. GAYASS IS GAY. :eek:
    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..What Lulu should have done.

  16. Why did Kallen reject Lulu?

    *sob sob*

    blissmo’s last blog post..Promising a New Era of (Un)Hilarious Comics!

  17. Coz she is a tsundere, altho we might see more of them after this

  18. Every day I come here and become even more and more disturbed.

    You’re so going on my blogroll later today.

    Riex’s last blog post..OP Champs: May 08

  19. Ah, Shin, your anime reviews are certainly over the top (wiping tears away after a good laugh). I actually noticed the resemblance of Nunnally’s secretary to someone in Gundam 00 but it was only a fleeting thought. Thank you for capitalizing on it.

    The Lulu kissing Roro pictures are overkill for me. I believe I laughed for a full 10 minutes. Man, how long did you work on those? I’d say Sunrise certainly wastes no time inspiring and influencing future BL doujinshi market.

    YinMaster’s last blog – Your One Stop for Latest Light Novel Info

  20. Just remember – if this was a dating sim, the Rolo ending has been triggered by Kallen’s rejection.

    And why do you crop in Macross-F kissing scenes? Those make Baby Kira cry…

  21. @Hinano

    The power of the fujoshis. :cool:


    You can count on more of that. :cool:


    Thank the Elevens, they sure love their ghey. :twisted:


    Why the rage? :eek:


    So they could insert that gay moment. :wink:


    Awesome as always, Anon. :cool:

    @Ryvious, Evern

    More where that came from. :twisted:


    Really the only good thing about this episode. :lol:


    Exactly, only that brotherly love moment made up for it. :mad:


    Glad you liked it. :twisted:

    You have a point there, I wonder how interesting CG could have been if Lelouch just used his power to fight for the throne instead of overthrowing it. :???:


    *psst* I think they know.


    Yuk Yuk :cool:


    Nvm, you’re still AWESOME. :cool:


    As always. :twisted:


    Another satisfied customer. :twisted: Thanks, added you too. :cool:


    The only way to set myself apart from the other 100 CGR2 posts. :razz:

    Oh, that image was given to me by a friend who knows moonrunes and lurks around 2chan in his spare time. :grin:



    Eh, there’s M-F? I thought it was Code Gayass the whole way… :???:

  22. Awesome shop! If I didn’t know any better I would have sworn that you had access to some uncut version of the episode DX

    Nekonron’s last blog post..Britannian Empire the result of Celestial Being’s intervention?

  23. I saw Nunally’s bosoms before anything else in that shot… guilty as charged!
    Yep, Sanae’s aura was on Cecil for that questionable bread making taste, I mean, seriously, wasabi on bread?
    And dude… if you were going to be gay for somebody, why did it have to be Lloyd? I’d thought you would jump for someone like Rolo and whatnot… :oops:

  24. That was gay thhat rolo kiss lulu.also why did they not show that on the show?

  25. that is not real because they are not kiss in the code geass r2 because the memory of lelouch is return to him so he will not kis rolo :sad: :mad: :evil:

  26. Nice nice. By the way, I have completely lost my appetite now. Excuse me while I go throw up. :sad: I cant belive you did that to poor Rolo! *cough* and lulu *cough*. No..wait…Yeah. I can believe it. WHY!? :mad:

    But nice review! :kiss: XD I never got why Lloyd looked so…um..distraught. Are her sandwiches that GOOD, or that BAD? :swt:

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