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Code Geass R2 Turn 06: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Nii Nii


My uncle is WHO?!

Sure is handy having a shouta brother who would do your bidding hanging around the place. Suzaku thinking that he managed to one up Lelouch by forcing him into a corner is instead ZA WARUDO'ed by Rollo.


In the precious 5 seconds that he is given, Lelouch finally conveys his true feelings towards Nunally, confirming where his preferences truly lie.

Tick tock and Suzaku's flow of time return to normal, with him convinced that Lelouch's memory has not been restored, as the latter does not seem to recognize the person over the phone.


At the same time as Nunally readies to depart from Britannia's base in California, some poor sap who's in charge of escorting the new Governor General by the name of Upson, brushes off Guilford's warnings about Zero, which effectively became his epitath.


And out of nowhere, fabulous Lloyd. Kyaaaa~


At the forbidden city of Luoyang, we see(finally!) the Chinese Empress talking to Kaguya about the outside world, as she had never left the palace before. It was gut wrenching to watch the loli burst into tears as her only friend had to take leave. Damn those castrated fags for confining this little girl. Here's to hoping that Li Xingke kill every single one of those General Eunuchs.



Also, Kaguya's excuse for leaving? To meet her husband. Gee, girl, I don't want to be the person to break it to you but your so called spouse's a raging homosexual with a sister complex to boot.


What Kaguya Saw:


What We Got:


Meanwhile at the Black Knights HQ, C.C frankly asks if Lelouch would go to the extent of fighting Nunally in his bid to overthrow Britannia. A redundant question to say the least, since his efforts thus far was to create a utopia where he can live with Nunally. The subject switches to V.V, whom the green hair Pizza witch reveals is Emperor Charles' staunch ally as they were bound by a pact made ages ago.

Elsewhere at the Temple of Akasha, V.V and the Emperor reaffirms their diabolical scheme;


V.V's ambition's so inspiringly gar it made Charles wet his panties, or suspenders, or whatever it is he wears underneath.

If you have no idea whiskey tango foxtrot the two just talked about, watch the video below:

YouTube Preview Image

1:40 onwards specifically.

Back in Tokyo, Suzaku heads over the the Chinese embassy only to discover that the Black Knights were no longer there, realizing that they might be after the Governor General. Sure enough, somewhere above the Pacific Ocean, Zero launches an assault on the capital ship ferrying Nunally. Despite heavy resistance from the enemy, the Black Knights manage to dock on the ship.


Britannian reinforcements arrive, with Guilford spearheading the entire rescue operation, in their float pack equipped Knightmare Frames.

With everyone else distracted, Lelouch manages to make his way to into the Garden Chamber where Nunally was residing. Sorta lawl'ed at the way they zoomed into her, as if he was confronting the final boss or something.

Outside in the heat of the battle, the Black Knights are able to clear most of the Britannian forces until another wave of backup arrives, this time the elite Knights of Round. Except for Suzaku who's without a KF, Zino and Anya turns the tides around to their favor, annihilating cannon fodder material, including old man Senba who's long overdue for a retirement anyway.


Back to Lelouch and Nunally, their reunion turned to be quite an awkward one, since he's showing up as Zero, resulting in some hilariously ironic conversation as he tries to convince her that she is being used by Britannia. Nunally even hits the mark as to why she was appointed Governor General.


That's right. Since Nunally's a walking wheelchair-bound pillar of fetishes, it was quite a brilliant move on daddy's behalf, as pandering to the twisted desires of the sick Elevens would help keep them in order. The powers of the disabled moe. Superb.

More fighting ensue, as the Black Knights suddenly find themselves overwhelmed by the Knights, including Suzaku who joined the fray in his shiny new Lancelot Conquista. Kallen bears the brunt of it as her Guren's ejecting mechanism fails after being fired on by the Lancelot's Hadron cannon, which sends her plunging into the sea.

And then, out of nowhere:


Kallen's hidden powers awaken as she faces a dire situation, with Laksharta arriving just in time to provide additional assistance.


Y-yes ma'am! Systems all green!




Tengen Toppa Guren Kashoushiki?

With all this expensive upgrades, the Guren opens a can of whoop ass on everyone, including the Knights of Round.

Well, I'm at a loss of words in describing the now overpowered Guren, though it was fun to watch no less, since I've not seen this kind of mecha hax ever since Gundam 00 ended.

In the midst of battle, Suzaku receives a transmission from Cecile reporting that Nunally is in the main transport ship that is bound to crash in under a minute. He makes a hasty retreat and rushes to where the Governor General is. Still at a loss on how to deal with Nunally, Lelouch is interrupted by the Lancelot as it bursts the garden walls. In desperation, Lelouch rushes to Nunally but is blown away due to the air pressurization. Thrown into the skies by the wind, Lelouch cries out Nunally's name in anguish, who somehow hears her brother calling her.


WHAT A TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIST! If the royal family is as incestuous as I assume they'd be, then the mental image of V.V and Charles having some sexy time together would really make one's stomach churn. Still no idea what these two are up to, as they seem so focused on Jupiter for some reason. It's also got to suck for Lelouch as he is now separated from Nunally yet again, and as additional insult, Suzaku is now seen as the savior, which should fuel the hatred even more than before. Great, now we're going to have to put through Lelouch going all emo the next episode, as hinted in the preview. Chill man, there are still other lolies out there for you, including Kaguya who's absolutely delicious looking in her new getup. Then there's Anya the Twitter maniac with her irresistibly stoic persona, not to mention the Chink Empress who gives off that I WANT TO PROTECT HER moe. Decisions, decisions...

Imouto of the season?

  • Tachibana Miya (44%, 90 Votes)
  • Kousaka Kirino (32%, 65 Votes)
  • Kasugano Sora (24%, 51 Votes)

Total Voters: 206

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  1. ITS RAINING BRICKS at the OP image.

    1st choice Kaguya 2nd choice The Empress. love her skirt.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Evangelion 1.01: You are (not) alone

  2. At least there is one thing good that comes out of Suzaku screwing over Lelouch in this episode, Kallen gets to be the rebound girl in next week as shown in the preview, that or Sunrise is pulling my genitals.

    +1 Respect for your hilarious application of your image editing skills!

  3. *sob sob* My net’s working, I’ve written a post about Code Geass …. BUT NOOOOO~~ my net’s stuffing up by not letting me post things or upload things and instead I have to go to random places and comment

    LOL! Annnyway, Baccano 14 finally got subbed! MUAHAHAHA!

    Me no like Suzaku

    blissmo’s last blog post..Macross Frontier – 06

  4. anya ftw…
    shit i got blasted as well

  5. Go GO Anya!!!
    3 more votes and we’ll take down Kaguya along with the rest of ze 11s

  6. Seriously where do you get all those kewl pictures?

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..[Sticky] A KKnM event// Melonpan Vs. Choco Cornet

  7. Kaguya-hime!!!

    Deranged’s last blog post..The Anime Blog Awards

  8. Guren-Kashoushiki, gattai da! Come to think of it:

    1. Her Knightmare’s name is Guren (missing just one ‘r’).
    2. It’s painted red.
    3. She’s quite hot-blooded.

    Many chobham armor platings were shat.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..FURUDE RIKA SINGS IEVAN POLKKA

  9. I swear I was getting deja vu when seeing Guren getting her new part. Impulse anyone? And Anya just become my new fav loli ^^. Speaks in a oh-so-sexy voice and believe in massive firepower. Atta girl :).

    lanie-emon’s last blog post..Thyme – Forever We Can Make It.

  10. … what an evil, if brilliant, way to link Deus Ex to Code Geass. Except I just can’t see the Emperor as Walton Simmons – he’s just not competent enough. Evil, yes – competent, no. V.V. as Bob Page, on the other hand…

    By the way, shouldn’t that second picture of Lelouch be addressed to Suzaku instead of Kaguya? Which is kinda a pity, except that means he won’t be going after Kaguya-hime. Who got a serafuku for some reason…

  11. Are we finally going to see Karen X Lelouch flag? Anyways, you forgot the Girly Man scene aka this pic Not to mention Manly Girl too XD


    And you missed manboobs.

    Aoshi’s last blog post..BAD ART IS BADDDDDD

  13. at least Kallen got her GN arms

    otou-san’s last blog post..Macross Frontier Episode 6

  14. Lloyd and Cecil are back! LLOYD AND CECIL ARE BAACCCCKKK!!!!!!!!
    (Huh? What Chinese Empress loli? Tengen Toppa Guren Nishiki what?)

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Ahah! / Hayate no Gotoku Shiritori / Really?

  15. @Setsuna

    And so it seems the Japanese princess is the popular choice


    I don’t know… Lelouch seems to be finding solace in Rollo judging from the preview. Glad you like the images, hehe.


    Oh crikey, I need to go watch it. Don’t hate Suzaku per se, since the only guy I really like is Lloyd. Better to be openly homosexual then containing it and becoming uptight, I say.


    She can blow me anyday.


    Being left in the dust as we speak


    Those images as you may have realized are from the first season, and back then I collected pretty much every Nunally images available, which sure came in handy today lawl.


    …is winning.


    My sentiments exactly.

    @Rock Lee



    If it wasn’t for Kaguya’s makeover, I would have agreed with you on that. Now I’m at a loss.


    Thank god someone actually caught it. I thought I was the only person who actually played that awesome game. The moment Charles and V.V spoke of their scheme, it immediately felt like a conspiracy of sorts, hence the reference. Well, as for Emperor not being suited for Walton Simmons, you have a point there, but then again, to his credit, little Charles came up with quite a number of tricks, though he really let his minions do all the dirty work. Oh snap, the image, should have done that instead. I Alt + c’ed and forgot the change the text wwww


    The only female Lelouch’s ever going to love is his sister. Face it.


    Since everyone else already caught on it, I figured I should pass since I’ve nothing really interesting to add.


    I had more Gundam SEED Destiny vibes more than anything else ^^;



  16. If only JC had had a Geass, Deus Ex would’ve been easier. Well, until upgrading to see through walls. That made the rest of the game a bit of a smoother journey. Good times.

    IKnight’s last blog post..A Paean For The 08th MS Team

  17. Nii-nii~<3…


    Damn you, I haven’t even watched 6 yet.

    Nagato’s last blog post..Itazura na Kiss 6 – Exams And Failed Valentine’s Day

  19. Actually during an interview with the show producers, it was stated that this season Lelouch will choose the love of his live (and it aint his sister you siscon). Shirley is loosing way too much to C.C. and Karen, and as C.C. is hinted to be his ancestor or something (ZOMG TIME PARADOX INCEST!!), that just leaves Karen.

  20. May my drill pierce the heavens!

    Yeah, the Guren’s overpowered. It had me thinking of Seed Destiny there.

  21. @IKnight

    Woo, another fan. Quite sure they had the upgrade in Invisible War, though too bad that game sucked balls.




    Hey, Itazura’s cool and all, but I’m sure it can take a back seat for CG right?


    I honestly can’t imagine Lulu going after girls other than his own sibling. :???:


    Everything about this episode screamed GSD. :razz:

  22. “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Nii Nii”


    Marmot’s last blog post..OH FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST

  23. Being the last to enjoy this show is just so sad but cant help it.. Anyway i hope Kallen new Gurren now is as equal as the knight of the rounds or even better…

    Kaguya so much vote but i prefer Nunally still being second (for now) is kinda too cruel hope she beats Kaguya hahaha

  24. What no zoom in shot of Karen’s huuuggge fish eye lens ass? :lol:
    Hinano’s last blog post..Hakushaku to Yousei – 04

  25. whats with that weird picture of charles XDDDD :lol:

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