Atarashii Prelude


Allison and Lillia 06: Operation Winter Camouflage


Whatever could this ingenious tactical plan be?

Gee, sure is conveniently placed escape route in underground cellar around here. Despite being locked up, Allison and Wil manage to make their escape to a nearby shack where the pair plan out their next move.


While in hiding, they notice the presence of an unknown person who turned out to be Ker who had seen them running from earlier. After a commotion between Allison and the Major, the trio are noticed by the villagers where they all make a break for it.

As they skulk about in the village waiting for the ALERT status to return to normal, they overhear a conversation between the villagers and a familiar voice.


Yes, it's Mamiko Noto talking, as she is told by two of the villagers to watch out for strangers and to shoot anyone suspicious on sight, though with that logic, everyone in the village would be dead now.


Somehow feeling that Fiona would be on their side, Ker makes himself known where they all retreat to the former's house. After making sure everyone was safe, Fiona immediately demanded that they take her to Ikstova, lest she turns them in. Unable to turn down the request of such a beautiful girl, Ker merely asks that she elaborate. After warming up to everyone, Fiona discovers Ker's identity as the hero who discovered the mural which put an end to the war. Convinced that he might actually be able to assist her, some obligatory explanation revealed Fiona was the sole survivor of the incident 10 years ago where the entire royal family was murdered. Pointing at Owen Nihito's picture, Fiona wishes to go to his speech at the capital to declare her existence and expose Owen's involvement in the assassination.



With all that seriousness put aside, it was time to go to sleep, but with only 3 beds available, Fiona(Francesca doesn't sound as cute) insists that she sleeps on the couch, much to Ker's objection as he had a reputation as a lady's man to live up to. Clearly envious by Ker's gallantry towards Fi, Allison expresses her dissatisfaction and comes up with a solution:

Problem solved.


Or not ToT


Unable to sleep, Fiona and Ker share some pillow talk on whether people treated him differently after he became a hero, to which he admits, though he's glad there are people like Allison and Wil whom he can normal with. Ker then tells Fiona that should she accomplish her goals, she might go through a similiar experience though she can count on them to never change around her.

In the morning, the four still have to bypass the village security to get to their destination, and the only way to achieve that was by concealing themselves in a white sheet, hoping they would all go unnoticed. Yes, despite the misleading name that Ker has given this ridiculous idea, it turned out to be rather crude, albeit effective.


Reaching a checkpoint of sorts, the only thing that stood between them and freedom was a lone guard. Putting on a charade with Fiona, Ker manages to incapacitate the villager, but their efforts went down the drain as the latter manages to activate some rudimentary alarm system that alerts everyone.

As they are surrounded by the armed mob, Fiona stands up for her newfound allies, probably knowing full well the villagers wouldn't harm them. Announcing her plans to go to the capital, the chieftain wishes them godspeed with little objection as he recognized Ker was with her. Swearing upon his life and honor as a soldier, Ker vows to protect Fiona to the very end. With that they all head to Kunst, the capital of Ikstova for Fiona's important mission.

Well, looks like I was right on the money about Fiona's past, though I wished they'd have Allison and company fight their way out of the village at least, since it was hinted that the whole place was dangerous territory with armed old ladies and all. I also facepalm'ed at the whole basement scene since there was like 101 objects that Allison and Wil could have utilized to aid their escape, though they just settled by climbing through the damn window which was so obviously placed before them. Lawlwut. All this adds up to how "safe" this whole arc has been so far, as there were nearly no life threathening moments to speak of, underlining what some people disliked about the show in the first place; the lack of action. Still for the rest of us who still (Episode 5 post where, Crusader? ;-; ) enjoy this, looks like they'll be going airborne again, though I have doubts as to whether any aerial dogfights will occur since nobody is actually pursuing them.

Also, as already hinted by the ED sequence, Ker and Fiona are set to become much closer in the next episode, which is interesting, with him being the knight and Fi as the exiled princess, making them a good match for one another. I wonder how long they'll remain together since from the preview, Fiona manages to safely confront Owen at his speech to make her announcement, and for story's sake, I'm counting on a plot twist of some sort here, possibly one where our politician dude wasn't behind it or something to that effect, taking into account everything was told to her by her late grandfather and all that. Even if it was how we expected it to be, the predictable nature isn't going to stop me from looking forward to the next episode.

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  1. I’m waiting for Slowsen subs

    Nagato’s last blog post..Kanokon 6

  2. “Ker and Fiona are set to become much closer in the next episode”

    Oh, looking forward to it. I’m also for moments that encourage closer relationship between characters. (:

    Hynavian’s last blog post..Sola Episode 5 & 6 – Ghost Dates

  3. shitsen sucks lol…
    Thankfully I already watched this on RAW is WAR

  4. I stopped waiting a while ago when I realized they weren’t better, just slower. They seemed to have picked up every other show that airs now and forgot about this one.

    otou-san’s last blog post..Shoukichi Kina & Champloose

  5. @Nagato

    A&L is being subjected to the Slowsen treatment now. Better jump ship.


    They’re easily my favorite couple this season as well hoho


    I just don’t like how they tend to drop shows midway.



  6. As a testament to how ‘safe’ this show is, A&L is probably the only show this season that can put two characters in the same bed (I was about to say two characters of opposite genders, but wrong season) without any misunderstandings whatsoever.

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Ahah! / Hayate no Gotoku Shiritori / Really?

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