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Allison and Lillia 05: Fionatasia


Can't think of anything witty to post, so here's something out of context. 

Months have passed since The Revelation, as we join Wil on his school field trip to the snowy regions of Ikstova, fully sponsored by the doting Allison.

While admiring a natural sight with his friend, Wil is approached by some KGB types who throw him into a vehicle. To his surprise, it was Allison behind the wheel, where apparently the entire trip was a setup on her behalf to spend some alone time with Wil. Just as planned.


O(≧∇≦)O ~ ♥ ♥ ♥

What Allison didn't plan for however, is the fact Wil would be such a dense person, oblivious to the situation, as she tries to discuss their future together. Her inability to express her feelings into words and his inability to take a hint, meant the conversation lead to nowhere, as the topic switches to the political propaganda taking place in town.


Allison 0 - Cockblock -1 

Allison's other purpose of being in Ikstova it seems, was her being part of a joint military exercise between Roxche and Sou Beil, as the duo headed to a military garrison to meet a certain someone. That person in question is of course none other than Ker Benedict, who has been promoted to Major from 2nd Lieutentant for his heroic deeds. Some people get all the credit. ( ̄へ ̄)


As everyone sat down to have a cup of tea, they catch up on old times, discuss a little on the joint operation itself, with Wil predicting the future:


Roxchian craving for tea knows no bounds! Even as they leave the base, Allison suggests to Wil that they head to a village across the lake to have a sip. Being on a tight budget, Wil declines at first, but is assured by Allison who reveals about her little stint as a caviar smuggler. The lengths these people will go to fund their addiction! Gotta love the definition Allison came up with as well.



Being alone once again, Allison attempts to talk to Wil about his plans after graduation, and she is able to carry the conversation a little further than before. However a sudden snowstorm interrupts Allison just before she could finish her sentence.


Kekkon shiyo, Wiru! (^∇^)


(╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Allison - 0 Cockblock - 2

As expected, Allison and Wil head to the closest village to brave the blizzard, with them stopping by along the way asking for directions. The seemingly harmless old woman who obliged them rushes down to her basement to warn the other villagers about these two suspicious characters. Even in times of so-called peace, people are still packing heat, as shown by this spinster who had an armory full of rifles.



As they arrive at the local town hall to have tea with their host, Wil comments on the royal crests, as he noted something was amiss. Sometimes, being too smart has its drawbacks, as Mr Know It All does little to quell the suspicion placed on them:


After talks of a possible conspiracy within the royal family, Allison does her best yet again to talk to Wil about his post-graduation plans. Poor girl, just when she's finally garnered the courage for an indirect confession, Wil gets knocked out by the drugged tea they just had. Realizing that fact, Allison follows suit and dozes off.


Allison - 0 Cockblock - 3

Major Benedict, hot on the trails of his friends as he was worried about them being lost in the snowstorm, comes across the tire tracks left by Allison suggesting she had headed towards a supposedly nonexistent village. Silent Hill anyone? On foot, he heads towards his destination, only to come across a beautiful girl, who ignores him. However, just as he took out the pamphlet which he used to mark his positions, the girl reacts all teary eyed and mentions the name of the name on it; Owen Nihito. She orders Ker to take her to the capital, but before he could answer, the villagers ask that this girl, Fiona, as she is known, to return with them.



Lawl, a hattrick of cockblocks. With that many obstacles in their relationship, I really wonder if Allison will ever be able to convey herself to Wil. As the situation never seems to favor herself when it comes to the matter of heart, it's watching her getting so worked up and flustered as she tries her best to do just that makes Allison such an endearing character, made much more interesting by the fact that the task of winning a loved one over is usually expected from the guy.

Anyway, even if the previous arc ended much sooner than expected, the story doesn't let up in this new one, even if the reunion moments implied that it might start off slow again.

The entire family of an eastern European monarchy assassinated in a coup d'etat.

A group of villagers that have barred themselves from outside contact.

Fiona reacting to the picture of a shady-looking politician.

Okay, anyone else getting that Anastasia vibe?

Everything seems to be in place. Fiona's the sole survivor of that assassination attempt, where she and a few loyalists have secluded themselves in a remote parts the country, fearing backlash from Owen, who obviously orchestrated the entire thing. I can see it now, together with Allison, Wil and Ker, Fiona will overthrow the evil dictator and claim her rightful place as leader of Ikstova. Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself there, though I have a gut feeling that at least a variation of what I had just mentioned will actually materialize, making the wait for a new episode all the more unbearable.

As the production team has to jam two novels worth of story into 26 episodes, you can almost forgive the pace at their going, though it does not in anyway feel disjointed, as the transition from one adventure to another is seamless, as shown in this episode. Oh yes, Mamiko Noto, the one with the voice of sex incarnate. Contrary to what I had expected, she voices Fiona with a much more mature tone than her usual meek and softspoken one, not that it's any less fappable.

I pity the foo who's not watching Allison and Lillia.

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  1. Seamless transition? In MY anime? Unpossible.

    orz I can’t watch this or CG 5 due to f-f-finals. /wrist

    Nagato’s last blog post..Kure-nai 5

  2. I think it’s actually at least three, maybe ten novels.

    The first four episodes correspond to the novel Allison. The current set of episodes appears to be “Night dreams of a true friend”, the second volume; and then the last book of the Allison series is in two (short) volumes.

    Then there’s the books about Lillia, six volumes in all.

  3. I assume you watched Mnemosyne then, speaking of Mamiko Noto and, uh, sexfulness?

    Allison is learning a fundamental truth here: There really is no force of nature quite so unstoppable as an anime cock-block. But I do like how it’s not the usual failed-confession nonsense.

    When a milquetoast weakling can’t find the courage to say something, that’s not compelling entertainment, that’s like going to McDonalds and finding that they have hamburgers. But when a cute, blonde, hard-charging, war-ending, hot-dogging biplane pilot wearing bad-ass aviator shades can’t manage a roundabout confession that the confessee won’t even get through his thick skull, it’s pure charm.

    Oh and add one thing to the Anastasia angle that I think you might be right about: we’re in pseudo-Russia. Consider the fools pitied, they just ain’t listening to me.

    otou-san’s last blog post..Love advice: Macross Frontier 5

  4. @Nagato

    More likely than you think!


    Thanks for the tipoff! Now I’m really wondering if they can cover everything in such a short period of time.


    Mnemosyne is also the only show where you can listen to Rie Kugiyama moaning in ecstasy :Q~~

    Yeah, it’s always much more fun seeing a girl do it ^^

    Hopefully as the show progresses, I hope our efforts in advocating this show will one day be noticed by the masses.

  5. Was too busy feeling Hot Fuzz vibes ( from the villagers to notice any Anastasia ones

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Junjou Romantica 4 and the Highly InAppropriate Subs

  6. “Fiona’s the sole survivor of that assassination attempt, where she and a few loyalists have secluded themselves in a remote parts the country, fearing backlash from Owen, who obviously orchestrated the entire thing.”

    For a second there, I thought of this Owen, which isn’t right at all. :P

    “Mnemosyne is also the only show where you can listen to Rie Kugiyama moaning in ecstasy :Q~~”

    I’m sure so many of her fanboys are like, “THIS IS WHAT WE WANTED ALL ALONG!”

    TheBigN’s last blog post..And now for a random fanboy moment.

  7. @issa-sa

    Lawl, never watched it, though it looks interesting now that I’ve read the description


    I almost wanted to make that connection too, but forgot about it ^^;

    I still play that youtube video of her moanings from time to time…

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