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Wagaya no Oinari-sama 04: Waku Miko Kou


Sadly, the most fanservice you're going to be getting out of this show.

Just as how I've accepted that Kanokon isn't going to be anything more than a foxgirl in heat trying to copulate with a little boy, this series looks set on treading down the slice of life path with some mystical elements thrown in for good measure. Admittedly, I have trouble summarizing shows of this genre, which was I why I didn't do so the previous week. Still, this episode was decent enough to make me want to write on it, with a few notable highlights:

Wanting to do more for her masters than just warding off evil spirits, Kou tries serving dinner for the Takagami household, but alas, as someone still trying to adjust to contempary living, Kou adds the dojikko moe to her stoic miko archetype, though I'd imagine someone as clumsy as Kou would honestly be a nuisance in any household, breaking all that ceramic ware and causing a mess in general.


Not wanting to undermine Kou's efforts and at the same time avoid having to tell a white lie, you can also always count on Mr Takagami to come up with cryptic remarks that brings out his sarcastic nature.


The lulz turn poignant, as the late Miyako is brought into discussion. Voiced by the adorably affable Yui Horie, Miyako has a penchant for all things fluffy which led to her fateful encounter with Kuugen and the extremely lucky Mr Takagami, who turned out the way he is today after being influenced by his better half's eccentric behavior.

More cuteness abound, with Kuugen going into a temporary tsundere mode, after being thanked by Mr Takagami for looking after Miyako. Oho, not even the fox deity finds it difficult to resist his charms. Also, cravings for gourmet food leads to Kuugen taking matters into her own hands, and mouth.




Obligatory fight scene, as Takagami Junior once again attracts the attention of a demon who lusts for his lifeforce. Honestly, what's with the affinity for shoutas this season?

Taking centrestage this episode, Kou shows everyone why she's so awesome; that sad pout that makes you just pat her on the head, as you can almost hear her go "Uguu". Displaying her absolute devotion to her master, Kou makes it clear she's not one to mess with, revealing her true potential as a sentinel. Also, she wears pink panties.



Still waiting on that award winning storytelling to rear its head. For now, Wagaya no Oinari-sama seems to be churning similar plots for the past few weeks. Either way, I'm going to give it a benefit of a doubt and count on it to deliver in future episodes, as I assume we're still in the introductory stages. That aside, I've got nothing to watch during weekends anyway ^^;

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  1. “What dynamic dishes”

    OMG! I totally agree! I was staring at that over cooked fish and horrible looking miso picture. Somehow, you’ve influenced me to pick up this series. :)

    Hynavian’s last blog post..Rosario+Vampire Chapter 37 – Mirror Mirror on the Wall, What’s a Lilith Mirror?

  2. I predict the future: this anime will become boring. But I’m glad you’re sticking to it cos if it does ever get good, I might decide to watch it again :D

    blissmo’s last blog post..Random Rant – Anyone hungry for blood?

  3. The highlight of this post was the Megami scan.
    I’m dropping this one until its gets any better. Not even Yukana’s voice could save it IMO.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Operation Lightning: The Kanto Incursion

  4. The show is indeed kind of boring. Each ep they battle an evil spirit. Kou
    is too klutzy tomy liking/annoys me. The only think kept me watching is Kuu can be girl and TRAP at will

    e-jump’s last blog post..Healthy Yoko in 3D :3

  5. First episode killed it for me. I’ll wait until you let us know when the good storytelling appears before watching. lawl.

    Nagato’s last blog post..Kanokon 4

  6. Heh, I really like the series because there is this relaxing feel in the series. I think it’s worth holding on. For most who like fast paced stuff, it is perhaps not for you.

    Impz’s last blog post..Why do you hate anime so much? Why?

  7. @Hynavian, Impz

    Well, I’m glad someone sees the potential Β―\(ΒΊ_o)/Β―

    @blissmo, Setsuna, e-jump, Nagato


    @Rock Lee

    Nice avatar you have wwwww

  8. I have too much horoism edi…..

  9. well other than the Bad , Black and Boom dishes… others is still good to watch lol…. Sad that those priest could only lived for 30 years a little too short of life : (

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