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Easily the most controversial title I've seen since Kodomo no Jikan, Naisho no Tsubomi is a shoujo manga turned OVA about the life of 5th grader Tsubomi who deals with issues such as her mother's pregnancy and first period amongst other issues. Sounds like my kind of show. Make no mistake, while supposedly aimed at young girls, we all know who the real audience of something that discusses sex and physical education for the intended demographic really are. Hehe.



The slice of life aspects thinly veils the panty shots and other delicious loli fanservice moments featured in this show, which by the way are all done in good taste, as the characters freely talk about stuff that you and your classmates back in school would giggle over, just as how your parents would have been too embarrassed to explain them to you. Still considered a taboo subject in most cultures, I guess this is the most appropriate medium to actually highlight how the human body functions (:



As a self professed lolicon, I must say I enjoyed this for, obvious reasons aside, the innocence and cuteness portrayed by Tsubomi herself, as she encompasses characteristics of the perfect little girl character, which my real life sister does not ;-; Watching Tsubomi deal with her parent's "ecchi acts" in bed as well as her menstruation filled me with the kind of gleeful perversion that reminds me of what a rotten person I truly am _| ̄|○The show also sent me all kinds of wrong signals with the introduction of Saya, who seems to play a major role in Tsubomi's life, as their seemingly harmless friendship blossoms into something else, following a dream sequence the pair shared. Like I said it's just me, but I can't shake off the yuri potential in this.



In hindsight, it might be too much calling this show a loli fanservice anime, though at its surface, that's how it might look to some. Naisho no Tsubomi is actually a decent, down to earth perspective on life from a young girl's point of view, emitting the same warm and fuzzy feeling I got from watching Hidamari Sketch. If you want real loli fanservice action, go watch Kodomo no Jikan. Better yet, read the manga. Or maybe just go for COMIC LO.

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  1. You’re a supposed lolicon but haven’t watch Ryofuko-chan yet?

  2. OMG, what is this anime supposed to be? :x

  3. Keke, looks like this didn’t quite live up to Shin’s expectations

    Nagato’s last blog post..Toshokan Sensou 2

  4. Sounds interesting but it’s not what I’m looking for, I’ll pass on this series. :)

    Hynavian’s last blog post..Fate Stay Night Doujinshi 2A

  5. @Anon

    Oh silly me. I actually have the raws, but never got around to getting the .ass files for it.


    An educational anime (:




    It’s a 3 episode OVA, so if you feel bored for some reason, you could always check it out P:

  6. lawl…. sex education… interesting though! never quite got sex ed myself however i found out bout things through the most convenient method… ze internet!=D

  7. I couldn’t stay away from this one even if I wanted to. Loli genes acting up.

  8. *fap fap fap fap fap fap*

    seriously though, educational? i just cant see that happening.
    More like for otakus to better understand the mind of a loli.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..A post of penance. The Green Haired Goddess

  9. こんなサイトに釣られクマー

  10. I think I’ll wait on this one. I like the concept but if it descends into fanservice, I don’t think I want to watch it.

    Caitlin’s last blog post..Special A – Episode 3

  11. we need more of this around here…
    i mean locally

  12. Looks like a show I’d love!
    Only problem is the character design: I wish they had pupils…

  13. Episode 4 of ryofuko will be finally subbed by Underwater subs. How do I know? I am the darn translator for that meh show.

    Yes, i hate loli fanservice. rofl.

    Impz’s last blog post..Why do you hate anime so much? Why?

  14. @Leviahan

    I still found the characters pretty adorable regardless ;p


    Yeah, I got that version instead after being reminded by Anon earlier. Well, 乙www

  15. The whole shared dream with Saya was rather WTF, was that yuri lover-pandering or to represent the sexual confusion little kiddies supposedly go through? (Or both?)

    issa-sa’s last blog post..A Happy Mothers Day – From Toshokan Sensou!

  16. Since this show is supposed to an innocent slice of life kind of thing, I’m guessing the latter is more likely, though either one is equally hot, hehe.

  17. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: i want to watch it

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