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Code Geass R2 Turn 04: Lelouch Lamperouge’s Pro Skater




No plothacks, no deus ex machina, just plain old sweet talk, and Lelouch manages to persuade the evidently naive Rollo into putting down the pistol. Honestly he should stop trying to overthrow Britannia and sell insurance instead. Unsurprisingly, Rollo was a child assassin that has performed many hits in the past, with traits like possessing a weak mind which could be easily manipulated even if he had gone through strenuous mental conditioning. Also, Rollo's ZA WARUDO is limited to stopping a person's sense of time rather than the actual physical flow. Boo. Promising him C.C, Rollo lets Lelouch off the hook for the time being, albeit cautiously.

Meanwhile back at the Chinese Embassy, Li Xingke is tired of being the Eunuch General's boytoy and wishes for his death, making his thoughts clear to both Kallen and C.C. Out of nowhere, an incredibly adorable moment by C.C fumbling with her gun:


I just had to include that as I find clumsy greenheads incredibly ℳℴℯ❤

Even if Kallen was take aback by of such a morbid statement, C.C calmly agrees to it, staging as though the Eunuch died during battle.


The clock is ticking as the time for the execution of the captured Black Knights draws nearer. While going about his usual activities, Lelouch hatches up the best possible plan to accomplish his goals. At the Information Bureau, Rollo overhears a conversation between Viletta and the agents, who express contempt at his murderous tendencies. Not caring much about their opinion of him, Rollo heads to the execution site to wait for Lelouch.


Pledging undying loyalty to their respective mistress, Guilford declares that all his doing of setting up the execution and challenging Zero to duel was for the sake of the missing Princess Cornelia, while Li Xingke executes Goahai, still under the effects of Geass, after the latter makes a selfish statement while insulting the empress.

It is day of the execution, and like the messiah the Elevens and Black Knights have worshiped him as, Zero makes an appearance and accepts Guilford's challenge, to grant that miracle that the people desire. Asking no more but a riot shield, everyone is puzzled by Zero's strange request, not realizing it was all part of his grand scheme.

Chaos! The entire execution site suddenly caves in, causing widespread panic and confusion among the Britannia forces, cuing the Kallen and the rest of the Black Knights to rescue their comrades, as well as revealing the riot shield's true purpose. Eureka!




Zero makes his exit, with Rollo closing in after realizing he was duped. During the pursuit, a sniper fire from a Knightmare frame is on a direct course towards Rollo's hijacked machine, whom, limited by his Geass's inability to stop physical occurrences, is unable to dodge it in time. Just before it makes contact, Lelouch swerves in and takes the hit much to Rollo's bewilderment.


Lelouch responds by saying that even though his memories of Rollo were fake, the time spent with him was genuine. Unable to stand the cheesiness of that line, Guilford makes a last ditch attempt to finish off Zero by throwing his lance at the latter, only to be intercepted by Rollo.



Having seen enough, Li Xingke uses his authority to put a stop to the Britannian's intrusion on Chinese grounds, to Guilford's frustration. In the aftermath of the rescue mission, Kallen reunites with her fellow Black Knights, with everyone wondering as to why an enemy unit was assisting them, though they were grateful nonetheless. A flashback then shows how Lelouch had staged the entire shot, with his sole intention of winning Rollo, only to use and backstab him as penance for replacing Nunally.


Had he only directed this at a female...

For some reason or another, Suzaku rears his ugly mug at the Ashford Academy.


A tiny thumbnail, because I can't stand his face.


Another episode of Lelouch's JUST AS PLANNED, though this time around, it seemed a little more far fetched than usual; regardless of whether he knew of Rollo's ability beforehand, Lelouch took a huge risk by confronting him, as though he was so sure he could talk the sucker into wavering. Even the staged sniper shot could have gone awry, but once again, everything went smoothly, making you think there was some goddess of fortune smiling on Lelouch or just plain laziness on the production team's behalf. Despite the outlandish nature of it all, I still enjoyed it, only because it was still exciting to see everything unfold in a systematic and meticulous manner making me go "oh_u". I am also interested as to how Rollo will behave now, since he's placed in a tight spot of being unable to face Viletta with a straight face having played into Lelouch's palms. Also, sexy Chinese swordsman Xingke has piqued my interest more than ever now, since he has no qualms about killing a superior for the greater good, suggesting that he'll play a major role in the plot, as he seems to be on Zero's side for the time being, though his rogue nature may prove to be a double edged sword. It was cute seeing Viletta being all relieved when Ougi's life was spared, hinting that she may still harbor feelings for him, though I can't imagine their relationship developing much, and even if it did somehow after a chanced reunion later on, it's probably going to be BAD END.

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  1. Ah this episode was great! I sat with a big cheesy grin on my face thoughout the entire episode – Code Geass is pure entertainment. I just love how over confident Lelouch is about everything, that plan really should not have worked, but it did!

  2. …the whole episode was great, but I find Guilford vs Zero part is kinda lame; who will trust Zero going one-on-one? Guilford and others should capture Lelouch immediately when he shows up. and I can’t believe Rollo falls for that.

  3. Cowabunga Dudes!

    And I felt the Guilford vs. Zero part was a good battle of wits and philosophy on Justice and Evil before the inevitable plan kicked in as Lelouch had no way of beating Guilford in a fair one on one duel. And yes Lelouch got a Little lucky with Rolo. He had a Plan B that involved taking Rolo out had he failed to jump in front though so he covered for that at least a little. At least now we know for sure that Rolo isn’t too uber and can only paralyze people’s motor functions and not mere objects. That’s a pretty big weakness in his power that I think he had been trying to keep secret. Now that it’s out of the bag Lelouch has tons of ways to off him should he become a problem. Try to paralyze Zero and a bunch of automated turrets pop up to shred him. Something like that.

    Kaioshin Sama’s last blog post..Kamen no Maid Guy ~ Episode 4 ~ Pantsu Inspection

  4. Lelouch >>>> Every villain AND hero animu characther out there. Nobody can be so lovably evil as he is. Kira? Pffftt! Power corrupted him in the end. Now if we can have him and Karen on a Clannad like storylike (it was hinted he would find his true love this season and it will be a major part of the 3rd season’s storyline) it would be complete.

  5. Xingke is definitely in it for the short haul… he seems pretty clear that he will hang with you while you’re useful, then he’ll eat your lunch in a heartbeat just like he did with the Eunuch. But at least C.C. is well aware of that.

    You bring up a good point though — when will LeDouche get served by his overconfidence? If that doesn’t somehow figure into the plot this season, I’ll be surprised. He’s getting too big for his britches.

    otou-san’s last blog post..Ecchi Deathmatch ‘08, Round 2

  6. Next Episode: Lelouch uses Rolo’s Geass to pwn Suzaku.

    you would have thought that after the Black Rebellion the Brits would have been guarded the control center of the plates a little better.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Macross Frontier 04

  7. This episode was great cept for the part where he talked his way out with rollo… would have personally liked it if he made some sort of intelligent stunt through observations etc. But i guess its all part of the plan to save Nunully… And probably like wht Setsuna-san says we might get to see Rollo killing Suzaku? lol!

  8. Rollo … u disappoint me T.T

    blissmo’s last blog post..Allison To Lillia – 04

  9. Never underestimate the power of BROTHERLY LOVE (Rollo was just shouta-service anyways =P)

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Spring 2008 (Not-Exactly-)Bishoujo Rankings

  10. While the general consensus are either impressed or just plain indifferent with the show so far, it’s worth noting that Code Geass R2 had an all time low ranking by garnering only 1.4% of the total viewership in the Kantou region, as opposed to 2.4% last week. Wonder if it’s the odd timeslot or something else….

  11. @ shin: THIS IS MADNESS!!! I find the new time slot guilty for the slip in rankings.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..A post of penance. The Green Haired Goddess

  12. How can people like Lelouch? He’s the second Kira. Not yet, but I see him becoming one in the end.
    Rolo…I see some tears already when Lelouch finally “throws him away like a ragged cloth”.
    Man, this show is dissapointing. But I’ll keep watching just to see Lelouch’s demise.

  13. This series is getting good, I really have to catch up^^

    shinji’s last blog post..Shinobu’s in love with me!

  14. Hello,I have written the thought of code geass, (with Japanese).
    When it is good please link. We ask may!

    lalala’s last blog post..THE TOWER OF DRUAGA #5

  15. And Macross Frontier has managed to stay at 2.7% above as of today. ;)

    The rebellion is losing steam IMHO.

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