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Allison and Lillia 04: Da Macmillan Code


The biggest cover-up in human history.


Having caught up to Allison and Wil much sooner than expected, Ker attempts to talk the two into surrendering peacefully which falls on deaf ears, leaving the ace pilot with the only option of taking them down by force. In a deadly game of aerial cat and mouse, Allison swerves and dives about in her aircraft, dodging all of Ker's machinegun fire, though she is unable to shake him off. However, in a display of finesse and cunning, Allison manages to outwit the Lieutenant, as she intentionally stalls in midair after a sudden skyward ascension, throwing the bewildered Ker offguard.


With tides of battle turned to her favor, Allison seizes the opportunity to fire her weapons at her target, landing every shot on the now helpless Ker. To his relief, and that of the pacifist Wil, the rounds Allison had just fired were nothing more than paintball rounds. Allisonoll'ed!


Realizing his utter defeat in Allison's hands, Ker decides to aid them on their quest to seek out treasure. And then out of nowhere, two boogies appear and rain bullets on the trio. The manner in which Ker took out all the enemy fighter planes made Allison's triumph over him seem like a fluke, fueled by the fact the Lieutenant imposed some form of handicap on himself by aiming only the engine, to avoid killing the pilot. With the foes taken out, the good guys proceed to their target destination, unaware of the fact they were being tailed by the base commander in his spy plane, which by the way was eerily state of the art as it was complete with radars. Don't think it fits in this timeline, but I'll leave it to Crusader to confirm it, hehe.

Thanks to his eidetic memory, Wil leads his companions to the location where the treasure lies as instructed by Walter. At the end of it, they stumble upon on a extremely well preserved mural on the cave walls.


Calling their discovery of treasure the finding of a lifetime was an understatement, as lying before them was a secret so powerful, that if revealed, it would devastate the very foundations of mankind, effectively changing the history that they all once knew forever. The murals depicted two figures wielding weapons which were the symbols of Roxche and Sou Beil, proving that both nations were both bound to a single origin, negating whatever theories on whose version was accurate. An even more shocking revelation was as to how Walter was actually the Lieutenant Colonel McMillan who had to silence his own men to preserve this discovery, in hopes that someday, someone would chance on it, putting an end to the bloodshed.


Of course, you can count on the two idiots that were tailing Allison and company to make an appearance and ruin the moment, demanding for the treasure, whatever it may be. Explaining to them that the treasure was not what they had expected was a futile attempt, and before the Captain could start firing, Wil proved his worth as an able marksman, and shot the former in the shoulder. Despite that, the injured man tried retaliating, only to misfire and have the ceiling crash down on him and the Colonel. Lulz were had. You know it would have been so much better plot-wise, if the two officers were part of a clandestine organization of some sort that was trying to keep the secret under wraps rather than after fool's gold. Oh well.

The war which had last over a century finally comes to and end, with Allison and Wil visiting Walter's widow to inform her on the fate of her husband, though she accepts his demise, as he is finally free of the burden which he bore for so long. Despite the sombre mood, I couldn't help smiling when they talked about Walter's (blue) suede shoes.



Mein gott! That was it? I expected the journey to have taken up at least another 6 episodes or so, and despite the fact they still have to introduce the titular Lillia, I really think they were sort of rushing things. That being said, the four episodes of the treasure arc was satisfying to watch even if it did end somewhat abruptly. I especially loved the dramatic scene when they discovered the mural, and the detailed explanation that followed, driving home the point that wars of any kind were pointless in nature and that people were all the same regardless of race and beliefs . Equally touching was seeing how Walter was burdened with such a heavy responsibility and guilt which left him a broken man in his old age, only to be relieved of it all in his death. I was this close to baww'ing ;-;

Hopefully, the next arc won't be some lame side story, though it's hard to imagine it being able to top this arc. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, since this show has delivered everything that I've come to expect of it. Next week takes our favorite pair to snowy northern regions, with an appearance of a really cute female who will be voiced by Mamiko Noto. Perhaps they're both in Siberia trying to prevent an all out nuclear war with the assistance of a KGB defector?

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  1. I liked this episode, but felt that the ending of this arc was slightly rushed. I thought that this ep would be the discovery and the next ep would be the fallout of the discovery – but seems like we’ll be heading off on a new snowy adventure next week instead.

    Walter was a proper hero, I got all teary when they went to vist his widow and she had his shoes sitting there – very touching. Its little things like that and the attention to detail that make this series so good.

  2. i thought the anime ended….just like that
    good thing there was a preview…

  3. it ended a bit too soon i think. still haven’t had my fill of aerial dogfighting yet.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Macross Frontier 04

  4. i’d rather have them show more on how they got there… with traps etc? or it such a short story it barely satisfy me =.= well at least there’s more of it to come… would have really sucked elsewise!

  5. Circa episode 2 I thought the treasure would be the bulk of the story. When they found the treasure this week I thought to myself, ok now comes the hard part β€” have to get the world to accept this. And then oh hey, how’s it going? By the way, that’s done. War’s over. Crazy. Well, hopefully there’s some more fun to come. I liked the dogfight this week, and at least they’re a pretty likable couple of characters.

    otou-san’s last blog post..Soul Eater Episode 3

  6. @Caraniel

    Yeah, this episode made me actually like Ker too since I initially expected him to be annoying recurring character that would serve as a rival. But if the photograph of Allison, Wil, Ker and the unknown girl, whom I assume is the new girl is any indication, looks like they’ll meet up once again and might lead on another adventure together. I hope.


    I would have baww’ed and raged if that happened.


    The rush could be attributed to the fact they are trying to squeeze two novels worth of story into 26 episodes, I reckon. But yeah, this episode really left me yearning for more so I hope the next arc will be just as good.


    Me too, but I guess there’s no use lamenting over that now, since it ended pretty nicely anyway.


    Yeah, I also expected conflict when it came to revealing the secret to the world, but just as you said, it got resolved just like that.

  7. Err… wut? The war is over? Uhh… I mean.. the anime end up in Ep 4??? lolwut

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