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Macross Frontier 04: Who Cares About The Mecha?


This is what I really care about.


Ever so absent minded Ranka finally gets her chance to realize her dreams after being selected for the Miss Macross finals. Alto on the other hand is struggling through his way as a trainee in the S.M.S during his simulation battle, though the difficulty was ramped up by Mikhail to keep the Princess' ego in check.

At the opposite sides of the spectrum, Alto is loved by the women around him, while Ranka suffers from inferiority complex surrounded by females who are physically better endowed than her. It's okay, Ranka I prefer delicious flat chests over PIG DISGUSTING BIG BREASTS.

After receiving some words of encouragement from Sheryl and Alto, Ranka goes up on stage to strut her stuff where her two big supporters Nanase and Alto were present. The princess however had to take leave as he receives an urgent call from Ozma ordering him to partake in his final enlistment test. Outside the auditorium, Alto stumbles upon his estranged father, a judge in the competition, who ignores him.

Alto sorties on what seems to be a routine mock battle which he handles with utmost finesse, ending it with a classy victory pose. Ranka back at the competition finally gets to show off her vocal prowess to the audience after a bumpy start, belting out a cute pop tune, finely syncing with Alto's antics as a fighter pilot in space.


Looking kinda lolfang-tan there, Ranka.

After taking down one of the Queadluun units, Alto proceeds to hunt down another target, although this time around, his opponent was a far more formidable one, leading to an intense dogfight. The situation turns awry as Alto suddenly encounters an enemy Vajra. Overwhelmed with anger, he charges head on towards it, only to have the red Queadluun intervene as his Variable Fighter was not equipped for actual combat. Despite being hit with a barrage of missiles and point-blank shot to the head, the Vajra remains undamaged. Using an old Zentradi weapon floating in space which he had come across, Alto strikes at the very same spot where the initial hit was made by the Queadluun, effectively destroying it. The mission is a success, but back at base Ozma laments at Alto for damaging expensive equipment, though at the same time he earned his mentor's praise and that of the Queadluun pilot, who turned out to be a gigantic Zentradi female by the name of Klan Klein.


And you... attack its weak point for MASSIVE damage.

With that and after the results of the Miss Macross were announced, the gang head over to the Niang Niang restaurant to celebrate Alto's official induction into the S.M.S, and while Ranka was not fortunate enough to win the pageant, she still congratulated him for a job well done. The next day as Alto goes to school after a long night of fun, he is tripped by a mysterious stranger who turns out to be Sheryl.


If you're wondering why I pulled a Macross post out of nowhere, that's because I've decided to tentatively drop Wagaya no Oinari-sama off my list of shows to cover. Don't get me wrong, it's still a decent anime, though its slice of life elements does not really warrant a post, which of course might change in the future. Also, I never thought I'd actually pick this show to write on, since there was the Tower of Druaga which still interested me, but after this episode, Macross F has everything I want from a show:

The male lead who also serves as an extremely hittable trap ☑

The big bosomed giant who can tranform into a loli at will ☑

YouTube Preview Image

The incredibly moe green head with a clumsy attitude with mobile phone that squeaks ☑

That's right. Despite being a show about huge robots, I am still able to satiate my fetish for traps, lolis and moe, hinting at how shallow and depraved I can get. Special mention goes to Klan Klein in her Zentran form, who just gave me a new vore fetish. Damn you Studio Satelight! I mean wow, you could fit like a thousand men up her.. never mind. That being said, the show is actually great in its own right, as the battle scenes were done very well, effectively integrating hand drawn animation with CGI, and the plot seems alright so far, although I'm probably missing a lot of references and backstory considering this is my first foray into the Macross universe. Also, music seems to be a heavy emphasis here, as the characters seem to break into song every now and then, making this feel like some mecha themed musical, not that I'm complaining of course.

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  1. 1st post. Bout *@&!*( time you wrote this up. Come my place and i can give you crash course on Macross. ;)

    And Klan Klein is all kinds of win, as expected. ;)


  3. a nice episode this one is. fan service, humour and alto defeated his first vajra. ^^

    gordon’s last blog post..Macross Frontier, 4 Episodes so Far

  4. nyan nyan nyan nyan ni hao nyan… gorgeous… delicious … decultuchaaaaaaa………

  5. It’s probably cause it’s morning and I’m still in dense mode but the male lead is also the man-woman thing on the right? o.O

    Caitlin’s last blog post..Special A – Episode 3

  6. Caitlin: Yes. That’s after the resident, Afro-wearing, flaming character did his makeup for him. It doesn’t help matters that we see Alto as a woman twice more, and that he’s apparently so influenced by the Kabuki training that he literally will take a moment to strike the same pose his father remembers him in after making a kill.

  7. There are not enough middle fingers in the world to express my displeasure at Ranka losing the Miss Macross pageant.

    still the battles in this episode were really well done. color me impressed.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Farewell now

  8. I’m quite sure the competition was rigged against her to lose. The military seems to have other plans for her.

  9. Setsuna: I like that she lost, if only because it means that she won’t be immediately following in Minmay’s footsteps – plus, she’d still have to deal with her big brother, who has an apparent bias against pop culture and things like this.

  10. Welcome to the Glory of Macross Comrade!

    I suggest that you set your yuri goggles to over 9000 for maximum enjoyment. Alto-hime is awesome he’s so girly that women melt before him rather than Mikhail’s sparkly smile. Judging by Sheryl’s current vibe she is not adverse to loving Ranka…tenderly. I for one welcome Alto-hime for breaking men and women, he’s already won the bridge crew and I assume Klein-sama and her vic will be the next to develop a love for Kabuki.

    Crusader’s last blog post..Code Geass R2, Episode 4- Counterattack at the Gallows

  11. w00t! Yay, another load of work! Muahaha, Ranka is stopping me from not watching this lols

    blissmo’s last blog post..Soul Eater – 03

  12. @wolfx

    I had some introduce Gundam to me but not Macross ):

    I bet Leon’s bitch had something to do with it ):


    Because not everyone has a Gravatar account, I decided against implementing it here, as it would look too bare. Personally I find these .gif avatars much cuter wwwww


    Ranka’s loss made me rage




    It’s okay, I fell for it too, the first time I saw Alto-hime


    I raged too


    I was told being compared to Minmay is a bad thing, so I’ll take your word for it


    Thanks! While I’m no mecha junkie, Macross fills that void left by Gundam nicely, making me regret not catching that Macross Annivesary Do You Remember Love movie special which was aired at my college not long ago ):


    I watch this for Ranka too mainly wwww

  13. haha…
    i was there….haha
    DYRL is ok….but still i would prefer watching the original entire series
    macross 7 i have watched…and frm wht i think…macross f is more crappier than it
    although the girls are comparable :D

  14. Shin: Minmay was a… well, ‘idiot’ is one way of putting it. ‘Incest-loving diva’ was another way to put it. See, once Minmay WON the Miss Macross competition, she and Hikaru started growing apart as she threw herself completely into her career, forgetting everything but family… which didn’t help things when they brought her cousin Kaifun onto the ship, and those two became a couple. She became petty instead of childishly innocent, and developed an addiction to being the center of attention.

    Ranka’s loss means she won’t immediately turn into a bitch, and she won’t lose the sweetness which is part of her charm (for now). Plus, it means she and Alto and Sheryl will get some more time together as a trio or in various friendship-related situations before any love triangle action starts up.

  15. It’s definite a unique mecha universe, and as this is also one of my first forays into Macross, I wonder why I haven’t paid attention to the Macross series beforehand. :P

    TheBigN’s last blog post..Three Quick Spring 2008 Impressions: Flow, Glow, and Not Your Ordinary Status Quo

  16. i haet lolfang..

  17. lol. Am I too late to join the fun?

    It has yet to feel like a corny musical yet but I can sure imagine how that might feel like.

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..My Spice Of Life

  18. This is my first introduction to the world of “anime” as I think it is called but it was quite interesting although it is too bad Ranka lost the Miss Macross pageant. I’ll definately be back for more.

  19. Sheryl nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu saddd … sayang T_T;

  20. Yeah, I never comment on those blogs, even when the content is great!

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