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Toshokan Sensou 01: Full Literary Panic!


Going ape over censorship?


In the future, Japan bans Megami, Comp H, Bug Bug and Comic LO and other similar titles from store shelves under the newly enacted Media Improvement Act in efforts of cracking down on media that violate human rights and have negative influences on the public. Akihabara becomes a ghost town by then, with otakus being an endangered species.


Fortunately, someone still wants his loli pr0ns, and as such, the Library Freedom Act was introduced by the local government to go against the federal government's absurd ruling. This in turn transforms libraries into self governing bodies free of such restrictions, making this the only safe refuge for bookworms and those who want their smut. The seemingly asinine conflict escalates into a full fledged arms warfare between the two opposing ideologies which lasted for over 30 years.

Enter Iku Kasahara, a high school student living under such sordid conditions, whom after coming across her favorite book at a local bookstore, is harassed by the M.I.A agents. Cue the ally of justice, who swoops in, superhero style, saving Iku from her oppressors. Inspired by deeds of this L.F.A agent, Iku decides to follow in her idol's footsteps and enlists herself as a trooper in the Library Force's Defense Division.

The training process proved to be a grueling one, as she is subjugated by the unreasonable nature of her grumpy male instructor Doujou Atsushi, who is oddly enough, shorter than her. Despite being a skilled trainee, Iku's hotblooded and irrational characteristics gets her into heaps of trouble as she lost concentration during a minor incident involving a random nerd who almost stabbed her.


Blasted by her lieutenant for this, Iku redeems herself after she saves a loli from the evil clutches of the Media Improvement agents who tried to take away the little girl's storybook. Lawlwut. Soon thereafter, Iku finds herself being transferred to the frontlines after she is recommended into the Library Special Task Force.


Even with the ridiculous premise of the show, there's much to like about it; The Media Improvement Act agents are your generic cartoon villains, complete with a fabulous purple costume who seem to target children's books more than anything else, making them hard to take seriously. Also, watching the pathetic attempts of some horny otaku trying to cut out a centrefold from a magazine and getting arrested for it is laughable, hinting at how desperate times have become. Combine these factors with the random chibi moments and you have a light hearted military themed anime with interesting and likable characters, as the relationship between Iku and her short instructor Atsushi seems to be your everyday loudmouthed-brash-girl-and-uptight-dense-guy situation which reminds me of Full Metal Panic for some reason. The only thing missing is the token mecha.
Also, I've not heard Marina Inoue ever since dropping Okawari, so listening to her here was a pleasant surprise, as she exhibits her I AM BOSS attitude which I felt suit Iku is many ways, with full aplomb. While I wanted Tomokazu Seki to handle Doujou Atsushi, this guy, who's been no more than a background character in other shows, does a pretty okay job with his first lead role.

On a side note, it's good to see this show finally being picked up by subbers, and incidentally, the version I picked up was done by a locally assembled team of subbers, which is lead by wakuwaku, a commentor on this site. Despite the occasional grammatical errors and punctuation-averse tendencies, it's a very decent attempt by him and the team. Keep up the good work!

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  1. me no leader….me only typesetter….
    first time doing something with this much typesetting….
    so yeah stayed up til 5 am to do it…
    i think i ve done a pretty good job, but still comments are welcome

  2. ASKDJHAKSJD! I’m downloading this right now!!

    blissmo’s last blog post..Naruto – Chapter 398

  3. That looks pretty good…I guess if Special A doesn’t work out for me, I’ll jump to this one. Maybe just to see otaku as a nearly extinct breed. *L*

    Caitlin’s last blog post..Ashes of Beauty and Weekend Sex Friends

  4. Caitlin: LIBRARY WARS > ‘Special’ Anorexics by a mile :P
    Alright, getting to watch Toshokan Sensou with subs now (minus weird Nico Nico comments) is a godsend! And if Seki Tomokazu voiced Dojou, this show would be so awesome I’d have no reason to watch anything else this season! (okay, maybe Code Geass for something to laugh at :P)

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Chi’s Sweet Home and Other Short Shorts

  5. I’m still frequently hearing Marina Inoue’s voice as Chiri Kitsu in Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. If you need subs, just get Anon and Volans’ subs. a.f.k is slav shit.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..NICO NICO MEDLEY SECOND TRACK

  6. Ah the 1st ep of Library Wars was great! Nothing like I was expecting, but great all the same. Definately understand the FMP feeling you got off it too. Looking forward to more eps – have high hopes for this series, should be a good one if this ep was any indication of the tone.

  7. Yay, I finally watched this and it was awesome. I love the pictures.

    blissmo’s last blog post..Macross Frontier – 04

  8. Words fail to describe how glad i am that this was subbed.
    FMP vibes all over as well. This one anime proves that BOOKS ARE SERIOUS BUSINESS.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Macross Frontier 03

  9. Blargh… no wonder the seiyuu sounded familiar. Do i or do i not drop this? Hmmm…..

    Aoshi’s last blog post..Macross Frontier Episode 4

  10. @waku2



    Even the token otaku gets his ass capped in this episode ;-;


    Atsushi’s role was meant for him, but I guess new guy works.


    I don’t even know where I stopped .-.


    Indeed.I also just got word that the team will be releasing the next two episodes simulatenously soon as well.


    Glad you like this too ^^


    I was thinking this would end up like R.O.D or something wwww


    This is one of the better offerings of the season. It’d be a waste of you did ):

    nein….(wht language is this actually?)

  12. boo

    Nein’s German for no methinks.

  13. “Akihabara becomes a ghost town by then, with otakus being an endangered species.”… Now that’s…. uh…. different….

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