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Allison and Lillia 03: Escape From Castle Soubeilstein


B.J. Blazkowicz has got nothing on Walter.

Allison and Wil successfully infiltrate the military base in which Walter was held, and what do you know, the entire complex is designed after a medieval European castle.


Elsewhere within the vicinity, Ace Pilot Second Lieutenant Ker Benedict's busy hitting on a female trainee, much to the annoyance of his uptight superiors, who were probably have not gotten laid in a loooong time.


After scoring with the cute chick, Ker heads down to the cell where Walter is holed up only to find the Colonel bitching again, this time over the failed interrogation, as no useful information was obtained regarding the treasure. Overhearing this, Ker questions his boss as to the purpose of the detention, considering Walter was placed under custody under the allegations of being a spy.

Meanwhile, Allison and Wil in stroll about the compound like it was their backyard, though she reminds our nervous male protagonist that everything will be okay as long as he didn't talk, which was a kind way of saying STFU.


After persuading a base officer to borrow one of the privates for a tour around the base, Wil asks the rookie where the basement was so he and Allison can head down and have some happy fun time.


After a short but eventful and perilous journey from across the border, Allison and Wil finally reunite with Walter, who was more touched by the fact they believed in his story rather than them coming to bail him out. With no time to waste, Walter tells the two to head for the underground passageway, but not before asking for a hairpin from Allison.

On their way to the rendezvous point, Allison and Wil stumble into Second Lieutenant "Love Letter", who decides not to turn them in, as he wanted to know what they were doing in enemy territory. After hearing Allison out, the bewildered Lieutenant then asks Wil as to what he thought about the treasure hunt. Despite his pansy character, Wil instantly scored +10 ❤ points with Allison who looked like she wet her panties with his little speech about how his dreams were realized when he embarked on this journey, making Ker look like a chump in the process.

Back at the cell, the guards return after bringing some blankets only to spot Walter trying to break free, earning him ridicule and a "no wai you can unlock it lulz" Walter then suddenly turns GAR and goes NO U at the guards, and busts himself out of jail, MacGyver style.


The base goes into high alert and everyone meets at the designated meeting location. As they make their way out of the underground passage, Walter drills the details on the exact location of the treasure into Wil's head. Wow, you'd think he'd have Alzheimer's considering his semi-senile nature back in the first episode With the coast clear, Allison, Wil and Walter make a mad dash to the hangar, with military personnel in hot pursuit. To buy time, the old geezer offers to fend off the pursuers while Allison and Will take off in a seaplane. Cornered by gunfire, Walter makes the ultimate sacrifice by destroying an oil barrel which causes a huge explosion, though in the ensuing chaos, he gets shot in the back.


From the skies above as they learn of Walter's fate, Allison and Wil vow to carry on his will and seek out the treasure, no matter cost. Cue dramatic music and BAWWWWWW ;-;


The most action packed episode to date! Well, that isn't saying much, considering how calm the previous episodes were. Then again, to see Walter being so useful all of the sudden was quite unexpected, since while I expected him to die here(two seater seaplane also a big hint), I was assuming he'd go down without much of a fight. Boy, how wrong was I. Regardless his demise should prove to be a driving force for both Allison and Wil in their noble quest to seek out the treasure and with Ker hot on their tails, we might finally get a glimpse of that much talked about dogfights, as hinted in the preview, though I wonder if they'd succeed so quickly since I was guessing it would be something they'd discover towards the end of season. Either way, there's enough wartime melodrama and action going on here which firmly cements this as my favorite show of the season.

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  1. Walter proves that the older you get the more GAR you become. Near manly tears were had.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Why Kanokon is the best fanservice show EVER.

  2. Why the gun so long should shorter a bit… lll

  3. I like how WP is showing only 1 comment .-.

  4. lawl, SouBeilstein. GAR and b’awww in both our entries. Great minds think alike. =]

    Nagato’s last blog post..Allison to Lillia 3

  5. Allison is moe. :D

    And would u consider Walter GAR?

  6. Allison wet her panties? I lol’d hard on this.. /lol

  7. Czero: Is it sad to say that I sorta want to see that? ;_;

    But it was a fun episode, and I didn’t expect Walter to make it out of the place alive, because that’s just how these things are. Nice to see that the treasure seems like the main focal point this early in the series.

    TheBigN’s last blog post..Three Quick Spring 2008 Impressions: Flow, Glow, and Not Your Ordinary Status Quo

  8. Poor Walter. But he died in a suitably manly way. Really liking this show, wonder what this treasure is all about.

  9. Damn, I was hoping Walter would follow them to the treasure and then backstab them and take it as his own! But apparently it’s not that kind of treasure and Walter wasn’t that kind of guy and Allison to Lillia isn’t that kind of show with cheesy plot twists *coughsCGcoughs* fortunately or not.

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Chi’s Sweet Home and Other Short Shorts

  10. @wolfx

    Old man can fire off a load in more ways than one!


    I would too, in her place.


    For some reason the treasure doesn’t seem to be really epic D:


    Looks like some mural on a cave wall?


    That would be awesome, but they took the easy way out and killed him off instead.

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