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Wagaya no Oinari-sama 02: Dad, Can I Keep This Fox Deity?


There is no spoon.

To suddenly have new additions to his household, Mr Takagami took it pretty well and was quite laidback when it comes to having extra mouths to feed, never mind the fact one of them is shrine maiden while the other's a specter. In hindsight, he probably got used to all the supernatural occurrences and various oddities when he was still dating Miyako.


And you thought you had trouble keeping that stray cat.


Why are anime mums so good looking?

Speaking of Kuugen and Kou, they surprisingly adapted pretty quick to the modern lifestyle with relative ease too. There were of course some awkward moments like the perennial "What is that person doing in a box" reference to the television and the fact Kou would prefer sleeping in the yard rather than having a room to her own, made all the more funnier by the sarcastic comments by the dad regarding the quirks of his new guests.

Male Kuugen makes me sad; I've got nothing against guys, that is, if they look like girls of course, though Kuugen-kun was a little too ikemen for my tastes.

No real explanation as to why Kuugen would switched genders, but at least he's version is voiced by Okazaki, which is fitting consider the wry nature of the fox deity.

Apparently if you live long enough among humans, you pick up some of their traits as well, proven by the devious Ebisu-shin, who's the god of merchants. Having permanently(?) taken a human form, this 24 hour convenience store owner manages to coax Kuugen into damaging the shrine he is in charge in, just to spur a growth of business, as the workers that will repair the entire joint will no doubt have to drop by at his shop for provisions. This anime is more grounded to reality than I thought!


Pre-order your copy of Grand Theft Auto IV today!

The token fight scene itself was funny more than anything else, as Kuugen attempts to distract the two stone guardians brought to life by Ebisu-shin by reverting to female. By virtue of being inanimate objects made out of rock, they didn't fall for some foxy sex appeal, as they couldn't possibly get harder than they already were. Kou also makes herself useful by pointing out the elemental weakness of the opponent like a walking Pokédex. Just as Kuugen seeks his blessings after the impromptu battle, Ebisu tells her about Miyako's lingering soul, leaving the latter speechless.

A decent episode with the bulk of lulz coming from Kuugen and Kou as they try to fit in, adjusting to their life in the suburbs, surrounded by modern technology. Ebisu's identity was surprising to say the least, and with his revelation and concerns over it, our profit minded deity looks set to be more than just a one shot character and may be pivotal to the overall plot.

次回 The boys return to school after a short break to start the new semester, and sure enough Kuugen and Kou decide to tag along, so expect hilarity and chaos to ensue.

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  1. Agreed. Do not want Male Kuugen.

  2. Not enough going for me to warrant a watch. Might drop it eventually for something else.

  3. I’ll stick until i find it boring…

  4. Lack of Macross Frontier related posts have left me in despair. Stop watching shounen jump…i mean junk. :D

  5. i bet shin watched this because he was “summoned” hehehe
    ur name sure appears alot this season :p

  6. indeed shin appears alot. when would it be my turn?

    on another note, im losing faith in this one. After Kanokon, i cant watch another furry show without at least the same amount of fanservice.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..OMFG EVA IN MY MALAYSIA????

  7. I left the comp on allll niiiiiiiiighhhhhhhht looooooooooong to download this and people are losing faith? And I haven’t even seen it yet!

    blissmo’s last blog post..Macross Frontier – 03

  8. Lol! Well it isn’t all that bad… However im paying more attention on Macross Frontier for now….

    Ranka Lee FTW!

  9. @wolfx

    Eventually P:




    For a show about a trap fox deity, they sure missed out on the fanservice opportunities.


    Pay no attention to them, I think it’s decent even without the fanservice.



  10. Decent episode in my opinion. Rather surprised at Ebisu though when he decided to attakuuuuuu!!!! Kuu-chan.

    Aoshi’s last blog post..Blog Plugins and Test Phase

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