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An unknown man on board an American Airlines flight manages to hijack the plane he's on with a gun and some Composite-4. His demands? A change in the course of flight, with Colombia as the destination. Just a typical day at work for an AA pilot.

As the plane makes an emergency landing to refuel, the crisis quickly escalates to a critical level, as both the civilian's lives and national security are in jeopardy, with the culprit intending to sell classified government data to the highest bidder. He must be stopped at all costs, and both the CIA and FBI have only one person to turn to. Enter Duke Togo, otherwise known as Golgo 13, who is let out of confinement as his services are required once again.

1120 Hours; Dallas, Texas

CIA Section Chief Flannagan and FBI Agent Howard pick Duke up from the local police station and quickly gets down to business. Flannagan briefly explains the mission details and in exchange, provides a hefty sum of money and safe passage out of the state, as the Duke is being targeted by the mafia after the Don was killed by him.

The Target


Real Name: Jake Cade

Aliases Used: Jake the Snake, Cody


Race: White

Nationality: American

Remarks: An insider in a cocaine smuggling who struck a deal with the pentagon, Jake provided the latest information on the drug trade in exchange for top level military secret. He ultimately plans to sell the information to foreign terrorists forces and escape the country in the process. Considered armed and extremely dangerous.

1145 Hours; Outskirts of Dallas

After much convincing, Golgo 13 accepts the task, with detailed mission briefings and fundings provided. As always, the government does not acknowledge his existence and disavows any actions taken by Golgo 13, who agrees to complete the mission within 4 hours.

1209 Hours; Billy's Jazz Club & Bistro

Golgo 13 heads to a secret underground arms production facility to meet with Dave, a gunsmith working for a close associate, who specializes in weapons modification and enhancements. The Duke tests out custom made .308 caliber sniper rifle, although he is hardly satisfied with it. Providing Dave with specifications that include an increase in power, with the objective of being able to hit the target through 3 inches of glass, Golgo 13 heads off to his next destination while waiting for the modifications to be completed.

1355 Hours; Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

By now, Jake is already agitated with the negotiator trying his best to calm him and stall for as long as possible. As time was running out, having the sharpshooters move in was the only option left, although the SWAT Commanding Officer strongly goes against the idea as there is no feasible means of pulling it off without being noticed or endangering the lives of the innocent lives on board the plane. The CIA chief arrives and reassures everyone that the man for the job is already on it.

1445 Hours; North End Hotel

While making out with a prostitute, Golgo 13 finds himself being ambushed by the disgruntled mafia members who wants him dead. Of course, even while indulging in worldly pleasure, the fearsome hitman is always on alert, and manages to dispatch the thugs with ease, using only his trusty handgun.

1505 Hours; Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

With all preparations complete, the airplane is due for take off, but the authorities decide to take a risk to buy even more time by ordering the snipers to take out the tires of the airplane. It works, but in the process, the plane was thrown off course, altering the course of tracjectory Golgo 13 already had in mind.

1530 Hours; Billy's Jazz Club & Bistro

Golgo 13 arrives on the dot to collect his newly enhanced killing tool, and although discovering through the latest information feeds on the plane's change in course, our man is unfazed and proceeds to the airport.

1552 Hours; Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Already at boiling point, Jake threatens to start killing innocents should the authorities waste any more time. Just as things were looking bad, the Duke arrives in a small plane and lands at the airstrip without being noticed by the target. Calmly, Golgo 13 takes position and fires a single bullet that hits Jake in the forehead, killing him off instantly.

1600 Hours; Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Mission accomplished.

Two words: HOLY SHIT! All that within 4 hours. I've heard things about this series, but hardly expected it to be this awesome. Taking the best qualities of James Bond and adding his own depraved and dark characteristics, Golgo 13 is your no nonsense hitman who plays the game by his own rules, having little regards towards anything else as well as striking intimidation and fear into the hearts of those who meet him. Just look at his biodata, and tell me you don't want to ride on his AMAZING PENIS(exactly how it got described)

Being a long time fan of the Hitman series, I had always wanted to see it come to life through a movie or animated form, and considering the fact the former was disappointing(lawl Timothy Olyphant), Golgo 13 is the next best thing for me, and honestly speaking, Duke Togo surpasses Mr 47 in every way, be it character, looks and style. One of the more unique shows this season, this is a must watch for those into high levels of firearms action, as well as a dosage of manliness, especially for me who's sat through shows like these.

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  1. Wow, this seems like a wonderful show for sure. From what I have heard from Extrange (the resident furrycon + manga lover), golgo 13 has a lot of history. It is way too GAR for me to like, but I am sure that it deserves some love from the shounen lovers who enjoy this =3

    Impz’s last blog post..Special A Episode 2 – “Dai shocku with the OP”

  2. So if there’s a lot of time skip, would that mean it’s somewhat like Baccano! I swear, if it is, I’ll watch it, at least one episode, but then I can’t stand the artwork lols. I’m so picky these days … >_>

  3. @Impz

    I first saw bits of the original series from a documentary on Japanese culture and got interested in it right there and then.


    Timeskip? Oops, I meant for those numbers to be military time, not years xD That aside, I guess this show isn’t something for everyone unless you’re already interested in guns and violence.

  4. Meh not like baccano :(.. But will try to watch this if u say so…

  5. lol @ biodata… brain, brawn, and charisma


    Nagato’s last blog post..Code Geass R2 – 2




    Hangmen’s last blog post..SPIRAL ENERGY IS REAL

  7. Very gar as people said, but I am interested…it sounds very badass!

    Pure Trance (Figured)’s last blog post..Late+On Time Moeday :P

  8. People are just happy they finally got to animating this series. It looks like they’ll be sticking to the volumes from the way it seems.

  9. Such a stone cold badass, it can make things funny as he wears the same expression on his face no matter what he’s doing. :P

    TheBigN’s last blog post..Who, What, Where, Which?

  10. people killan: srs biz

  11. I found this show to be a bit amusing, but it was too emotionless for my tastes. I did laugh out loud at the amazing penis, though.

    IKnight’s last blog post..Trapped in Canon


  13. Got to love his expression, or the lack of it…

    lanie-emon’s last blog post..Alto rhyme with bishoujo…not

  14. He was so good that even the hooker was willing to give him free service. XD

  15. @IKnight

    Who needs emotions when you have AN AMAZING PENIS?!




    Same reply as IKnight



  16. Manliest anime of the season.

  17. good lord that was like a breath of fresh air after all the clamp and sunrise faggotry

  18. am guys …. tell me what web manga can i see that golgo13 :?: :???: :eek:

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