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Wagaya no Oinari-sama: I Liked This Show Better When It Was Called Inuyasha



A pair of same faced brothers are called back to their mother's shrine home when the younger sibling, Tooru, experiences a peculiar dream where a woman calls out to him, asking for his name. Like the perverted shouta that he is, Tooru responds and gives out the one detail that will allow her total control over him. As the two boys are oblivious to that fact, they are rickrolled by their uncle, who managed to convince them to drop by under the pretense that their grandmother passed away. Well, at least they got to meet a really cute, but stoic miko who goes by the name of Kou.

At the shrine, Tooru and Noboru are informed of their mother's past as a shrine maiden who had the ability to control the water element and that the youkai who presented herself in Tooru's wetdream fed on this power. Kou then goes into a detailed explanation on the usual RPG mechanics involving elemental strengths and weaknesses, to which the only way to defeat this demon was through the assistance of a spirit of the Metal Ki. Only one name comes into to mind, and the desperate humans decide to enlist the help of an old friend.

As they make their way to the hilltop, the old hag tells the Takagami brothers about Tenko Kuugen, who has been sealed away for hundreds of years though she does not mention why. Once they arrived at the huge rock that stands in their way of obtaining their guardian force, Noboru recites the enchantment that will break the seal placed on it, being the head of the Mizuchi family. Within the cavern, lies a mystical being that epitomizes the very definition of majestic and grandeur. Kinda wished it was this Tenko, but a fox deity is fine too. Unwilling to help out at first due to the fact it was imprisoned by the very same people it helped long ago, Tenko Kuugen finally decides to lend them its powers after learning that the little boy in danger is actually the late Miyako's son. It is also revealed that Tengo Kuugen was banished in the first place due to the mischief it had caused. Come on, can't a powerful spirit have some lulz to ease the tension of being worshiped and relied on? Stupid uptight humans.

Back at base, Noboru and Tooru meet Kuugen once again, although this time around, it has taken the form of a beautiful blonde woman in a shrine maiden getup. Just like the two brothers, I sort of lost my boner when Kuugen mentions that it has forgotten its gender and can switch to male if it bothered them. No thanks. Shit gets serious and everyone sets up their defenses in anticipation of the demon raid. It was all for nought as Tooru stupidly answers the demon's call. Just as he was about to submit himself to the snake lady, Kuugen orders Tooru to stop in his tracks, as he immediately snaps out of the enchantment placed on him. As Kuugen was on the home turf, she(for now at least) had the advantage, and exploits the elements to gain an upper hand over the demon who was a lightning user. Kuugen basically tells Kou, a water elemental user to conjure some liquid from the earth as the former reflects the electrically charged substance back at the youkai. Nifty.



Now that her task is complete, Kuugen no longer has any purpose left to be hanging around, with being resealed the only remaining option . As reminded by his uncle, Noboru called the shots, and decides to let Kuugen free of her bounds. As she was no longer the guardian spirit of the Mizuchi clan, Kuugen then suggest that the boys take her in as their own. Only a retard would decline in that situation, and thankfully, the Takagami brothers agree to it, where they are whispered Kuugen's real name. Somewhat still worried, the grandmother tells Kou to follow the boys and the fox deity back to their home, to support as well as keep an eye on Kuugen.

Heh, I don't actually prefer this over Inuyasha, but it did have certain similarities that I just had to point out. The show was pretty much how I expected it to be, a slice of life kinda show with lulz and magical combat peppered here and there to spice things up. You can expect most of the comedy to be derived from how Kuugen and Kou, from the looks of it, adapts to life in the city, and perhaps some awkward moments regarding its gender bending abilities, although I don't see it having the same kinds of fanservice levels of that other fox girl show. The two central male characters seem to be void of any real personality whatsoever, and since Chizuru is just a bimbo, between Horo and Kuugen, I'm still leaning towards the latter, as she had wittier and more sarcastic lines enhanced by a sexy, antiquated accent. Sorry Pizza Butt. Still, Kuugen has the potential to match her in that respects as they share a resemblance in personality; bored, nonchalant playful supreme beings that become a fearsome force to be reckoned with when they do get serious. Add Kou to the mix as she complements Kuu-chan with her quiet personal with exudes rationality and you've a by-the-book lineup of characters, which may seem somewhat of a clichΓ© at first but keep in mind; the source material for this show did win awards, so the series must have done something to compensate its seemingly generic cast. We'll see.

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  1. lol Inuyasha. Good call Shin-nii.

    Nagato’s last blog post..Wagaya no Oinari-sama 1

  2. Woo! Glad to see you picking this series up too ^^

    Kuugen is my favourite and I for some reason really like the grandma too 0_0

    And the animation and artwork are muah

    blissmo’s last blog post..Join The Dark Side, We Have Cookies …

  3. ill watch this one only because they have Pizza Butt voicing Tenko.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..The Goggles!! They do Nothing!!!!

  4. Yeah a nice series thank you for intro…

  5. Aww man, another horo….. /swt

  6. Lol this does seem like Inuyasha, and Horo’s hotter?

  7. Inuyasha eh? Brings back memories of me watching 160+ episodes with a stupid ending. Hmm i may get this series

    Choo’s last blog post..True Tears

  8. Wasnt impressed by this 1st episode, Tenko was the only thing of interest in it…….actually preferred InuYasha!

  9. Should have made Inuyasha a trap too.

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