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If Konata Had Superpowers…


What? This show is boring? Well...

...they would make her the lead character of Zettai Karen Children. To reinforce that statement, Aya Hirano is cast as the seiyuu for the role of Kaoru Akashi, a 10 year old esper working for B.A.B.E.L, an organization established solely to suppress other espers that abuse their abilities. While I don't particularly like her, I guess she was a sensible choice in some way, as Karen has the same brash and outspoken nature of Haruhi with a tinge of otaku characteristics from Konata.

Just like Night Wizard, trouble brews in the heart of Akihabara, where a homo-erotic gimp that shoots pew pew lazors out of his crotch(it turns out to be from his abdomen later on) wrecks havoc in Animate(known as Animania here). As is the task of all magical girls out there, Kaoru, together with Aoi and Shiho are deployed to subdue the villain. However, in the process, the girls, or in this case Kaoru, destroys the entire store, and parts of Toranoana, which is just right next to it. Ouch, inb4lawsuits. They get a second shot at righting the wrong when they enlist the help of Kouichi Minamoto, their new field leader, who takes over the task of handling these volatile and inexperienced espers, who at heart are still just lolis, as he is subjected to abuse, mainly from Kaoru.

Absolutely Lovely Children(hardly, considering the uninspiring character designs) is your typical contemporary styled mahou shoujo series with some otaku references thrown in to make it a tad more appealing to their target audience, which makes this show sort of like Lucky Star with destructive little girls. Kinda. Either way, it has enough going for it for the time being, although a possible over reliance nonsensical jokes revolving around with no proper plot development will just send this title into the discount bin of obscurity. ( ̄ー ̄)

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  1. LoL you really blog it!

  2. the 2nd to the last pic makes me think about PPG as in Power Puff Girks.. Oops did I mispell that?

    Akki’s last blog post..To-Love-ru Episode 1

  3. lame show is lame!

  4. Not my cup of tea that’s for sure, but we’ll see.

  5. Hmm… looks like an Anime to watch for my free time… lalala

  6. This could be some nice mindless fun. I might check it out if I have time. :P

    TheBigN’s last blog post..Impressions on Bamboo Blade: A Strange Band of Bravers

  7. I looked into it since it’d been subbed, but… meh…

    However, if you insist on blogging it, I … might take a look

    Nagato’s last blog post..Moar Media Fillar

  8. I don’t know why but I can’t figure out from what you wrote that series is this

    Belela-san’s last blog post..Favorite Seiyuu

  9. Ok never mind I found it :P

    Belela-san’s last blog post..Favorite Seiyuu

  10. Super Big Magnum!!!!

  11. Okay… for some reason you’ve convinced me to give this show a shot! LOL (Hey, what happened to my Tsukasa avatar T.T)

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Spring 2008 Part 2 : It’s Like Part 1… Only With More Fanservice

  12. Nonsensical jokes? Might just be my type of anime. From the looks of the anime, I don’t think it could come close to match the legendary wackiness of Sexy Commando.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..NEW ZEALAND HAETS CAEK

  13. The only problem with this was that I expected too much, after being told about how good it was…


    You can now pick your own avatar hehe.

  14. And Aya Hirano sounds like her Pachira from Magical Pokaan, so that’s fun. :P

    TheBigN’s last blog post..ABA Nominations From The “Third Wheel” of The ABA Committee: For I Am A Copycat And An Attention Seeker

  15. I stopped watching this about 5 minutes into it, I just got kinda bored, and I really wanted to like this too since it has Aya Hirano, but the character designs are just plain ugly.

  16. :thx: Rlly cool looking! Ill try it out!!! :grin: XDDD Omg, i just watched the funniest vids ever!!! lol. so im a bit hyper :smile: hehe.

    Thanx 4 that! :thx:
    L0vless’s last blog post..Devil Lady Episode 26 [Final]

  17. Where can i watch this anime :?: i haven’t find any trace for this anime :cry:

    Gimme a link for it, :thx: :!:

  18. why this says that i did do my text 6:05 pm? Here it is 13:06 :swt: I live in Finland.

  19. @Animewathcer;D
    Animesuki has it to download. The sub group is Chihiro.

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