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Feature Unlocked!

Registration of Avatars is now enabled for visitors with more than 3 comments.

After much slacking, i finally got down to fiddling with the settings/options etc to get it working... You can now pick an avatar of your choice from the pool of avatars available after posting more than 3 comments. To do this :

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page after posting a comment and you will see "As a frequent comment author you are allowed to register your own avatar." --> Click on <register your own avatar>.

2. You will be then brought to a page showing a whole list of avatars available in the registered-users pool. Pick one of your choice and click the Select button below the avatars.

3. Check your email (which you provide for commenting on this blog), and go to your junk-folder if its not already in your inbox to find an email like this one...

4. Open it and click on the link and there you'll have your new Avatar!

Note: When clicking on the link in the email do use the same Internet Browser as the one you have logged onto

Avatars you've selected is for yourself only and no one else will be able to select it for usage on this blog site. If you come across any problems/bugs please do inform me by commenting here. Thanks~


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  1. Goddamn I love my new Chizuru one.

  2. xD well done, but I already took the liberty of looking through the avatar pool when I picked mine. xD Of course I had to look at it directory-listing style. q_q

    Nagato’s last blog post..Chi’s Sweet Home 5

  3. *me spam to change avatar*

  4. cool.. let me change mine ^_^

    Akki’s last blog post..Naruto 396 – Introduction

  5. Shoot, I don’t know if I have three comments >_>

    IcyStorm’s last blog post..(Anime – Movie) AIR Review

  6. Wow this is a great feature : )… hope there will be more features in the future too.

  7. Well this is a fun idea. :P

    Hopefully people stare at my avvy. :3

    TheBigN’s last blog post..My Delusions as a Fanboy: These Goggles Actually Do Something

  8. i wonder did i have three comments so far?

  9. nice feature :D

  10. Lol its been here from start… just that i’ve finally decided to put in some effort to mess around with it to get it running…

  11. I really love my Nanaka avatar and I cant wait to see her again on Da Capo II S.S. hope it will be subbed ASAP

    Akki’s last blog post..To-Love-ru Episode 1

  12. lol nanaka my favourite on D.C too =D

  13. Damn, how did I miss this post… Now I can finally rid myself of Fuko!
    …Or so I thought… Can’t seem to go anywhere with the bottom ‘register your own avatar’ link… Gah

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Spring 2008 Part 3 : It’s like longer than Parts 1 and 2 combined

  14. Really? You already met the requirements of having 3 posts. Hmm, I’ll go check with my chief tech support.

    Something broke. I’ll have it fixed ASAP, once I can pry Evern from Cabal ^^;

  15. Ooo, thanks! Was confused for a while and wondered if the connection here was at fault :S
    (Alright, pandas!)

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Spring 2008 Part 3 : It’s like longer than Parts 1 and 2 combined

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