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Code Geass R2 Turn 01 -計画通り-


Fears that season two of this ever so popular franchise from Sunrise might not meet expectations were all but diminished right from the very moment C.C makes her appearance after such a long absence, as you see her donned with a pair of helicopter headphones, reminiscent of some other anime about having things go exactly as you have planned it.


It's been a year since the Black Knights and the untimely death of their great leader, Zero. Lelouch(?!!) is now living the life of an ordinary student, as we see him get into mischief when Viletta(?!!) the gym instructor tries to apprehend him for some reason. After a masterful and body swap with Rivalz, Lulu makes his escape, with his Rollo, in tow. Hey Lelouch, I knew deep down you were gay, but I still looked up to you then for wanting wreck havoc upon the world in the name of siscons everywhere. But now, I've lost every ounce of respect for you now that you ditched the oh-so-lolilicious Nunally for this shota. (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

As the pair make their way to the Tower Of Babel, Lelouch watches some Eleven rebels being executed live on a big screen television. He expresses his disdain over the futility of their actions, as had they remained submissive, such a horrible fate would not have befell them. He then calls their leader Zero, a fool. Lawl. Elsewhere, Governor-General Carares questions the actions of the great Emperor Norio Wakamoto over the strategic operations taking place at the tower itself. Hmm...

Lelouch arrives at the casino lounge, with his trusty chess set, wanting to challenge somebody of skill. To his luck, an obnoxiously ugly aristocrat dubbed the Black King for his chess playing prowess, rears his head as fodder for Lelouch. Also, this is where Karen makes her appearance, and man, this bitch is fine. Despite having lost his memory, Lulu is ever the gentleman who still considers Elevens as equal human beings and Karen's boobs had nothing to do with it! So yes, Lelouch beats the Britannian lout effortlessly but in an attempt to save face, the Black King accuses our hero of cheating. How do I cheated at chess? Just as his bodyguards pin Lulu onto the table before raping him, there is a sudden and explosive commotion caused by C.C. In the ensuing confusion and panic, Karen kicks the aristocrat in the face and makes her escape, along with Lelouch. This also causes the Secret Information Bureau, a covert operations group that has been monitoring Lelouch to sortie as well.

Meanwhile, the Governor-General is met by the Chinese Union ambassador, looking suspiciously like a sexy ladyboy version of Sanzo accompanied by his hunky bodyguard who really knows how to work his rods, err blades, as he slices off the belts of the inspection guards that try to seize his precious metal. Just before things start getting ugly, everyone in the vicinity is distracted by a loud explosion. This causes Karen to lose track of Lelouch, who together with Rollo find themselves in the mall area, where several Britannian Knightframe Frames drop in and indiscriminately offs everyone in sight, regardless of allegiance. Lelouch is confronted by a single unknown unit which extends its arms to him, although he is unsure of how to react. That unit is attacked by the the opposing forces, and once again, Lelouch finds himself running for his life again, with Rollo still tagging along. Unfortunately, as they seek cover, the pair ambushed and this time around, Lulu is separated from Rollo and he plunges into the dark depths of the abyss.


Alone in the dark with corpses all strewn around him, Lelouch curses the situation until C.C presents herself, and attempts to remind him of his destiny and true identity. Just as she does so, C.C is shot right in the heart by a single bullet and collapses into Lulu's arms. The culprit turns out to be the leader of the secret espionage team in charge of keeping tabs on our hero. Like an obsessed fanboy. the Baron reveals a notebook which logs all of Lelouch's activity. Ewww. Having completed their missing of luring C.C out, the Baron decides to finish off Lelouch, but before he could do so, C.C awakens and gives the destined one a kiss which unlocks all his sealed memories. Experiencing similar visions which he had undergone in the past, Lelouch regains the Power of the King and commands the Britannian swines to kill themselves. And silly me, for a moment there, I half expected Lelouch to give out orders to C.C asking her use her ice attacks or something like so:


Yes, he is also voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

Also, I too, gained a form of Geass right there and then. Many of you might have witness the following scene as such:


I used the Power of the Lecher* and saw this instead:



Credits to the team for having build up some much development in a single episode, and Code Geass R2 kicks things off on a high note. Admittedly it's a tad confusing considering the fact there are so many new elements are introduced with no prior explanation, but I guess this will be resolved in the next few episodes. Questions like where Nunally is, how Viletta ended up being a teacher at the Ashford Academy, who Rollo really is, the fate of that tablefucker Nina and the outcome of that confrontation between Zero and Fagzaku are among the issues that are lingering in my mind right now. Hopefully, they don't drag the flashbacks for too long as I'm more interested in the possible conflicts that will arise now that the Chinks are now involved, not to mention the Emperor's newly formed elite Knights with Suzaku taking charge. Oh yeah, gotta love that delicious little Brit loli, whom I assume pilots that Virtue Gundam lookalike in the OP. Speaking of the OP, Orange Range once again impresses with their single, which is just as good as Colors and trumps the shitty second OP to the ground. Before I forget, an obligatory plug to the sponsors. *Color inversion lawl

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  1. aye to the new OP. I could see the last pic forever. *saved*

    and uh before i forget, suzaku needs to die. bloody traitor.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Code Geass R2 01: The Day of the Demon’s Awakening.

  2. Wanted to post that last night, but only had time today D:

    Well, Suzaku looks much better with his new outfit, which sorta lessens the gay factor just by a little bit.

  3. Let there be mayhem and destruction in R2.

    C.C is still hot as ever. Ditto for Kallen.

    Suzaku is way more gay looking, cape and all, I reckon. For that + being a traitor he should be burned, zap wtv…

    lanie-emon’s last blog post..Dummy Test 101…

  4. Have been waiting forever for this, and I have to agree it doesn’t disappoint!

  5. Have you been running every scene of C.C.’s reality marbles through Photoshop? >_>

    Nagato’s last blog post..Chi’s Sweet Home 5


    .sea’s last blog post..Chi’s Sweet Home 5

  7. lol if Suzaku’s a traitor to Japan, then isn’t Lulu the same for Britannia?

  8. Nothing beats my Narutu sand powah!

    *Chokes in sand, became a Sandmaster worthy of Codey Porter’s title*

    Hangmen’s last blog post..DESTINATION HONG KONG: DAY 6, DAY 7, END

  9. Ok…C.C and Kallen made me horny. :(


  10. Suzaku = DEAD MAN WALKING!!

    He should just diiie already, he’s no match for the Oh so Mighty Lelouch. Ah, this anime is so good yet so lame in a way xD Plus, I wouldn’t mind if they shoved in another L or Light.

  11. Woohooo Suzaku is gonna die getting killed by this forum… looking forward to that hahaha… Lelouch looked as cool as last time : )

  12. Yeah, now no Suzaku fanboy/girl will ever dare comment here if at all.

  13. lawl! the best part of this show is the fan service in just ep1! lolx

    C.c + Kallen … whts next? our new school teacher ?

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