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It just had to happen. Upgrading to WordPress 2.5 during April 1st is as big a mistake as trying to talk sense into yaoi fangirls. The database got messed up along the way, and the only way to reverse the damage was to reinstall everything over again. And with the XML exporting system as buggy as ever, a lot of the links are now messed up _| ̄|○ The extent of the damage can be seen on the site itself, and right now I'm trying to fix whatever I can. Yes, it's an April Fool's joke, but this time around, it's at my own expense _| ̄|○

[EDIT 1] Poll logs are all gone; images from the thumbnail plugin are all missing _| ̄|○

[EDIT2] Oh hey, all avatars restored. If we missed out on the ones you wanted, post here okay?

[EDIT3] Oh man, I just found out the permalinks for the LOLWUT HARUHI post links to Rosario? Wtf?

[EDIT4] 60% of damage rectified. Sleep.

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  1. April Fool’s joke as in
    Wordpress: “Hey Shin, upgrade to 2.5, it’s full of awesome features you’ll like!”
    Shin: “Sure, okay… bghrhghk wtf?!”
    Wordpress: “Haha, April Fool’s!”

    In any case, my upgrade to 2.5 a few days ago went off rather smoothly, though the new Admin panel is hard to get used to. Have you quit Are-are, btw? >_>

    Nagato’s last blog post..Chi’s Sweet Home 2

  2. Testing.

    Damn, that was dumb. In before taunts and ridicule.


    GG WordPress

    I’m still in ^^

  3. Before, everytime I got on this site it kept redirecting me to this BlogPet thing, lols. Damn those April Fools jokes! XD

    blissmo’s last blog post..Coverage for Spring 2008 and the Future!

  4. @bliss

    So sorry for that. It’s WP 2.5 stirring shit up by blocking all IE7 users. I guess you could consider that an unintentional joke

  5. totally screwed


  7. sadly(happily?) i’m going out in 2 hours… so i’m ditching most the work as i usually do =D

  8. @Shin: Good luck! Ice (a writer from my blog) installed WordPress 2.5 for me, so I was sitting back lazily like Evern here, lols. Then Deranged said he did it in a couple of minutes … I guess it’s just the different theme?

    blissmo’s last blog post..Coverage for Spring 2008 and the Future!

  9. Yeah, that’s what I’m suspecting, but too late to reflect on that now lawl. I might decide to upgrade again in the new future once the release is final. For now, 2.31 is good enough for me.

  10. Thank god mine went without a hitch. Guess your installation must be jinxed by some digital fairy prankster, eh?

    lanie-emon’s last blog post..Boys & Girls : Black Lagoon style…

  11. damn. tough luck. hope your ordeal will be over soon.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..April fools madness.

  12. I was wondering why your page kept going into your blog pet yesterday.
    P.S. I got a blog pet too they should be friends! Except I think Kokoro can’t make any blog pet friends :(

  13. なんてこった Σ\(゚Д゚;;;\ )

  14. looks like april fools got on you.. ^__^ hehe..

    Akki’s last blog post..Gundam 00 End

  15. Damn, that scared the shit outta me from installing WordPress 2.5.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..THANKS FOR THE 1000GET!

  16. WP 2.5 is scary ^^ welcome back Shin!^^

    shinji’s last blog post..Waiting for Code Geass 2

  17. No point baww’ing over spilt milk now. Back to repairing ^^


    That’s too bad, although I wish you’d pick Kokoro so we can have them go yuri or something www


    It’s okay to try, but make sure you back everything up though. And by back up, I mean going to your webhost and saving the DB from there.

  18. I thought you kena virus, then I damn scared I kena virus also wtf.

    Well anyway glad the site’s back up~

  19. Wow, WP pwnd j00 XD.

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