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Clannad Extra Chapter 01


Incest is best, put your sister to the test.

I don't have a particular interest in drama, so it's episodes like these that I look forward to most. For some reason I like Clannad better when the show doesn't take itself seriously and just provide us with slice of life lulz, but maybe that's just me. Tomoya and Nagisa are officially dating, although things seem still so awkward between them, but I guess that's understandable at the initial stages. Once again, just as the couple were about to get intimate, Kyou shows up in the most appropriate of times and teases them.

During lunch the girls question Nagisa as to why she still refers Tomoya as "Okazaki-san", although she is unable to come up with an answer. Elsewhere the lead male hangs out at his bestfriend's room as always, when Sunohara is informed about a visitor from Misae. Gee, I wonder who it is. Without a doubt, the only person who would ever visit Youhei is his sister, and boy, was he disappointed. With Mei in tow, Tomoya heads over to the bakery, and the Furukawas happily welcome the little girl for dinner. It is here the audience bear witness as to how adorable and mischievous the loli can be, inflicting massive damage to my nutbladder.

Mei definitely stole the show this time around, as she confronts Tomoya about becoming a cupid of love. Mistaking it for something else, the results of the misunderstanding were hilarious to say the least, not to mention hinting on what a possible Tomoya x Youhei relationship would look like wwwwwww More Mei antics as she does her bid to help out the bakery by promoting the fact the store has a cute girl, causing a riot no less. Even more shocking is the fact Sanae's creations were all sold out too! The fact Akio blurted this out caused the latter to run off again crying, with him trying to console her by declaring his love lawl.


Oh god Tomoya is moe~β™₯


Nyan~ Nyan~ :3

The later half of the show has Mei attempting to hook Tomoya and Nagisa up, with the latter calling our hero "Tomoya-kun" for the first time. Going on an impromptu date, Tomoya finally realizes something was amiss when he spots Mei eavesdropping on the couple. With her grand scheme exposed, Mei cheekily excuses herself and runs off. It turns out Nagisa was talked into the whole thing as she felt she had to take charge of the relationship, being the older one. Afraid that he might dislike her after that, Tomoya merely takes her by the hand and talks her on a walk, with Nagisa firmly noting that she'll be with him no matter what.


Yeah, yeah good end, but really, the show would be so much more awesome if the following was the real ending..


I was searching for the things that never change.
I will never forget how you were on that day.
These feelings I have transcend time.
I just want to meet you now~

Happy episode is happy. Lots of laughter inducing moments especially SEEN 666 which I had been looking forward to. I guess this is enough to tide things over until that DVD episode and of course, After Story. Time to finally finish up Nagisa's route to quench my Clannad addiction D:

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  1. lawl… you’ve got to find someway to cure that loli addiction of yours before it finally cracks your balls

  2. dont cure it. cultivate it. whatever that doesnt kill you makes you stronger.

    i think i might turn into a siscon+lolicon after watching this.

    last pic = SEEEE FOREVERRR!!!! was the 666 a hidden clue?

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..CLANNAD After Story Announced!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. OMG … there was INCEST IN THIS ANIME? Is there? Cos if there is, I’m definitely watching this!

    Blissmo’s last blog post..Coverage for Spring 2008 and the Future!

  4. *insert kotomi’s “nandeyanen” bit*

  5. I watched this episode … and


    Blissmo’s last blog post..Coverage for Spring 2008 and the Future!

  6. @Blissmo

    Yeah, this was one of the best episodes in the series by far. Now go finish up the rest >_>

  7. Haha, I can’t be bothered though! XD

    blissmo’s last blog post..Coverage for Spring 2008 and the Future!

  8. Uhh… incest is good eh??? o.O

  9. Oh well, Mei is just fine too…

    lanie-emon’s last blog post..Boys & Girls : Black Lagoon style…

  10. :mrgreen: i love these episode :kiss: i love tomoyo he s cute
    por fin juntos :eek: :eek: :!:

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