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Spice and Wolf – 13


But I get unbelievably hard when I see you.

Drenched and wounded, Lawrence struggles to free himself, only to end up hurting himself. Sad. As he staggers further on, he finally collapses onto the wet ground, only to meet Horo who is surprisingly safe and sound. Touched by Lawrence's tenacity in protecting her clothes despite all that he had been through, Horo tells him that the conflict between her and the gigantic wolf was peacefully resolved, although no mention as to what she had really done. So much for the epic fight I was hoping for.

Realizing time was of the essence, the pair devises a plan to save Nora from impending doom, although Horo herself cannot guarantee the safety of those men who betrayed Lawrence as she would have to revert to her true form. Lawrence insists it is fine and places his faith in her, believing that she would not harm those people. As the final fanservice moments you'll ever get to see in the series, Horo strips down into the buff and transforms into the fearsome wolf deity that she is. With Lawrence in tow, Horo catches up to Liebert and his croonies in no time at all.


Seeing Horo is like a breast of fresh air.... I mean a breath of fresh ass. Never mind.

Making up for the lack of an actual action scene as I had wished, Horo goes on a rampage and massacres the puny humans, whose arrows and spears meant nothing to her. In a pathetic attempt to save his life, Liebert orders Nora to fend off against the mighty Horo, causing Lawrence to panic as the latter might actually hurt her in the heat of things. Nora's sheepdog rushes head on to face Horo, only meet its own demise, as Nora is swallowed alive.

Of course, that was merely Lawrence's paranoia kicking in as he somehow envisioned such a gruesome end for the cute shepherd and her companion. Horo goes after Liebert who flees for his life, which was of course an act of futility. When the dust has settled, he split some of the loot with Nora and then heads off to the Remerio Company to face the final boss. Being the diplomat that he is, Lawrence resorts to the least violent means of persuading the manager into making a deal, which he could not turn down. And by persuasion I mean tying the crook up and forcing him to agree to the revised plan lawl.


The last thing you'll witness before death.

All is well, and as Lawrence and Horo heads off to continue on their journey, she asks him whose name he called out during the confrontation between her and Nora. Being playful, Lawrence does not provide a proper answer, only to reply with something dumb that earned him a knuckle sandwich to the face. Not satisfied, Horo gives Lawrence another shot, who again squanders it by muttering something just as the clocktower rang, before finally admitting she had a nicer name after all. After meeting up with Nora for one last time(?) the merchant and wolf girl heads off, paving the way to another season.


It's people like Lawrence that make facepalm.jpg so useful

Bleargh, for a show I've faithfully watched, Spice and Wolf's ending left a lot to be desired. While I must admit Horo was the sole reason I had bothered in the first place, I had really expected more out of it, as it had so much potential. The pacing was a tad slow at times, and the talks about medieval economics hardly interested me. Still, I sort of enjoyed this nonetheless, and hopefully this will leave things open for a possible sequel. For now, let's keep out fingers crossed for that DVD only episode to be something awesome, like a H-OVA or something wwwww.

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  1. The better be a second season or heads will roll.

  2. Seconded coolspicy recommendation. Better be a second season or heads will disappear, courtesy of a certain freakin’ huge Wolf.

    lanie-emon’s last blog post..Awesome couldn’t even begin to describe it…

  3. Never had high expectations from this series to begin with, so I’m not exactly surprised it ended in such a mediocre state.

  4. Horo peacefully resolves the conflict by kneeling to the other wolf god. This causes her great shame, etc, and is responsible for her increased irritation during the rest of the episode.

    Also /r/ my own avatar plx, 173.gif

    Nagato’s last blog post..Spice and Wolf 13 [FINAL]

  5. uh… your avatar number is 133 … can you clearly state what you want ? are you asking for the 173.gif avatar or wht do you mean exactly? wakaranai

  6. I’d like to change to 173, that is. It wouldn’t let me choose my own ^^;

    Nagato’s last blog post..Spice and Wolf 13 [FINAL]

  7. As requested? ;)

  8. Testing…

    Hmm, avatar still set as 133.gif, and I wanted 173. >_>

  9. wwwwwwwww

    Wish I could help, but I have no idea how to do this avatar thingy.

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