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Never thought I'd see the day someone use Bleach to work on their assignments wwww

I recently got an email by a certain Dirk Haas from Brussels who's doing a research as part of his thesis on the perceptions of what people have on anime depending on their culture. Sounds interesting enough. Here's the rest of his message:

I ask you now if you could “lent” me twenty minutes of your time, to improve the number of Asian responses I got so far. I would be very grateful to you. Furthermore, I started the research a month ago, so the time I got to conduct the research is dwindling, and I would want (have to) start calculating the results, and write the thesis. So I don’t have the time anymore to put up some links and wait for responses. That’s why I ask you here if you could just visit my website, and respond to the questionnaire
which is displayed there.

There you have it folks. If you have the time to spare, do try it out yourself, as it not only helps our fellow otaku friend here, but it also tests your memory and analytical abilities as well ^^

Survey Here

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