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True Tears – 11


Hiromi HCG unlocked!

I WANT TO BELIEVE! Despite how things have unfolded thus far, the route to an impending Hiromi Good End seems to have taken a slight detour with Shin'ichiro's actions in this episode. Living all on her own now, Hiromi manages to find herself a nice cozy apartment, which is nearby the Nakagami residence.

She invites Shin over to her new place and for once, they share a conversation free of sexual tension, as the possibility of wincest has all but diminished *sob* Seeing that it's begun to snow, Hiromi heads down to the waterfront, with Shin tagging along, to which the latter queries on his dancing practices. As he replied, thoughts of the times he shared Noe kept lingering in his mind. He is brought back to reality when Hiromi suddenly kisses him on the lips. If this doesn't shout Hiromi end, I don't know what will, but wait there's more!


From experience, if this scene appears earlier than in the final episode, it means BAD END! Maybe..

Things seem to have patched up between Aiko and Nobuse too, as the latter gives our likeable sidekick a call, asking if it was okay to start things over, as friends. Despite cries from certain quarters regarding Ai-chan being promiscuous, I'm going to refrain from calling her one, and just assume that Nobuse's feelings finally reached her, and that she didn't mind giving him a shot, considering the fact that hooking up with Shin'ichiro is now out of the question.

Meanwhile, Hiromi resumes school after being suspended for a short time and participates in an inter-school basketball matchup. However, she is fouled by the opposing members at every given opportunity, though she does not do anything about it. Just as her team captain was about step in and ask the referee to cease the game, #4 intervenes, telling the girls who intentionally tripped Hiromi, off.

All this was witnessed by Shin'ichiro who still seems uneasy over it, disregarding the fact that Hiromi is clearly not interested in Jun. This fact is reinforced to greater extent, when Hiromi calls #4 out to stop the charade once and for all. Of course, he'd have no part in this and refuses to split up, to which Hiromi once again hits bullseye when she says that the person whom he love is not her. Shin once again was in the area to witness that spectacle, though it does little to ease his troubled mind. Whatever could be he be thinking about?

Shin'ichiro goes back to his picture book featuring Noe's cocks, but this time around, he finishes it off with a Bad End. Feeling that it wasn't right, he thinks about what Noe would have to say, if she had read it. Later that night, Hiromi receives a call from Jun who is panicking over Noe's sudden disappearance. The caring elder brother asks that she tells Shin about it, although Hiromi hesitates before actually doing so. Right after informing him about Noe, Hiromi's displeasure and disappointment was evident, as Shin'ichiro rushed out, with picture book in hand, as she is left with a disconnected phone. As if lead by instinct, Shin goes to the chicken coop at school, only to finally find Noe standing by the seaside, with Jibeta singing her favorite tune, replacing ending lyrics with how Hiromi is now in his heart. Urk.

Yes, although it still seems unlikely, there might yet be a chance for Noefags like myself to see our favorite girl ending up with the male lead. The glimmer of hope came in the form of Shin'ichiro's indeciveness, as he still seems to care a lot for our crazy chicken girl, who seemed to have gone a little kookier than usual in that final scene hehe. With two episodes to go, it's going to be a neck to neck race between our two heroines for the Best End. For once, Hiromi now seems to be the underdog, as she no doubt realizes Shin'ichiro's affections towards Noe, which is unfortunate, since she had liked Shin the whole time and finally just as things seem to turn out fine, this happens. Oh well, best of luck to both girls.

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  1. Aw, I just missed this post for the metareview.

    EDIT: BTW, maybe something’s wrong with my feed, but the CommentLuv thing adds the wrong post =P

    IcyStorm’s last blog post..Looking for two writers

  2. NO MORE NICE BOAT! FFS Nice Boat been giving me nightmares whenever i watch an anime that consist of an indecisive Male lead and knives! Personally hopes to see a Hiromi end!

  3. @IcyStorm

    I think 9 different opinions should suffice already ;p ¯(º_o)/¯

    You’re right, the CommentLuv thing is b0rken, but I have no idea how to fix it .-.

  4. Hiromi going for the win too early will mean, like you said, she won’t be getting the BEST END. But who knows anymore… This anime has taken so many twists and turns that Shin may even end up with Nobuse or #4 LOL.

    I’m still rooting the crazy chicken girl though.

    Tuna’s last blog post..Upcoming Anime – Spring 2008

  5. sDFKJH! IF it’s a nice boat imma … kill … somebody …

    Anyway, Jun should just go with Noe already

    Blissmo’s last blog post..Predictions: true tears – 12 Will Jibeta fly?

  6. The Bad End seems foreboding. lulz. Poor Jibeta. :(

    Anyway I wonder if Jun finds out Noe isn’t his real sister and they finally accept each other’s feelings. :D
    Then they cook Jibeta for their wedding banquet!! NICE CHICKEN!

  7. I agree on the kiss part.
    It is too early for a ‘main girl’ to have a kiss..
    Not to mention that the kiss wasn’t too special..
    It’s like no big deal for them..
    So..the probability of Hiromi not being the ‘main girl’ is higher now..
    But who knows..
    I have a feeling that True Tears will surprise us next episode..

    Setsukyie’s last blog post..Users who repeatingly uses Winny might get Internet cut off – Japan

  8. I like long hair more, so I’m rooting for Hiromi lol
    Or perhaps, a JIBETA END.

    Zeroblade’s last blog post..Random Night Skyline Pictures

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