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See You Space Cowboy


Going out with a bang.

Alejandro is in disbelief over Exia's sudden surge in combat prowess through the activation of the Trans-Am, as Libbons inform him that it wasn't something in Veda's database and suggests that it might have been built into the GN Drives. The latter merely glares at Schenberg's lifeless body in disgust, cursing his foresight.

The situation does not bode well for the Meisters, as Setsuna informs Sumeragi about how the UN forces have departed Earth for space and that one of the Thrones have been captured by Ali Al Sarshes.

It doesn't take long for the UN strike team to arrive at the Meister's doorsteps, and Sumeragi makes the difficult the decision of having Dynames sit this one out, as Lockon still needs to recuperate, with only Virtue and Kyrios sortieing. Ali, with his newly acquired toy also participates in the battle.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Hallelujah and Tieria manage to hold their own, taking out several GN-Xs. This all changed when Ali intervened and exploited Virtue's inherent weakness of not being able to fend itself against a multitude of barrage attacks, which Throne Zwei greatly excels. Even Hallelujah finds himself in a bind, when supersoldier Soma enters the fray, causing that head splitting migraine that nearly puts him out of commission, although Allelujah manifests himself to help his partner out. Left with no choice both Virtue and Kyrios' Trans-Am systems are activated, giving their respective pilots the momentary upper hand. As their trump card has a limited operating lifespan, the Meisters soon faces the possibility of obliteration, as the UN forces mount a counterattack.


They call it the GN Armor, I call it the badass motherfucker.

Akin to the cavalry in spaghetti westerns, Dynames arrive to open a can of whoop-ass on the enemy. Caught off guard, most of the GN-Xs are destroyed, with Daryl managing to flee for his life, tail in between legs. Not content with his current scoresheet, Lockon decides to take on the UN's respawning position and wipe out the 3 transport ships. However, he manages to only take 2 out before Ali once again pop out of nowhere to mess things up.

Having reached the end level boss so to speak, Lockon dukes it out with Ali, blaming the latter for his family's death. Being the terrorist that he is, Ali defends his actions as justified, as he likens Lockon as being the same. During the battle, Daryl in a last ditch attempt to avenge his friend, goes on a suicide attack against Dynames, severely damaging it. Ali uses this to his advantage and incapacitates Dynames, leaving only the torso.


Smoke me a kipper. I'll be back for breakfast.

Retreating behind some asteroids, Lockon realizes that this was pretty much it for him, as he orders Haro to return to the ship along with what's left of the Dynames. He bids his partner farewell, which only responds by calling out Lockon's name over and over. Lockon's intended coup de grace was to fire the still functioning GN Armor's cannons with his targeting system to take Throne Zwei out.

Making his one shot count, Lockon succeeds in destroying Zwei, although Ali himself manages to return fire, which causes the GN Armor's cannon to explode, throwing Lockon off into the dark depths of space. With the planet Earth in full view, Lockon comments on whether if people are content with such a world, and declares that he hates it, pointing his finger at it in a shape of gun. Setsuna who had left the ship to rescue Lockon, reaches too late, as the impending explosion from the cannon engulfs the latter, ending his life. Setsuna lets out a scream of despair, with the crew learning of Lockon's fate when Haro only repeatedly calls out his name...

Well, that sucks. You'd think that Lockon would probably live after they spared his life in the previous episodes. It was a pretty sad demise, and the fact Horo could only helplessly cry out to his master made that scene somewhat emotional. Regardless, only 2 episodes to go before the end of this season, and things only get messier judging from the preview as the Meisters bicker among one another, with Tieria looking as though he's blaming Setsuna for Lockon's death. No happy wedding then. The following question remains:




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  1. Lockon……. ;-;

  2. Sayonara Lockon. For you are sure a ‘badass GAR-of-a-Sniper’.

    lanie-emon’s last blog post..Romance of the White Day ^^…

  3. LOCKON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. *salute* although I personally dislike the meisters, Lockon has redeemed himself IMO with his final act.

    Thank goodness there will be no more weddings. That really scarred me for life.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..SONY PSP COSPLAY: The Force is STRONG with this event.

  5. I’m going to hate Sunrise if they bring Neil back from the dead…

  6. It looks like they might kill off the main cast. The problem is, who kills off a main cast of an anime. I think Lockon’s twin brother will take over (seen in the begining of ep 9). It was a good episode except Lockon dies. Which sucks…
    Lockon is one of my fav characters either from Tieria and Setsuna.

    Riin’s last blog post..March Con

  7. @Riin: Actually, the original director of the Gundam series “KILL-EM-ALL” Yoshiyuki Tomino did that a lot. The ending of his Ideon series has the entire frickin’ universe explode, and of course that means EVERYONE dies.

    And I know all this despite having not watched any of the aforementioned series. =D

  8. No one can cut Setsuna’s hair. It’ll grow long and he’ll end up looking as girly as the rest of the remaining Meisters. That’s Sunrise’s plan to attrach more female viewers.


  9. Wow? Code Geass OVA in the making? lolz

  10. I thought it was another gimmick, and Lockon would just be alive again. But after reading so many reviews, seems like he will be really dead for sure.

    misakichii’s last blog post..My top 5 favourite seiyuus

  11. lawl you switched Allelujah and Hallelujah ._.

    .sea’s last blog post..Spice and Wolf 9

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