Atarashii Prelude


The King And I

The following are excerpts from a Japanese otaku's journal*


Uwaaa~ Today I'm going on a date with Seiba-tan for White Day. Went to her house around 9am to pick her up.

( ´∀`) So happy~!


Reached downtown Asakusa, Seiba's favorite neighborhood for our date. Since we didn't have breakfast yet, I went to Obachan's pastry shop to buy food. Arrived late, so most of the good ones were sold out ( ̄ー ̄)



Still, managed to buy a manjuu and an apple puff for the both of us. Seiba-tan takes both in hand and stares at them for a while. She almost started eating the apple puff until I reminded her about her diet. Seiba-tan stops and looks angrily at me. Her eyes say "I wasn't going to eat that anyway" as she hands me the apple puff. Hehe, tsun-tsun Seiba-tan moe~
(◕ ◡ ◕)



We later went to the park for a walk. Seiba-tan looks so kirei in her dress. I got kind of thirsty all of a sudden and I suddenly realized I didn't bring enough money! Shimatta! Luckily Seiba-tan brought her purse, so she bought soft-creams for the both of us. ヽ(;´Д`)ノ


So fast, and it was evening already. When I wanted to hold Seiba-tan by the hand and take her back home, she simply stops and shakes her head. As I turn around she was already in her Servant's costume. Her deep azure eyes reminds me of an endless sea full of mystique and with her pale skin and her distinctively sublime silhouette, she seems like she belongs in another world.


I tried to persuade her not to leave but just as I tried to open my mouth, Seiba-tan merely places her fingers on my lips, as if asking me to let her go. I was heartbroken but I did not cry, as I knew that Seiba-tan will one day return to me. My one and only Seiba-tan.


All images ripped and cropped from 萌えよ Happy White Day, people!

Posted by Shin

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  1. Liekwtf? Is he going out with a dorru or some dudein kigurumi?

    On the other hand, it could be a joke. Meh…

  2. I almost died laughing sooooo hard. LOLMAO

  3. dont gimme this stuff while i just woke up frm nap…

    *will continue reading tonight

  4. er no comment. but saber looks great though

    Choo’s last blog post..Code Geass R2 Spoilers! and Lost Colors

  5. This Saber is awesome O.o and the guy that took the pictures really has some guts in taking her outside just like that. The sunset pictures are gorgeous ^^

    Belela-san’s last blog post..Advantages of having a blog in another language than your own

  6. Unbelievable… loved the servant costume/evening shots! those were awesome!

  7. Ahaha, hilarious shit.

    Blissmo’s last blog post..Naruto Shippuuden – 50

  8. LOLWTF.

    This is kinda sad, yet kinda awesome at the same time.

    Kurogane’s last blog post..Minami-ke ~Okawari~ 10

  9. One of those WT Foxtrot moment. It’s so creepy that it screams EPIC ^^.

    lanie-emon’s last blog post..What were you thinking Sabrac?

  10. And suddenly, Saber transformed herself into SADER and violently took away the blog author’s anal virginity.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..CODE RED: A S& HERO IS BORN

  11. That was so unbelievably sad that i believed Shin would hit it! XD

  12. WTF!? O.0

    Rokku’s last blog post..Batman: Gotham Knight

  13. @Belela-san

    Lawl “her”. I do wonder about that, considering this is from Japan and all…..



  14. @hangmen: you sadistic nut.

    but this is a truly WTF moment. lets savour it.
    I would do the above if i ever got a life size doll though.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Truth can be stranger than fiction.

  15. Words fail me. o.O

    Caitlin’s last blog post..White Day

  16. This is more creepier than Pullip dolls, srsly =__=

    e-jump’s last blog post..Cosplay + Guitar = Win

  17. LOL that’s so sad xD;;;

    Hinano’s last blog post..H2O ~Blindness in the Sand~ 11

  18. kanashisugi yo wwwwww korette one-time date? ww tsukai-sute type www

  19. That’s seriously disturbing. :(

  20. Lol..
    It was pretty funny..
    And it’s amazing that the guy can take Seiba-tan outside..
    I thought that those things were meant for inside use only..

    Setsukyie’s last blog post..Exploding iPod Nano

  21. The doll is really cute. I like Saber’s shot in servant costume with her hair being blown by the wind.. brings out some life in it ^^

    shinji’s last blog post..Thoughts on Blood+

  22. wow! life-size Saber! this is awesome.. if only there’s excalibur too :P

    Prim3′s last blog post..Preview: Lily Salvatana

  23. wow the doll is awesomefuckingly cool!

  24. Seiba-san … i like .. stares at my seiba-san poster i made !
    this a paper moon product ? the guy driving the doll around i think , expensive too .

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