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Spice and Wolf – 11


Peaches dipped in honey to anyone who gets the joke.

Having lashed out at Horo for his own failures, Lawrence attempts to redeem himself by groveling for whatever penny he can muster as penance. Managing to collect a mere 3 Rumione, he gives it to Horo as traveling expenses, since there was no way he could ever clear his debt with that little, despite considering putting it all on the line at the local gambling den. Perhaps implying that she should take it instead and possibly help him win megabuck wwww.




Horo simply ignores him, and the once accomplished merchant heads to the streets, hoping to get lucky. Before he could leave the inn proper, Horo stops him in his tracks and commands that he get back in. As it turns out, Horo wasn't really mad at Lawrence to begin with, and laments about how he's such a softy. They share a tender bonding moment together, as Lawrence tells Horo the reason why he's doing all these things for her.




Unfortunately, before the situation escalates into something much more erotic, Horo simply laughs it off and comes up with a plan to help the troubled Lawrence. Meanwhile, Nora is sent on a deathmarch by the church, as she is burdened with the task of taking the sheeps into No Man's Land. Damn it, I bet if she was a little (altar) boy, the priest wouldn't do something like this. That bastard! We get back to Lawrence and Horo, who approaches the debtor with the latter's grand scheme.




Unlike her previous ideas, the one Horo comes up with this time around involves going against the authorities, in this case, the church. Lawrence proposes that they smuggle gold to another town where the value will be much higher, but is brushed off as it was much too reckless. He then tells the debtor of the perfect candidate, who turns out to be none other than the loli shepherd. Under the pretext of a job offer, Lawrence meets up with, and taking cue from Michael Corleone, makes her an offer she couldn't refuse as reveals the plan one step at a time, right down to the most minute detail. The tasks itself were simple, herd the sheep and bring them back safely, with the loot hidden inside their stomachs, although if she fails, there will be hell to pay. However the lure of such a large sum of money and a chance to get back at the church that has treated her so badly in the past was too tempting, and Nora accepts the deal, although she openly admits to doing it only because it was Lawrence who asked. Next week: Smuggler's Run: Medieval Edition.




Well that was unexpected. I knew Horo would somehow get Lawrence out of a bind, but didn't expect something so grand and risky not to mention the idea of having the least likely person to pull off this job was ludicrous on its own. Still, it goes to show that in time of desperation, people are willing to resort to cross the line to make a profit, although the circumstances here are somewhat different, as it's done to save one's life as well as it against an "evil" entity, so there's that grey area involved. Two episodes to go, or 3, taking into account that episode we were cheated out off, so it'd be interesting to see if Lawrence pulls this off without a hitch and fulfill his promise to Horo. Shin out.

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  1. I only just found out Mai Nakahara voiced Nora orz

  2. Gold Smuggling: Serious Business

  3. Horo in finnish means a skank. I guess I got the joke differently :)

  4. @Bonta-kun

    Ping! Pong! You just won the prize!

    Well, in the original version it was “Oh ho, why not whore ourselves” hence the play on words wwww

  5. Memes of /a/ are always walcome

    Nagato’s last blog post..New layout!

  6. 12th is the ending right ? im still downloading =.=; streamyx faster ! streamyx !
    batch DL 1~12

    goes into howling mode !

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