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Filler post inbound! I've been asked several times to post the video of myself doing an impersonation of Kagami at the Washinomiya Shrine entrance, but never really took it to heart since it was pretty lame, even for my standards.. Wolfx then suddenly IM'ed me telling me he had a weird anime related dream involving yanderes(that's what happens when you watch too much Higurashi!). I then told him about how I used to dream of Kagami and that little dance at the shrine, so I thought, why not? Because the clip itself is no longer than 5 seconds, I've decided to be a crazy Lucky Star fanboy(as if I'm not one already) and insert it inside the OP sequence itself, replacing Kagami's sequence wwwwwww;

YouTube Preview Image

Images taken at the shrine after the jump.


You can't see it but I was grinning away like a Cheshire cat.


Inside the little teahouse you see pictured above.


You should know of these by now, wooden prayer plaques, most of which dedicated to the show itself.


Nice looking bu-WAIT WUT?


A better view of that X-BOX hueg ema. I would have probably taken this home if it wasn't for the fact I'm actually still at a Shinto shrine ^^;


Now in glorious Technicolor!


I couldn't resist...Yes, I know it's crap, but I'm no Eleven ;-;

Well that's about it for real life locations which animes are based on. If I get the chance to go Japan again, I'll probably visit either Hinamizawa(which Higurashi was based on), and maybe even Toyama(True Tears) and do more weaboo shit like this lawl. Shin out.

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  1. In before WEABOO WEABOO WEABOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    looks like they are making a killing with Lucky Star.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Truth can be stranger than fiction.

  2. LAWL! Finally! You finally grew those balls to do it! Unlimited WeABoo WORKS!

  3. whats weaboo? and cool new site. Changed your link. XD

    Choo’s last blog post..GTO (Live-Action Series)

  4. Dude…that’s fcking gay.

    So when did you go?

  5. @Choo

    Basically, a weaboo’s like an otaku, but much more annoying ^^;


    Date written on the last photo wwww

  6. Lol, awesome enough. Good job ^^.

    lanie-emon’s last blog post..Dude, can you spare some moΓ©?

  7. Cool..
    There sure are a lot of those things at the shrine..
    Is it really ok to hang those things at the shrine..
    Don’t they mind? (whoever ‘they’ are)

    Lucky Star is awesome..

    Setsukyie’s last blog post..True Tears – 10, I’ll Do Everything Properly

  8. Isn’t it sad, Kagamin? :P

    TheBigN’s last blog post..Questions of Drastic importance

  9. oo, afureteru (οΌΎθ‰ΈοΌΎ)wwww

  10. Really cool shin, lots of interesting stuff in there ^^

  11. @Setsukyie

    Well, the shrine officials were pretty pissed at first, but they soon accepted the otaku influx, since it was good for tourism lawl



  12. I’m about to die laughing!!!! hahahaha

  13. o_o;; i wan that konata ema <3

  14. Oh shi-.
    *me saving money*

  15. The only fag here is me, and that’s not even taking my attempt at being a trap wannabe into account! :lol:

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