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Bamboo Blade – 22



As we draw closer to the conclusion, we are treated to the kind of story development that made all the fillers and half cooked plots somewhat endurable. In the previous episodes, Tama-chan is introduced to Rin, who like herself, is an ardent Blade Braver fan. Only a year her senior, Rin possesses all the qualities that one person who will have an impact on Tamaki; a level headed, refined and mature lady as opposed to the latter who's leaning towards the more brash and irrational adolescent side.



As though fate had dictated it, Rin and Tama-chan are matched up against once another in the Kanto regional tournament. It also also here that Miyako settles her bout with Carrie, the American student who's also a rival of sorts seen in previous episodes. Although she lost the battle yet again, Miya-Miya is still a winner in Dan-kun's heart. The rest of the Muroe Kendo team picks up after Miyako's loss and manages to advance to the next round. While Kojirou is confident that girls will move on the the faith put on Satori and Tamaki's abilities, his senior warns him of an impending wake up call.




Sure enough, disaster strikes, literally, as Tama-chan is bested by Rin in every aspect of the match, as the once omnipotent kendo exponent is unable to counter any of her opponent's attacks. Pushed into a corner of possible defeat, Tamaki decides to play her trump card, which is none other than the Tsuki, the lunging strike towards the throat. Unfortunately, she falters, as Rin manages to somehow predict her movements, thus using the advantage to score a victory. How the mighty has fallen.



With the obvious parallelism between Rin(Shinaider) and Tamaki(Red Braver) and the how the show kept emphasizing Rin's determination that Shinaider could beat the Blade Bravers at any given time, you can pretty much guess that Tama-chan would lose in this episode. Then again, the sole reason for her defeat in the first place was due to the fact she lost concentration in the bout, as Rin went into that Ascension Stance® which made Tamaki think of her mother, which really dampens the effects of Rin's triumph over Tama. Still, it was about time Tama-chan had some humble pie, just as Kenzaburo had suggested ages ago. Muroe's path to glory is put to a pathetic and abrupt end, so I'm really wondering how the story will progress from here. Sure, Tama will now change for the better, having now tasted the bitterness of defeat, and for the rest of the team, well, let's just say Miyako will probably never beat anyone at this rate wwww, so how things will unfold in the remaining episodes is anyone's guess. Shin out.

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  1. Yeah, saw Tamaki’s defeat a mile away too, although I wish they had worked on that aspect a little better to make her loss a little more meaningful…

  2. Its pretty meaningful, to me at least.

    A person who always wins and is too idealistic (in tama’s case, as long as you are fighting for justice you will win) is not good for anyone. That’s why when they fall they feel the worse. But this is animu, so Tama-chan will get out of her depressed rut, and come back from defeat, twice as strong and twice as wise.


  3. @wolfx
    totally agree with you… winning too much is bad for anyone… after all failure is the key to success! but have got to admit myself that i hate loosing in anything that i find competitive…

  4. I think that goes without saying.

    The thing is however, it looks like Tama-chan submitted a letter to leave the club judging from the preview, and I’m hoping Yuji finally makes himself useful and console her wwww

  5. This was a very nice episode, it was a good thing that Tama lost her match, always winning and never loosing makes you to “convinced” about yourself and so you can never learn. You always learn something from loosing at least once.

    Belela-san’s last blog post..Master Grade Gundam Unicorn the White Devil…Angel….Whatever, it’s white

  6. XD

    YuujixTama-chan?! I wouldn’t mind seeing that …

    Ya, she’ll probably become stronger. I remember someone saying something about knowing what it feels like to lose and accepting defeat? Or maybe I’ve been watching too much Naruto … dang …

    Blissmo’s last blog post..Spoilers: Naruto Manga 393

  7. Yuji X Tama-chan????????

    anyways, in life you win some, you lose some. so i hope that Tama-chan will come back stronger than ever.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Truth can be stranger than fiction.

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