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Launching of Avatar Feature!

Hi there! The Avatars for visitors/anon/admins have finally been launched. Yes, sad to say what you got previously were just part of my experiments (lawl)! Every visitor who post a comment on this site will now be assign to a code number... to find out your code number simply right click on your avatar and save it... the name of the file will reveal your 3-digit number. If you wish to have your avatars changed to something else you may comment it here along with 3 anime character suggestions of what you would like along with your code numbers and i will have them changed for you(if you can state wht you want specifically it would be great otherwise i'll do my best to get you the closest i can get). Thanks for supporting our humble blog and do hope everyone will continue to enjoy their visits here.

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  1. Too much manual effort for my liking.

  2. lol @ shin ! you did want your kyou =D

  3. If you’re going to do so for everyone be my guest.

  4. Wait, so I may not get my Isurugi Noe? Can I has Noe, Tomoyo, or Mai? My code number is… 186?

    IcyStorm’s last blog post..What I’ve Been Watching (03.07.08)

  5. @IcyStorm hope you’re happy with your new avatar =) Cheers~

  6. Ok here goes I wonder who I get…oh how awesome Tomoyo! lol

    Hinano’s last blog post..Naruto -Shippuuden- 269 and Chapter 392

  7. :D Thank you. *licks Noe*

    IcyStorm’s last blog post..What I’ve Been Watching (03.07.08)

  8. testing. nice 084, ill be keeping this.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..My fan art: Trying to create but ended up copying.

  9. Let’s see….

    EDIT: OMG Haruhi gropping :/ I don’t mind, but I’m sure there are people who want this one more than I do. Who wants to swap?

  10. lol you dont have to ask for a swap… you can just ask for w.e you want


    I just checked your new site today and it looks awesome!

    I gotta sxc avatar! thankss

    Blissmo’s last blog post..Naruto Shippuuden – 49

  12. To the last Visitor who requested his own self made avatar…

    I’d be glad to give you yourself made avatar however can you kindly re-comment here again…. This is because you likely edited your ”
    authors” name which caused the plugin to generate more than 1 avatar for you… thus making it impossible for me to tell which code number is yours and to properly assign your selfmade to you.

    PS : Please avoid edited your names to prevent the plugin from generating extra avatars. Thank you!

  13. Lol, nice feature…

    lanie-emon’s last blog post..Hisa-chan kawaii ^^…

  14. a quick question here, will Evern be a writer for this blog as well?

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..Haruhi wants you!! The Haruhi Gender Bender Project

  15. He always had been one, just that he never really bothered contributing until now lawl.

  16. Err…in that case then anything with Tomoya or Simon or Kyon (not Kyonko). 140 thanks!!!

  17. @Faye … Done! Be glad you’re the first to ask for a Male avatar =D

  18. omoshiroi, will try it out (  ̄ω ̄)b

  19. @hoshi
    As requested? ;)

  20. arigatō ( ゚ω゚)ノ

  21. Uwa… someone got the same avatar as me ;_;
    I have taken a liking to this avatar of mine ( ‘ω’)

  22. ohoho…finished fixing all the bugs already?
    i found a couple of them b4 this…i hope theres no more :P

    Edit : i take back what i say…. :(
    or maybe im using an unlucky nick :P

  23. I want the original Mai and Mi doing the Caramel Dansen. :D

    Image available from Wikipedia. If got faster frame rate one somewhere else even better. ;)

  24. Kay. I wan Kyou or Mai.

    It doesnt have to be mine.

  25. @wakuwaku
    well the problem lies when a commentor edits he/she’s email or displayed name… whenever that happens the plugin then generates a second avatar. we’re in the process of finding a solution for this. Would also like to remind everyone to avoid editting your displayed names/emails, editting your comments itself will not cause any errors. Oh and btw if i recalled correctly you once asked for this avatar?

    As requested?

    Hope you like it =)

  26. yeah I like it :D thanks!

  27. w00ts caramel dansen!!!!


    *kisses shin*

  28. Lol thanks Evern!! ^^

  29. This is a pretty cool feature… though can I get either Kyou or Rin Tohsaka? I don’t think anyone has a Rin yet…

    Edit: Awesome, thx Shin… I’m guessing Evern has disappeared off the map or something, haha

  30. @EX-Keine

    You can select your own avatar after making 3 comments ^^

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