Atarashii Prelude


LOLWUT of Suzumiya Haruhi, Yet Again.

この最近、あなたのサイトと出会えてすぐあなたの "ハルヒ男性化4コマ作品"を填ってしまいました!
この4コマを力を尽くすまで描いていて私は心から感謝いたします。それに、ある友達からの手伝い、この4コマを訳し、私のブログ(に(勿論あなたの誉れも述べます)投稿し、"涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱"のファンたちの中に更に大人気です。あなたの人気作品も更にそこ(のファンたちを盛り上がって原版の物語を全く新しい物語を書き換えました。(勿論性別を逆にwwww)また、4コマにご苦労様でした&お疲れ様でした!もっと多くのハルヒ4コマを期待してますよ ( ´∀`)

For those who didn't get what I just wrote(I don't either lawl), it was basically an email sent to the artist who did all these gender swapping 4komas, thanking him for his efforts and how it has sparked a craze among fans of the show, inspiring them to rewrite the entire show accordingly.

And his reply?

Nice to meet you. I am 菅野. I knew that my comics were translated in various places recently. My comics seem to have the people of various countries read. I am glad if I have all of you enjoy it.But please inform me beforehand when you translate comics and carry it. In the showpiece in my site prohibiting reproduction without permission for the time being. When there is my comic on the other pages suddenly, I am surprised.

I will enlive 性転換ハルヒ together in future! good bye!

Wow, he actually replied in English, not to mention most of it being understandable www I guess from now on I'd have to inform him beforehand when posting the translated version of his works ^^; Regardless, it seems that he's aware of it now, and would most likely be releasing more of it, to which he did:


Ryōko Asakura AKA Ryo Asakura

Naming conventions for this character is easy enough, although I have no idea why the weapon was changed. If Shiki Tohno is anything to go by, male students wielding box cutters/knives can still be badass. Makes you wonder where he's been hiding that too, but I digress. The transition from female to male still works for this character, as there's no real to change much of the former's original characteristics ie; a good looking and popular honors student turning batshit insane later on. You would have probably saw the seiyuu choice for this character a mile away too, and if not, I'm referring to none other than Mamoru Miyano, who of course played a similar role as Light Yagami in Death Note. Need I say more?

Also this time around, instead of the usual lulz, we're getting SERIOUS BUSINESS stuff where Ryo attacks Kyon-ko.



In before raep. Shin out.

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  1. Lol, I’m surprised that doujinshas care about copyrights too…seems a little paradoxical, but oh well. Thanks for posting the comic. ^^

  2. In before copyrights! LULZ!

  3. never liked Ryouko and will never like Ryo. Grr, what is she trying to do with my Kyon-ko?!

    I Oh damn, I meant he, not she =P I was thinking about Ryouko instead of Ryo.

  4. The thread. It is a constant flood.

    Also, where did that artist guy get the idea for using a sword? We had a bit of a discussion on that one. And I’m personally liking this scenario more and more just because it gives Ryo some time to flirt with Kyon-ko.

  5. Oh, does this mean the artist are starting to get serious? Yay!! :hyper:

  6. Wait wait. Did you come up with teh Japanese? That looks pretty impressive…

  7. …. LOL. Ryo’s hair made him look like a samurai.

    Probably which is why he held a wakizashi (am I correct?) instead. XD

  8. Crap, I just noticed some errors on the 4koma…


    Naww, I just typed the letter in English while Hoshi-kun translated it.


    Well, that makes sense, but a knife can still be cool nonetheless ^^

  9. Now that I think about it, Kyon gets to be the star as how I see the “fanbase” is going. Interesting thought.

  10. Has the artist 菅野 stopped drawing the 4 panel Haruki comics? I know he has a serialization in Sunday Comics soon, but he seems to have removed the comics altogether from his site.

    Anyone have information on this? Google isn’t yielding anything, and the animesuki forum is too damn long (570+ pages).

    Johnson Huang’s last blog post..1/4 Shinguji Sakura by Tsubasa

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