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More LOLWUT Of Suzumiya Haruhi

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Gender-bending Haruhi has been around for quite a while, but I guess the interest in such a premise was reinvigorated, judging from the reactions in this post ^^; A shout out to Hoshi-kun for translating the 4komas, and of course the artist who drew them in the first place. For those wanting more gender swap action, there's now a dedicated discussion thread on this(thanks to RmX for the heads up), where you can help pitch in ideas to help recreate the entire series as part of their fan project.

Without further ado, here are the latest additions to the stable:



Since they always referred LOLFang-tan(as she is lovingly called) only by her family name, I guess there's no need for any real changes to it. Male version of this character would of course retain most of the characteristics that made the original such a fan favorite, such as being hyperactive and loud mouthed. It's safe to say Tsuruya-san share certain traits with Haruki, but the things that set them worlds apart would of course be that oh-so-lovable prominent tooth, that earned the original Tsuruya her nickname, as well as that infectious laughter that made fans follow suit and break out laughing for no apparent reason(at least I know I did!)

Seiyuu wise, I needed someone who's pretty hotblooded who can really LOL as well. In the end, I went for Nobuyuki Hiyama, who most people would remember him for his role as Viral from TTGL and Ikkaku of Bleach fame. Take a look at his CV and you'll see that he's well accomplished when playing over the top characters, which is what I feel the male Tsuruya would sound like.


A female version of this unfortunate person whose sole purpose is being comic relief isn't very prominent in other anime(to me at least), but I guess a promiscuous and outgoing character that's a complete opposite of Kyon-ko could work. Still, an easy girl that hasn't obtained the attention of the male students remains a mystery but I guess that's what being a bokke character is all about.

That being said, I can only see Marina Inoue playing female Taniguchi's role, as I've mentally projected Kana's personality onto this character. And as I've mentioned before, I really want to hear what she sounds like singing that trademark "Ore no Wasuremono"

Of course with new characters, comes a new strip, hot off the press. Enjoy!


Lawl, that poor bastard Taniguchi. Still getting hit despite being female. Till then, Shin out.

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  2. Like the wheel and sliced bread, this is one of those ideas that begs to be made reality.

  3. why do I have jumping jack flash on a loop in my head from this image?

  4. This needs to be animated by Kyoani im completely sold on this idea now. cant wait for more.^^

  5. @Koji:
    after the gender bent, it should be Kyon’s brother/Kyon no otouto…

  6. interesting, hearing Gai’s voice for Tsuruya. ^^

  7. I love Tsuruya-san already.

  8. You read my mind on LOL Fang-kun’s potential seiyuu.

  9. No way! I had no idea the artist who drew the 4 panel comics did Karakuri Circus and Ushio to Tora fan comics as well!

    Thanks for the link~!

  10. Lol. Female Taniguchi has 6 fingers in that picture.

  11. @serogane

    The artist’s just being consistent with the video which he sourced it from ^^


    I can only see rape @_@

  12. Ah so you mean he just took someone else’s design and made some 4koma with them?

  13. You’re not talking about the LCdK and the U&T fan comics as well?

  14. @serogane

    Not sure if the video is by him as well ^^; And no, I wasn’t referring to the fan comics as well.

  15. Ah ok. Thanks for the reply.

    I guess it’s not really a big issue (i.e. He ripped it off of somebody who ripped off the original creators). That’s the essence of fan art. :)

    Besides, there’s no need to worry about technicalities when entertainment is the main issue here.

    Man I can’t wait to see more.

  16. Yup, just stay tuned for more 4koma strips which I’ll post as well the updates on the fan project by the AnimeSuki forumers ^^

  17. Sweet. Thanks for this awesome post.

  18. in animesuki, we’re actually planning to rewrite the entire “suzumiya haruhi” series…

  19. Awesome. We’ve got blogger coverage. But according to one post in the thread, we’re in an arms race against Chinese Haruhiists.

  20. I’d go with Mitsuo Iwata for Tsuruya-san, pure awesomeness.

  21. @shaoran

    Yeah, I’m lurking there as Shinn87 to check on the progress ^^


    Well, all the more reason to give it your all then :D


    He ain’t bad but I stand by my choice ^^;

  22. @rmx
    they’re focusing on 4komas if i’m not mistaken…
    so no worries

    they do it for the lulz, but we do it for the EPIC lilz!

  23. *****~!!!! i mean lulz! >.<

  24. Taniguchi got weird faces… Does this mean the artist hate Taniguchi much? o.O

  25. Anyone know whats the song is in the you tube video? Me wants <33

  26. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0__0
    I wouldn’t mind the guys being girls BUT WHY TO TURN THE GIRLS INTO GUY?????????
    I found this offending ;_;

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