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Unlimited Weaboo Works: GACC Coverage [Day 1]


There are two kinds of anime conventions in Malaysia. First are the poorly executed promotional events by game companies to advertise their lineup of MMOs, with a booth or two selling anime on the side and a cosplay competition set up to draw in the crowd. The other, is a an event organized by fans for fans which encompasses everything otaku related, minus the heavy sponsor presence. Thankfully the event I just attended fell under the latter category, and I have to admit, it's the damn best local anime convention I've ever set foot in. It's also events such as these that turn the usually timid and reserved me into a raging OVER 9000 weaboo otaku. More after the jump.

Reached there just in time for the obligatory speech by the committee members.


Not much to do after that, so I did a spat of walking about checking out the site.




The collection of figyas on display is nowhere as varied extensive as what e-jump and crew has on showcase at other events, but it's still a nice distraction.


Returned to the stage area only to find a live band readying for a performance. They played the ever popular God Knows and Lost My Music!, both of which sent the crowd nuts. Wasn't impressed with the vocalist(not to mention her singing being drowned by the loud instruments playing in the background) but the band itself was great, as they proceeded to play 3 other non-anime songs.

Took a short stroll after that to see what else this place had to offer. Plenty of doujin booths which had really nice artwork on display. Even managed to come across some Gurren Lagann stuff and an surprisingly, an ecchi piece which I bought ^^



For those who much rather not move about while waiting for the cosplay competition to kick off, many video game booths were set up for public perusal.


Hi wolfx! Your Saber looking kinda cool there..

Everyone hogged all the laptops and game consoles, so I had to wander around looking for cosplayers to snap T_T


I won't particularly call this cosplay, but try telling that to them.


Creepy yet somewhat enticing


Hajimemashite, 3A-gumi no Ichinose Kotomi desu


I wanted Boku beside Desu, but I guess Teabitch will have to suffice.

While lurking about, the crowd suddenly went into a frenzy. The cause? An appearance by the Malaysian Hard Gay.


He may not be popular any longer in Japan, but we still love him




Why is HG taking an interest in two wimminz?


Because they're not. Lawl.

Finally, it was time for the highlight of the day, which was the group cosplay competition. The great thing about it is that contestants are required to perform a small sketch on stage, which by Malaysian standards can range from the downright cheesy to sheer brilliance. Thankfully, some of these performances were skewed towards the latter, which made it bearable ^^





Instead of forced lulz, why not go for melodrama instead? The performance by Vincent and Lucretia delivered on this, especially when the former orz'ed and bawww'ed in the end, though it kinda got my hair standing on its end lawl.



Props to this team for turning an impromptu strip tease into a face-palm inducing Bollywood movie.


Set fail for One Piece.




Kono bangumi wa goran no sponsor no teikyou de okuriitashimasu. My favorite for the day, easily for its cute looking female members. The skit itself was kinda meh as I saw that little scene involving Domino's and Pizza Hut from a mile away, but made up with the quality of the cosplayers themselves. I'm in love with Cornelia <3

With that it was the end of my day, as I didn't bother waiting for the results(too tired lawl), but before heading back to my friend's place for the night, I did more photo shooting and such, one of them involving a tribute to the 4koma Gaijins.





I fucked up the hands. Lawl. Shin out.

Posted by Shin

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  1. Nice faggot, you fucked up the hands. Anyway, i’ll post my blog entry soon.

    And lucky you for getting Morita’s autograph!!!!

  2. Ceh, what a lucky *******. You got the chances for his signatures lawl. Neway, congrats dude. :)

  3. Eh, where’s the pic of ecchi piece you bought?


    and traps omglol.the black haired one actually looks kinda good. so didja pluck up the courage to talk to kuro-sama hmm??


    I have another picture of that trap in another costume and yes I did lawl.

    @Exiled Gundam

    Eh tomorrow can ar? Kinda sleepy liow lawl.


    All thanks to you T_T

  6. I wanna go to GACC too! Darn it, I still got class…

  7. /r/ Kamina dies reaction

  8. Hmm, 4th picture lower two boxes left of the giant Exia … is that an Otoboku fig? Looks like Takako. Aside from that, if you finds a Mizuho I will pays good Amerikkkan dollar for it. p:

  9. Shinn: I just realised your gaijin friend looks like the guy in the gaijin 4koma, yellow shirt included. LULZ!

    Yeah great event. Hopefully more quality events like this to come this year.

  10. Im in despair!!!!!!!!
    Being left out of GACC has left me in despair!!!!

    4koma gaijin tribute looks good to me.LOL

  11. Looks fun..
    I still have to wait for a long time to go to events like these…
    Can’t wait…

  12. Borrowed your gaijin 4-koma parody for this. hope you all don’t mind.

  13. Gaijin 4koma is win although a little fucked up =__=

    That tall trap is doing it right

  14. @wolfx shinn’s gaijin friend happens to be me -.-” and do i really look like the original or is it just my shirt?

    Lawl! Excellent usage of the 4koma gaijin! ROFL!

  15. Creepy yet somewhat enticing << that’s from Pop’n Music! (this is the Blue Devil speaking btw! XD)

  16. @kurogane

    lawl no, not at all




    Thanks for the sauce. I was wondering why it looked so familiar ^^

  17. you are the worst type of newfag, you go around blogging your shit and spreading memes while breaking the fucking rules, GO AND FUCKING KILL YOURSELF, and before you know to delete this comment, you will already realize within your head, you are a worthless newfag who doesnt know fucking correct use of memes and the rules of the internets

  18. Sorry anon I’ll try harder next time ^^

  19. @anon your avatar suits you =D tsun tsun!

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